The satisfaction with LASIK is better, as per the 2016 analysis where people who wear contact lenses were compared to people who underwent LASIK over a 3-year period. 63 percent of people who wear contact lenses reported being extremely satisfied with them at the start of the trial. At three years, that proportion dropped to 54%. It has been seen that almost 88 percent of those who had previously worn glasses showed high levels of satisfaction even after three years post LASIK surgery. This indicates that LASIK is substantially more likely to provide long-term pleasure. (Lasik vs Contact Lenses)

Which one carries less risk?


Risks with contact lenses

  • 1. Wearing contact lenses or excessive use of contact lenses may lead to serious eye conditions such as ulcers, infections, and corneal abrasions. These eye problems may increase for people at different rates among different individuals which may badly affect your eyes. If these conditions become serious, then they may also lead to permanent blindness and vision impairment.
  • 2. No matter how minor the abrasion, it will hurt and could make the affected eye very sensitive to light. When something like this happens, you won’t be able to assess how serious the problem is becoming until you actually cut off the communication.
  • 3. These disorders can occasionally take time to develop. Eye irritation symptoms may be a sign of a more serious issue. So, to find out whether your eye irritation is turning into a serious issue, always get a diagnosis from an eye care professional.
  • 4. Additionally, it has been mentioned in the studies that, it is 10 times more likely to face vision impairment or vision blindness because of wearing contact lenses.

Risks with Lasik Surgery

  • 1. You can decide whether eye surgery is best for you by understanding some of the risks associated with LASIK. For instance, LASIK may produce temporary haloes and eye dryness following the procedure. Surgery-related problems including infection are possible. These dangers, nevertheless, are really less probable than those connected with contact lens use.
  • 2. Lasik patients don’t have to wear contact lenses or glasses which gives huge satisfaction to people who are tired of wearing them. They don’t even have to worry about the consistent dangers of wearing contact lenses.

After comparing the risks associated with both contact lenses and Lasik Surgery, it can be said that risks with Lasik surgery are lesser than with wearing contact lenses. Lasik surgery can give you permanent relief from eyeglasses.

Lasik Surgery

The term “laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis” is abbreviated as “LASIK.” The words “in situ” and “keratomileusis,” which refer to the reshaping of the cornea in your eye, respectively, translate to “in position” or “in place” respectively. Lasers are used during LASIK eye surgery to specifically treat refractive defects that lead to vision issues. When your eye fails to properly bend light, it creates a refractive error, which blurs your vision. For instance, it may result in blurred vision, nearsightedness, or farsightedness.

Benefits of Lasik Surgery

  • 1. No risks of contact lenses.
  • 2. Convenience
  • 3. An Improved and clear vision.
  • 4. Permanent results.
  • 5. Cost savings.
  • 6. Fast healing.

Disadvantages of Lasik Surgery

Dry eye – The symptoms of dry eye can last days, weeks, or in severe cases, even months. This fairly common issue seems to be more prevalent in people who choose to have LASIK eye surgery. It happens when the corneal nerves’ decreased sensitivity as a result of the laser treatment renders your eye incapable of detecting the need for lubrication. You may consequently suffer dry, itchy, and painful eyes.

Flap complications the major risk associated with Lasik surgery develops from the flap technique. When the lower layer of your cornea gets reshaped, the flap will be placed behind the lens. But, the flap is very thin and delicate which makes the process fiddly. This shows that there are different complications such as

The flap getting displaced.

  • 1. The flap is wrinkling and leads to distorted vision.
  • 2. The corneal tissue as a whole becomes weaker and more prone to issues as a result of the damage to the area where the flap has been formed.
  • 3. The breaking of flap or being incomplete.

Cost of Lasik Surgery

The cost of standard Lasik surgery is around 21,000 and for blade-free or Femto Lasik surgery is about 73,500 INR.

Contact lenses

The tear film that covers the surface of your eye is covered by a thin, curved lens called a contact lens. Although the lens is inherently clear, a very little hint of color is frequently added to make them easier for wearers to manage. Both hard and soft contact lenses are available nowadays. Although the latter type is now more commonly worn, contact lenses were formerly even glass-blown.

How effective are contact lenses?

It can be said that contact lenses are an effective and safe kind of vision correction. However, they are not risk-free when it is not cared for and managed properly. It has been observed that contact lenses are a kind of medical device that you may fail to clean, wear, and store. This can increase the risk of eye conditions and infections like microbial keratitis.

Benefits of contact lenses

When you choose the right contact lenses, then you can start enjoying the advantages of regular contact lenses. The following are the advantages or benefits of using contact lenses.

  • 1. The use of contact lenses can provide you with a natural look.
  • 2. It provides a properly focussed view which is important for sports players and drivers.
  • 3. The proper use of contact lenses helps in creating temporary vision improvement.
  • 4. This can also project a youthful look.
  • 5. Contact lenses provide clear vision.
  • 6. It also protects against UV radiation and pollutants threatening your eyes.

Disadvantages of contact lenses

  • 1. Dry eyes
  • 2. Corneal abrasion
  • 3. Conjunctivitis or red eyes
  • 4. Conceal ulcer
  • 5. Ptosis
  • 6. Reduced corneal reflex

The costs of contact lenses

The cost of contact lenses is around 300 to 2500 based on the requirement and the decision whether you want to use the lenses regularly or you want to have monthly contact lenses.


Lasik surgery is definitely better than wearing contact lenses as it gives you a permanent solution. Furthermore, if you are looking for Lasik eye surgery, then can connect with Glamyo Health. We provide cashless treatment for insured patients and no cost-EMI option for patients who can’t afford these surgeries and treatments. Not only this we provide free consultancy to our patients which can help you take the right decision.


Is laser eye surgery cheaper than contacts?

Yes, Lasik eye surgery is cheaper than contact lenses because you will need to change contact lenses after a while whereas you just have to make a one-time investment for Lasik Surgery.

Are contact lenses better than LASIK?

No, contact lenses are not better if compared to Lasik surgery because this surgery has shown higher satisfaction among patients than wearing contact lenses.

Is LASIK permanent?

Yes, in a majority of patients this surgery has shown permanent results.

How long does LASIK last?

The result of Lasik surgery lasts for a lifetime. However, in rare cases, its benefits may decrease.

How effective is LASIK?

Lasik surgery is a very effective procedure and has also shown a higher success rate, particularly in the case of myopia or nearsightedness. 

Will I still need glasses after LASIK?

No, you can stop wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses after this surgery. However, if you find refractive errors then you need them again.

Is there anything better than LASIK?

Yes, LASEK can be the best option or alternative to Lasik surgery.

What is the safest eye surgery?

LVC (Laser vision correction), is known as the eye correction surgery that helps in treating or curing hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism.

How many times can I do LASIK?

Though, in just one take you can easily get rid of eyeglasses. However, there is no limit to how many times you can have this surgery.

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