Many people are most likely to report their main concern, a lump on the side of the foot. It is known to be a common medical condition. Many causes have been identified that led to its forming. Some causes are minor and do not need much attention, whereas others are of serious concern. The following listed are the causes that lead to the occurrence of lipoma on the side of the foot. 

Importance of being aware of the medical condition – Lipoma on the side of the foot 

May it be a small bump or a big one, it is equally essential to be aware of what a person is dealing with, as it helps in taking the right steps to cure it. 

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What are the causes of lipoma on the side of the foot? 

Let’s look at the following possible reasons for Lipoma to grow on the side of the foot. Any one of the following reasons can cause it. 

Lipomas These are no cancerous soft tissues. Though, these are quite rare on the sides of the feet but are found in different locations all over the body. Usually, lipoma does not bother but if it does, the doctor suggests lipoma removal surgery. 

Ganglion cysts These have a soft texture and are similarly non-cancerous. Though, this does not directly affect the feet, as it doesn’t grow at the top of the feet but possibly grows to the sides of the feet. Also, it does not always show up with physical symptoms especially until these cysts have not grown bigger. To treat it, either the surgery performs surgical removal or drains it. 

Diabetes In this case, be aware of your condition regularly. Keep checking it for any complications. if suffering from diabetes, likely, the patient might not experience any injuries to the feet. Also, this kind of lump is identified as a fungal infection. 

Injuries At times, an injury around your feet or injury to the side of the feet may also cause the area to swell, and a lump forms in its place. But, such a condition generally gets resolved on its own and does not grow worse. Therefore, if in any case, this condition does not improve on its own, don’t delay, consult your doctor immediately. 

Malignant tumors Foot lumps are rarely cancerous. So, a malignant lump developing is unlikely to happen. 

Plantar fibromas It can get to the sides of the feet but are more commonly found on the bottom area of the feet, are not painful and are comparatively of harder texture. 

Accessory naviculars Its main cause is extra bone growth. This can be a painful bump, usually forming inside the feet. Can cause redness or rashes and most levels of discomfort are felt after working out or wearing shoes regularly. 

Bursitis Generally, these are caused due to stress to the feet area, ill-fitting shoes, or regular heavy exercising and it looks somewhat like a fluid-filled sac in the feet. 

When to plan a consultation with the doctor? 

It is alright to develop a lipoma on your feet, but letting it bother you for too long is not a healthy option. Therefore, as early as you realise that you are facing some discomfort around the feet, get it checked with an experienced doctor. 

The doctor gives the best guidance and will help you prevent it from developing further. When interacting about your condition, be honest and tell the details as accurately as possible. 

Final words 

Often the person may go completely unaware of developing a foot lump. It can be because not always a foot lump gives physical pain. But, this does not mean that it is alright to consult a doctor. 

Whereas, preventing the condition is always a better option than realizing it when it gets worse. Also, don’t sit back, especially because you are afraid to get surgery to remove the lipoma on your foot as it is not always the same case that the surgeon suggests surgery. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to consult the right doctor for the right diagnosis and treatment. Reaching for the treatment sooner is always better than avoiding it for too long. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a lump on the side of your foot mean? 

Due to foot gout, corns, cysts, or bunions, it is possible to grow a lump on the side of the foot. It is generally found near the toes and may occur as a result of certain fractures or syndromes. 

Are foot lumps normal?

Yes, foot bumps and lumps both are commonly reported. But, as it can be discomforting, it is essential to get it checked as soon as it develops. In most cases, medications are given to effectively treat lumps on the foot but if it is large in size or painful, surgical treatment is recommended. 

Can a lump on your foot be cancerous? 

Usually, a foot lump can be effectively treated. But, in some cases, if it has been left untreated for too long, it may become cancerous. One such lump on the foot ganglion cyst is a soft tissue mass and needs to be medically treated. 

Should I be worried about a lump on my foot? 

It is essential to take care of your own body and its health. In case of developing a foot lump, reach out to your concerned doctor, discuss the symptoms, and understand the causes if you can undergo the required treatment, you will not need to worry about it. 

What is the fatty lump on my foot?

A lump on the foot is also medically understood as lipoma which forms like a bulging on the foot area and affects the skin. It grows gradually and it is harmless until it becomes painful or grows larger.

Why am I getting a lump on my foot? 

Growing lipoma is common these days. Generally, the reason for its growth is unknown to the medical team. But, its potential causes may include madelung’s disease which is a rare case.

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