Lipomas are non-cancerous, fatty lumps that grow slowly beneath the skin. These are painless, soft, and moveable under the skin. Lipomas are relatively common, and they can occur at any age, although they tend to appear more frequently in middle-aged people.

Lipomas can range in size from very small to several centimeters in diameter, and they may grow slowly over time.

1.Small Lipoma

Small Lipoma

2.Big Lipoma

Big Lipoma

Lipoma usually develop on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, or thighs, but they can occur anywhere on the body where fat cells are present.

3.Lipoma on head

Lipoma on head

4.Lipoma on back

Lipoma on back

5. Lipoma on Neck

Lipoma on Neck

6. Causes of Lipoma

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown, but genetics may play a role. In some cases, physical trauma, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity may also trigger the development of a lipoma. 

Causes of Lipoma

Diagnosis: Lipoma imaging is done via X-ray or ultrasound

7. Lipoma on Hand

Lipoma on Hand

8. Lipoma on Elbow

Lipoma on Elbow

9. Lipoma removal pictures (Before & After)

Lipoma removal pictures (Before & After)

10. Cancerous v/s Non-Cancerous Lipoma

Lipomas may also be a symptom of a more serious medical condition, such as a liposarcoma (a cancerous tumor that looks similar to a lipoma).


Non-Cancerous lipoma



5 inches or more

Less than 2 inches

Tender to touch

Soft to touch

Cancerous vs Non-Cancerous Lipoma

11.Lipoma surgery

Lipomas can be removed either using surgical excision or laser lipolysis. Surgical removal of lipomas leads to significant scarring while laser lipolysis is minimally invasive and an effective method of removing lipoma. The method results in excellent cosmetic results.

Lipoma surgery

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