A lipoma is a lump of fatty tissue which mainly grows under a layer of your skin. People with lipoma have a risk as it may become cancerous. In most cases, lipomas or these kinds of bumps are not painful at all. These are commonly found on the shoulder, upper thighs, arms, and upper back. Anyone can develop lipomas but it majorly happens to people between the age of 40 to 60 years. 

Moreover, the surgical procedure is the only way to get rid of lipomas but if you don’t want to undergo this surgery then your doctor may recommend you an alternative to lipoma surgery which is liposuction for removing the lipoma. In this treatment, your healthcare provider uses a thin and long needle for removing the fatty tissue from the growth. Lipoma Treatment Without Surgery in India.

How can I get rid of a lipoma?

Generally, a lipoma may not lead to cause any medical issues. But if it creates difficulty for you and bothers you then you must consult with dermatologists for treating this condition. Your doctor will recommend treatment based on the following factors.  

  • 1. The number of skin tumors you are having. 
  • 2. The size of the lipoma.
  • 3. Whether your lipoma is painful or not. 

Moreover, your dermatologists use steroid injections directly over the affected area. This will be beneficial in shrinking the lipoma. However, it will not properly remove the lipoma. 

Natural Remedies for Curing Lipoma 

Though surgery is the only option to get rid of lipoma, some natural ways can help shrink the lipoma. It is important to know that natural home remedies tend to work slowly and you may have to use them consistently for a few months for gaining desired results. The following are some different home remedies that can help in curing lipoma. 

A mixture of castor and frankincense oil 

  • 1. The anti-cancer qualities of the boswellic acid found in frankincense oil may aid in the lipoma’s reduction. Additionally, being an anti-inflammatory, it can help reduce the swelling brought on by such bumps or lipomas. 
  • 2. Whereas castor oil contains skin healing elements or properties that can be applied safely in the pharmaceutical context. The major component it has is ricinoleic acid and it reflects anti-tumor impacts. 
  • 3. The mixture of both these ingredients enhances the absorption and it may be very effective in curbing the formation of the lump. 

lipoma cure in 30 Minutes

Turmeric paste 

  • 1. Turmeric is well known among people for its multiple properties and its main component is known as curcumin. 
  • 2. Furthermore, curcumin is being successfully used for resolving tumorous, inflammatory, and infectious conditions of the skin. This shows that it can be effective in treating lipomatosis. 

A mixture of neem oil and dried sage 

  • 1. Sage is called for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-obesity, and antitumor effects. These can be beneficial in reducing the occurrence and size of lipomas. 
  • 2. This mixture helps in inhibiting the deposition of the fat within your body to determine the formation and growth of lipomas. 

Homeopathic Approach to Lipoma

There are some well-known homeopathic remedies for treating lipomas without surgery.

Sulphur – this is the best approach of homeopathic for treating or curing lipoma. However, you must consider some parameters before using this homeopathic remedy such as excessive sweating, high intake of sweets in a regular diet, dislike of bathing, and sensitivity towards heat making you the best candidate for using sulphur for curing this condition. 

Thuja – this medicine can help remove or reduce fatty lump which develops anywhere in your body. If you are having high cholesterol then this can be the best suitable medicine for you. 

Belladonna – it is evident that lipomas do not cause any pain or harm. But, in rare cases, it may be painful and you may feel pain while touching the lump. This medicine will help in dissolving lumps properly and will also reduce pain. 

Foods to Avoid to Prevent Lipoma 

The following are the foods that may be harmful to you if you have a lipoma.

  • 1. Processed foods
  • 2. Refined waste products 
  • 3. Cold meat
  • 4. Pork
  • 5. Milk
  • 6. Yogurt
  • 7. Microwaved foods
  • 8. Processed fruit juices 
  • 9. Alcohol
  • 10. Coffee
  • 11. Homogenized milk 

Can surgical excision treat Lipomas?

Yes, surgical excision can help in curing lipomas. Usually, lipomas do not need any treatment but if it is painful and bothers you then you must go for lipoma removal surgery. The surgical removal can help in removing the lipoma permanently. Most of the time, lipomas are surgically removed by cutting them. There are very low chances of recurrence after this surgical excision. However, you may be having possible side effects such as bruising and scarring. This technique or process involves minimal excision extraction which results in less scarring and side effects. Other than this, liposuction can also be used for treating this condition, where your surgeon will use a large syringe to remove the fatty lump of your body. 


If you are looking for lipoma removal surgery, you can feel free to connect with Glamyo Health. We provide free OPD consultation, no-cost EMI, cashless surgery if this condition is covered under medical insurance, personalized care, and a hassle-free experience. Moreover, Glamyo health can be the most suitable for this treatment as we have expert doctors and our surgery is USFDA approved. We also provide free pick-up and drop services in case you are not able to reach the hospital. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lipoma is a cosmetic illness?

Yes, most of the time people get it removed for cosmetic reasons when the grows or bothers them. 

Do lipomas go away without treatment?

Though lipomas are not necessary to be treated it is creating difficulty for you can get them removed through a surgical procedure.

Can lipomas be removed without surgery?

If you want to remove lipoma without surgery liposuction will be recommended for removing lipoma.

Can lipoma be cured naturally?

No, you can not cure or treat lipoma naturally or with self-care.

What is the best treatment for lipoma?

Surgical lipoma removal is the best way to remove or treat lipoma. 

How can I shrink my lipoma?

You can shrink your lipoma with the help of steroid injection but it will not fully remove the lipoma.

Do certain foods cause lipomas?

Food has no significant impact on the growth of lipomas. But it is recommended for fatty foods. 

Can I drink milk in lipoma?

It is recommended to avoid the consumption of dairy products or milk if you are having lipomas.

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