Lipoma is a non-cancerous, benign lump of fatty tissues that usually occurs in between the skin and the muscle. It is made up of fatty cells, which is a type of lump which is soft, doughy, moveable, and in a round-oval shape. It is usually small in size i.e 2 inches or less than this but can grow big in some cases. When their size increases it will become more painful. 

In most cases, the lipoma is harmless and left unnoticed as it doesn’t do any harm. It generally does not cause any pain or discomfort to the body. It is hereditary as a person gets it from their family genes or it usually occurs in the middle age of men and women. It likely appears more in men than the women. It usually occurs on the areas of arms, thighs, back, shoulders and neck.

  • 1. Hibernoma – is made up of brown fat.
  • 2. Fibrolipoma – made up of fibrous, and fatty tissues.
  • 3. Angiolipoma – made up of blood vessels and fat tissues.
  • 4. Myelolipoma – is made up of fat and the tissues which make blood vessels.
  • 5. Spindle cell lipoma – is generally seen in men as these cells are rod-shaped.
  • 6. Intradermal spindle cells were lipoma-mostly seen in women.
  • 7. Pleomorphic lipoma – are of different sizes and shapes.
  • 8. Atypical lipoma – made up of deeper fat with a large number of cells.
  • 9. Neural lipoma – made up of fibro-fatty tissue.

Causes of Lipoma 

There is no exact reason that has been identified why lipoma grows in our body as it is hereditary. It generally occurs in middle age which is between 40 to 60 years. To the person who is overweight, has high cholesterol, has diabetes and has liver disease, and generally doesn’t exercise regularly.

Herbal Ointment for Lipoma Removal 

It is a cream or ointment which is used to treat benign and non-cancerous lumps in the body. It is used to reduce inflammation, to remove soft and rubbery lumps i.e. lipoma

and many other lumps which are under and beneath the skin like cysts.

Generally, ointment is made up of natural herbal plants with no side effects.

  • 1. The texture of the paste is fine, easy to absorb, and deeply penetrates the skin and gives relief as quickly as possible.
  • 2. It is for benign lumps which are non-cancerous and helps in reducing inflammation and it is painless and harmless.
  • 3. As many ointments have a bad smell but it has a natural fragrance.
  • 4. Small in size and easy to carry.

lipoma cure in 30 Minutes

How to use

  • 1. Apply on the clean and dry surface of the affected area.
  • 2. Apply the ointment with your hands and massage it until the cream gets fully absorbed in the skin.
  • 3. Use 2-3 times a day daily.


The patient should eat a balanced diet and eat fruits and vegetables regularly and also includes this in their daily lives.

  • 1. Start doing exercise daily.
  • 2. Do not use it on wounds and damaged areas.
  • 3. If severe symptoms are found like lumps of cancerous and malignant nature then contact your doctor because these lumps are not treated by these ointments.

Exercises for curing Lipoma

We will do exercise regularly because it improves our muscle strength and enhances our endurance. It helps in curbing our weight and helps us prevent health diseases like high blood pressure and bad cholesterol and decrease the chances of having heart diseases. It results in having a good mood and uplifting our energy and can promote better sleep. It can be enjoyable and engage us in the things that we love to do like dancing.

So a lipoma can be cured by exercise, is it possible or not?

The answer is no because exercise can help us in being in shape and size and also helps us in maintaining our lifestyle. 

Lipoma is made up of different types of fatty tissues which do not respond to any exercise which we do regularly.

Doing exercise is good but it does not help in lipoma it can be added to every person’s lifestyle so that they will not get these types of diseases in their life.

The lipomas cannot be treated by yoga and exercise because they can only be cured by medical treatments and by doing a biopsy. By doing pranayamas you can prevent lumps to be formed. SURYA NAMASKAR, KAPAL BHATI, and ANULOM VILOM can help prevent the lumps to be formed and can help to melt and dissolve the lumps to be formed. You will need to perform it for 10-15 minutes every day.

5 Ways to Treat Lipomas Naturally


It is mostly used to treat every disease which is occurred in our body. As it is a magical spice that can help in decreasing the size of lipoma and prevent it from recurring. Turmeric has the compound curcumin which helps in dealing with lipoma. A paste can be applied to the affected area. It can be prepared by mixing turmeric with olive oil, flaxseed oil, or neem oil. Use oil by your preferences which are mentioned here and are easy to available. Cover the paste with any bandage and cloth so that the turmeric color won’t ruin your clothes.


It is a traditional medicine that is used to dissolve fatty tissues from the body. It is a natural way to treat lipomas. It is usually used in cooking which generally attracts fat and helps in dissolving it. Applying it to the lipoma can help to remove a lipoma from that area naturally. It also helps in maintaining the balance between fluids, their disbalance cause lipoma in the body. Mix it with neem, flaxseed oil, or green tea and make a paste and apply it to the lipoma. It will help in dissolving it.


It is found that chickweed is the common ingredient in ointments and it is the natural herb that controls the growth of lipoma which is in the upper and lower layers of skin i.e. on and under the skin. It also prevents cold and flu which controls the mucus and is also used to eject excess water from the body and reduce the fatty tissues of the body. It is easily found in medical stores.


It is also used as a natural herb for melting and in the removal of lipoma from the body. It can be applied to the lipoma and get massaged done on this for 10-15 minutes daily. It has the properties of healing the skin and has anti-tumor effects. It is easily absorbed by the skin with frankincense oil and it is more effective in reducing the fatty tissues from the lipoma.


It is also known as the white cedar tree and has the properties of anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant. It is widely used as homeopathic medicine which is helpful in the removal of warts, spongy tumors, and lipoma and can help melt the fatty tissues found in the body. It can be applied to the affected area by mixing it simply with water and preparing a paste of it. Apply 2-3 times a day.

All the ingredients which are helping to treat lipoma can fight body fat as well as tumor cells and prevent them turning from cancerous.

Lipoma Removal Creams in India

  • 1. Allen A84 Lipoma drops
  • 2. Radiant 42 lipoma drops
  • 3. Chickweed ointment
  • 4. 20g lipoma removal cream
  • 5. ZB lipoma cream
  • 6. Herbal lipoma cream
  • 7. Noduless
  • 8. Citokain lipoma care

Natural Oils and Herbs For Treating Lipomas

Some natural oils, herbs, and supplements can be used to melt out the excess fat deposits that are present in our bodies.

It includes turmeric roots, dandelion roots, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, castor oil, and sage oil. They are those herbs and oils which is useful in detoxifying the toxins from the body with a lot of water. We can take turmeric in milk every day as it is good for health as well as for eliminating the lumps from the body. As these oils can be used in mixing with regular hair oil and get massaged done on that part around 2-3 times a day.

As it takes a lot of time to show the results as it is a slow and steady process and needs a lot of patience to see the results. At least try for a month and keep calm, it seems that it doesn’t work but it has no side effects. You can use other home remedies as per your preferences which are mentioned above. You have to try these home remedies for a long duration of time for satisfactory results. 

Best Ointment for Lipoma Removal

  • 1. DERMASTABILION is a 5 ml ampule that costs 500 rupees and treats multiple lipomas at the same time.
  • 2. CALCAREA CARB – used to treat lipoma in obese or overweight persons.
  • 3. BELLADONNA – when the pain starts occurring in the lipoma then helps in reducing the pain and helps in dissolving the lumps fully.  

Pain Relief Treatment for Lipoma

Lipoma is not harmful to the body as it is round oval shaped and small in size and soft and rubbery in texture and can be moved by hands but it becomes a nightmare for the people whose lipoma size starts growing and disturb them so they decide to get it to remove from their body by surgical removal and liposuction.

  • 1. Surgical removal – In this, doctors remove the lipoma by the surgical method that is minimal excision and it results in less scarring in the body. It is a 30 min process that has no side effects.
  • 2. Liposuction – The doctor uses a needle and large syringe for removing lipoma from the body. By using this, all the fats get removed from the lipoma but the rest can grow slowly.
  • 3. Steroid injection – Some doctors recommend taking these injections for shrinking and eliminating lipoma from the body.

How to cure lipoma in the stomach

Some lipoma occurs after the injury or they can be inherited by your family conditions. Abdominal lipoma can be treated by surgical removal i.e minimal excision and some scarring and bruising on that part and by liposuction, in this, all fatty tissues are vacuumed out from that part but there is a chance of reoccurring.

How to Cure Lipoma in Ayurvedic

The word ‘Granthi’ is used for lipoma in Ayurveda and any kind of lumps that occur in the body in Ayurveda. It is related to purifying process and it begins in ancient times it includes 

  • 1. Herbal medication
  • 2. Massage therapy
  • 3. Yoga and meditation
  • 4. TRIPHALA, an herbal remedy used in Ayurveda is the mix-up of Indian gooseberry, black myrobalan, and belleric myrobalan. These all ingredients can reduce the fatty tissues in the body.


If you want to surgically remove your lipoma or through liposuction then you must consult with the Glamyo Health coordinator. We provide low-cost treatment, no-cost EMI, personalized care, and post-surgery follow-ups. We have highly experienced surgeons and USFDA-approved procedures. You can feel free to connect with us as we provide free OPD consultation to our patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dissolve lipomas?

Surgery or treatment can help in dissolving lipomas. This is beneficial when you have a large skin tumor developing which is still growing. 

Can you remove lipoma at home?

Self-care cannot help in removing lipomas. However, warm compresses can be helpful for other kinds of lumps over your body. 

What is the best medicine for lipoma?

Calcarea carb, belladonna, and sulphur are some best homeopathic remedies for removing lipomas. 

Can I remove a small lipoma myself?

No, a lipoma can only be removed with the help of surgery.

Can a lipoma become dangerous?

If your lipoma is non-cancerous then it won’t harm your health. Treating this condition is not important and if the lipoma is growing and painful then you may remove it surgically. 

Can you have a lipoma in your stomach?

Lipomas may develop anywhere in your body but they are typically below the skin and develops near your neck, back, shoulders, thighs, arms, and abdomen.

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