New Zealand passed a new law stating that tobacco will not be sold to anyone born on or after Jan 1, 2009. This unique plan is imposed on youngsters to eliminate tobacco smoking in New Zealand. Their goal is to convert New Zealand into a smoke- free country within three years. 

Important thing to interpret from this law is that the minimum age for smoking and buying cigarettes will increase year by year. In effect of this law, the tobacco retailers’ count has been reduced from six thousand to six hundred. Not only the retail shops are reduced, but the amount of nicotine added in tobacco products are also reduced. This will retard the adverse effects of smoking per cigarette. 

Dr Ayesha Verall, the Associate Minister of Health, insists the lawmakers in the parliament saying that killing half of the population with tobacco by selling tobacco will not pose any good to the country. “Passing this legislation will surely help in ending this issue” she added.


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