Lipoma Treatment

A lump of fatty tissue called a lipoma develops just beneath the skin. When you touch lipomas, they move readily and have a rubbery, not hard, feel. Lipomas rarely require treatment because they are typically not painful and don’t pose any health risks. However, if the lipoma is disrupting or irritating you, then you must consult your doctor. Lipoma Treatment.

The treatment of Lipoma involves two types which are the following:

Surgical treatment The majority of lipomas are usually surgically eliminated by being cut out. After removal, recurrences are rare. Scarring and bruising are potential side effects. There may be reduced scarring as an outcome of the limited excision extraction procedure.

Liposuction treatment To remove the fatty lump, a needle, and a large syringe is used in this procedure.

Diagnosis of Lipoma

Lipomas can be self-diagnosed as it is visible and can be felt when you touch them. Usually, it can be easily diagnosed through a physical exam but, you may require a Biopsy through which a small piece of tissue is removed and then looked at under the microscope which helps in diagnosing the lipoma. 

Furthermore, many times this may be mistaken for a cyst, and for analyzing the clear picture of the lipoma or lump your healthcare provider may also order imaging tests such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays which help in providing a clear picture of the diagnosis.  

lipoma cure in 30 Minutes

What is the outlook for people with lipomas?

Most of the time people live with Lipomas and sometimes they don’t even observe this abnormality. Though, it is true that many times lipomas do not require to be treated but it disrupts your appearance and may increase in size if not treated. However, this can easily be removed or eliminated by your doctor. It has been seen that lipoma develop again after lipoma treatment but the major problem is that it grows or develops back after the treatment but at different part or spot of your body. 

Lipoma treatment procedure

The procedure of lipoma will only take 20 to 25 minutes because it is a straightforward surgical process. Lipomas can grow or develops on the arms, legs, forehead, and body. You will be awake during the entire procedure. However, you will not be able to feel any sensation or pain because the area of your skin where lipoma exists will be numbed through anesthesia injections. Moreover, this procedure will be done by your dermatologist. 

The treatment and procedure of lipoma removal are effective and safe and can be treated properly in just one day. Moreover, as an alternative to surgery for lipoma healthcare providers sometimes recommend liposuction for removing lipoma where the doctor uses a long and thin needle to remove fatty tissue. 

Treatment of Lipoma by Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a technique that is being increasingly used for dissolving fat for body contouring. Although this technique is widely used for non-surgical body contouring and eliminating localized collections of extra fat, its effectiveness as a lipoma treatment option requires more research. For example, there is a case in which this method was used for removing lipoma, and after 9 months of follow-up, no recurrence was found. This shows that it can be an effective way to treat this condition. Trials on a broader population are required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of injection lipolysis as an option of therapy for lipomas.

Side effects of Lipoma Surgery 

This can be the best thing to know that there are very less side effects involved in this procedure or surgery. The only side effects are bruising and scarring, if your surgeon has treated your lipoma with minimally invasive surgery then there will be very less chances of scarring. 

Glamyo Health is known for minimally invasive surgeries and elective surgeries which makes it suitable for these kinds of treatment. You can feel free to connect with our coordinator for a free consultation. We provide personalized care to our patients and take after-surgery follow-ups for assuring your well-being.

Best Clinic for Lipoma Treatment

Glamyo health, India’s favorite healthcare provider will be the best option for you as we focus on minimally invasive surgeries that lead to less scarring or no side effects. Your well-being is our top priority. You can get a free consultation with our health coordinator who will help in knowing the procedure of the surgery, its benefits, side effects, and cost. If you are worrying that is Glamyo Health is the Best Option for Lipoma Treatment or not, then don’t worry as we are USFDA-approved lipoma treatment or surgery. You will not get any scar or stitches after the surgery, painless procedure, no side effects or complications, one-day discharge, and after-surgery follow-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for lipoma?

There are mainly two types of treatment which are surgical removal and liposuction. However, surgery with a minimally invasive technique is best for treating this condition.

Is lipoma surgery painful?

No, lipoma surgery is not painful as this procedure is done by giving local anesthesia which makes the surgery pain-free.

How long does lipoma surgery take?

Lipoma surgery will only take 20 to 25 minutes. 

At what size should a lipoma be removed?

If the diameter of your lipoma is larger than 5 cm then it must be removed surgically. 

What is the main cause of lipoma?

It is a fact that the causes of lipoma are unknown. But it has been studied that, this can be genetic. 

Can lipoma turn cancerous?

In rare cases, a lipoma can turn into cancerous sarcoma. The cancerous tumors of the fat cells are known as liposarcomas.

Which doctor is best for lipoma?

You can freely connect with Glamyo Health as we have expert cosmetic surgeons. 

Can I prevent lipomas?

It has been seen that lipomas are inherited or passed down to you from your family. However, you will not be able to prevent it, surgery is the only possible way to remove the lipoma. 

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