Contoura Vision LASIK (the most recent LASIK eye surgery iteration)

Currently offered in a few clinics in India, this is the most advanced, high-end Lasik eye surgery procedure accessible. With the help of a very sophisticated computer system, Contoura Lasik technology examines the cornea’s form at more than 22,000 different spots on its surface. The laser ablation at each of these points is then specifically tailored for the patient. Additionally, the device includes the quickest corneal tracker, ensuring that the excision is always focused on the eye’s optical axis and allowing for accurate and safe corneal remodeling.

Because of this, compared to other laser vision correction surgeries, this one offers the best visual outcomes with the fewest risks and side effects. The Contoura Vision LASIK process provides better vision results than any other LASIK operation, making it the best LASIK treatment in India.

Another name for Contoura Vision is topography-guided Lasik. It represents the most recent development in laser vision correction for the elimination of glasses. Contrarily, the Contoura method corrects corneal abnormalities in addition to improving the visual axis, whereas Lasik and SMILE procedures simply improve eyeglass power. In this way, Contoura treatment offers finer visual results that Lasik and SMILE operations cannot deliver.

In-situ keratomileusis with laser assistance (Lasik)

This type of laser eye surgery is still one of the most popular ones for vision correction in India. It is known as conventional laser eye surgery. The procedure is safer and more effective even for sufferers with weaker corneas because of Sub Bowman’s Keratomileusis, or SBK, a relatively modern variation of traditional Lasik. The keratome, a mechanical knife, is used to raise the corneal flap during these procedures; they are neither robotic nor blade-free.

Modern methods for treating short-sightedness, protracted, and astigmatism include LASIK and Contoura Vision. The 2 categories of operations differ from one another in terms of both the surgical process and the aesthetic results.

  • 1. Greater outcomes: When it comes to improving visual clarity and correcting refractive error, Contoura surgery produces better outcomes than LASIK. More than 6/6 adjustments are felt by some patients.
  • 2. The extraordinary corneal curvature can be treated by Contoura, which has a broader application than only vision correction.
  • 3. Modern technology: When compared to traditional LASIK surgery, Contoura surgery uses more modern technology. The cornea is mapped with 22000 points during the Contoura vision surgery, compared to 200 points with traditional LASIK.
  • 4. Less problems: When compared to traditional LASIK surgery, Contoura vision surgical procedure has fewer difficulties. The tissue sustains relatively less injury and heals more quickly.
  • 5. Whereas LASIK has long been the gold standard for doing away with the need for corrective lenses, the Contoura Perception technique typically produces improved visual acuity and refraction results. LASIK corrective surgery is elevated by Contoura Vision. A topographic mapping method called Contoura Vision uses a computer to map the cornea’s small contours. The transparent face of the eye is called the cornea.
  • 6. Both optics and abnormalities in the cornea’s curvature are treated by this treatment. Frequently, the root of vision issues is an irregularity in the cornea’s curvature. The focus of the therapy is the eye’s visual axis. Alternative LASIK techniques, in contrast, focus on the pupil.
  • 7. The corneal shapes produced by the computational analysis are encoded into a specifically made laser utilized for this operation using Contoura Vision. The cornea has been mapped at least 22,000 times. The cornea is treated with a laser according to a customized treatment plan. No two treatment strategies are the same because every patient’s eyes are unique.
  • 8. The cornea’s imperfections are smoothed out, and the optical quality improves to the point where light enters the eye uniformly. Vision becomes bright and clear as a result. The method goes beyond the conventional adjustments provided by spectacles. After receiving treatment with Contoura Vision, the majority of patients report seeing more clearly without glasses than those who did with vision correction. Glare and halo issues surrounding lights are also far less prevalent. According to studies, patients are less likely to complain about how tough it is to drive at night.
  • 9. It’s exciting to see how Contoura Vision correction works. The medication was administered to about 65% of the patients, and their correction is better than 6/6. Additionally, tissues repair more quickly and with less harm. In some cases, Contoura Vision is utilized to treat LASIK patients who are dissatisfied with their outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Contoura’s vision last a lifetime?

This procedure permanently removes the corneal surface tissue from the cornea (the front section of the eye) surface during contour vision, ensuring that the effects last a lifetime and are irreversible.

How long does LASIK with Contoura last?

In clinical trials, vision 20/20 or better was reported by 92% of Contoura® Vision patients 12 months following their operation. Some patients even stated that their vision was greater than 20/20.

The finest eye surgery is?

The most well-known and popular procedure is LASIK. The word “LASIK” will be used frequently in articles, such as this one, to describe all varieties of eye surgery using lasers. The retina at the rear of the eye is where images are usually concentrated.

Can the LASIK procedure be performed twice?

This is true, but usually only after a period of 5 to 10 years following the start of treatment. A small percentage of patients require a second procedure after LASIK, since it provides long-lasting vision correction.

Who should not get LASIK surgery?

LASIK is not advised for those who are less than 18, even though vision can change significantly during adolescence. Those who are nursing or expecting. As a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation, a woman’s eyesight and corrective prescription may vary.

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