What is Lipoma and its Surgery Cost?

Lipoma is a fatty lump beneath your skin that mainly develops due to the overgrowth of the fat cells. It can develop anywhere over your body, but mostly these are found on the chest, neck, armpits, shoulder, and thighs. The cost of lipoma removal surgery starts from 20,000 INR to 50,000 INR. Let’s know about its cost in more detail. 


Average Cost 

Min-Max Cost 

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Chennai 

1,22,409 INR 

30,000 – 2,59,070 INR 

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Gurgaon

74,666 INR 

25,769 – 1,86,860 INR 

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Mumbai 

1,36,446 INR 

14,109 – 3,05,150 INR 

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Pune 

61,840 INR 

31,331 – 1,38,393 INR 

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Bangalore 

78,542 INR 

30,000 – 1,38,650 INR 

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Delhi 

25,000 INR 

20,000 – 50,000 INR

Lipoma Surgery Cost in Hyderabad 

93,520 INR 

1,000 – 2,00,000 INR 


The above shows the cost of lipoma removal surgery across India. However, the may differ with different factors. 

Factors affecting the prices of Lipoma Removal Surgery 

There are various factors that affect the cost or prices of lipoma removal surgery. These factors are the following.

Surgeon’s fee

A dermatologist or a plastic surgeon who is an expert in removing lipomas will ask for higher expenses for performing the surgery and for consultation. This may increase the cost of the surgery or treatment. 

Size, number, and location of lipoma

You may have multiple lipomas over your body at different locations such as ears, face, neck, thighs, back, hand, etc. this may lead to a major medical condition like Klinefelter syndrome or Madelung’s disease. 

Moreover, the growth rate of lipomas and the size of the lipomas can also lead to changes in the cost or expenses of the surgery. This means the cost of multiple lipomas will cost higher expenses than a single lipoma. 

lipoma cure in 30 Minutes

Diagnostic tests

For diagnosing the lipoma, a series of tests will be recommended by your doctors, such as MRI, biopsy, CT scan, and X-ray. These kinds of tests are required, which may increase the overall cost of the surgery. 

Hospital Expense

Hospital expenses involves bed charges, admission, and discharge fee that differ over the choice of your hospital. If you select a super speciality hospital, then it will increase the cost of the overall treatment. 


Your doctor willl prescribe a few medicines for preparing your body for the surgery, and you will also be recommended some medications after the surgery to reduce after-surgery complications. This may add cost to your treatment.

Procedure or method of treatment

There are mainly two procedures for lipoma removal, which are lipoma excision and liposuction. The cost of both procedures varies. Liposuction is a minimally invasive method that helps in breaking the fatty tissues and then sucks them out. As per the location and size of the lipoma, your surgeon will recommend one of these methods. However, the excision method will cost less than liposuction. 

Post-surgery follow-ups

The treatment or procedure will not be completed unless you help in healing the after-surgery effects, and during the healing process, you will have to take a doctor’s appointment, which will cost separately. 

All these factors will increase the cost or expenses of the surgery. For affordable treatment or surgery, you can connect with Glamyo Health. We provide free OPD consultation with our expert surgeons, a no-cost EMI option, free pick and drop services, and free post-surgery follow-ups. All these facilities will help in making your surgery affordable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can lipoma be cured without surgery?

Though there is no need to treat lipoma if this makes you uncomfortable or affects your appearance, then your doctor may recommend you to get it removed through a surgical procedure. 

How much does it cost to remove a lipoma from the leg?

It may cost about 20,000 to 50,000 INR, depending on the size, location, and a number of lipomas. 

Is lipoma surgery Risky?

No, lipoma removal is found to be an effective and safe procedure. 

Do lipomas grow Back After Removal?

In most cases, lipomas are removed surgically, and recurrences of lipomas are uncommon.

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