Do you want to know the right age to get Lasik surgery done? Are you confused for yourself or for someone you know? Let’s learn in detail and understand all about the right Lasik surgery age limit. 

Being one of the most commonly opted surgery options these days. People are confused with the correct information regarding the right age that qualifies to get Lasik surgery. Let’s dive deeper into this topic. 

What is the LASIK Surgery Age Limit

Lasik surgery age limit has become a question commonly asked by many with eye problems. The experts say that there is no strict upper age limit for a person to undergo Lasik surgery. 

But, the criteria differ on various medical factors and conditions of each individual. An ideal patient to undergo Lasik surgery is the one who otherwise has no other organic eye problems. 

These can usually be cataracts or low vision due to infection. Thus, those who are free of such eye complications are perfect to undergo Lasik surgery and achieve an ideal clear eye vision. 

Lasik surgery age limit in India Equally, India itself alone has reported a huge number of Lasik surgery cases. These cases are going higher day by day. 

But, as the surgeon suggests, a young adult is usually the ideal age in India as well as in other countries to approach a Lasik vision correction surgery. 

Lasik eye surgery age requirement Lasik surgery age requirements do not come with an age barrier or age limit tag. But, normally the patients coming for LASIK surgery and are found to be eligible to get this treatment is between the ages of 18 years to 40 years. 

This young adult age to the adult age is known to have more commonly found with rye problems that can be corrected through LASIK surgery. 


What is the youngest age for LASIK surgery Lasik surgery as we know now, doctors don’t strictly give a defined age limit. But, in the case of knowing the youngest age for Lasik surgery, the ideal youngest age is the age of a young adult which is 18 years. 

What is the max age for LASIK eye surgery General maximum age limit for getting Lasik eye surgery is 40 years. Also, no final age limit is provided for the people to get Lasik surgery. But, not everyone is indeed considered for Lasik surgery. Everyone has different eye conditions. 

What age is too old for LASIK surgery According to the cases reported as well as treated in the near past, no upper age limit has been fixed for people to undergo Lasik eye surgery. 

Thus, no age is considered too old for Lasik. There have been cases where people with age 50s and 60s with comparatively healthier eyes got Lasik surgery. 

Is there any age limit on getting LASIK surgery Certainly not, there has been reported no age limitation on getting Lasik eye surgery. 

The decision on Lasik surgery differs on different factors for each individual. When visiting the doctor, the patient will be properly diagnosed and suggested the required treatment accordingly. 

Who is not suitable for LASIK surgery There are certain cases or diseases related to eyes such as Cataracts or autoimmune, which further create dry eyes or result in infections in the eyes. 

Patients with such complications, as checked within the diagnosis, are not suitable for Lasik surgery. Their condition cannot be corrected through Lasik correction and can rather get worse.

What is the success rate of LASIK? Being one of the lowest rates of risk or a complete risk-free surgery, Lasik’s success rate is very high. amongst all the cases treated for Lasik vision correction, 95% have turned out to be successful. 

What happens if LASIK fails? Lasik surgery has very little to no risk. But, in certain cases, where the Lasik flap is not placed properly, it can fail the Lasik surgery. This can further cause distorted vision and optical aberration.  

When to see a doctor 

consulting a doctor becomes essential especially when the condition starts showing physical symptoms. In case of an eye problem, get in touch with your doctor when experiencing vision loss, blurry or double vision, redness in the eye or pain in the eyes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is 40 too old for LASIK?

No, the ideal age for getting Lasik surgery done is considered to be 18 years to 40 years of age. Anyone or everyone falling under this age can get done with Lasik surgery and have a successful clear vision afterwards. 

If you too fall under this age and wish to get Lasik surgery, reach out to Glamyo Health for the best and most affordable Lasik surgery. It comes with a smooth procedure and with the best medical deals.

Q. Is LASIK good for 50-year-olds?

Yes, a patient aged 50 years or around can get Lasik surgery. Lasik surgery eligibility depends on a lot of factors. These factors usually differ from one patient to another. 

Every patient can have their differences. So, once it is checked with the doctor by proper diagnosis. Learn about your condition and get the right treatment without hesitation. 

Q. Is LASIK permanent?

In almost all cases, Lasik’s result has been known to stay permanent. But, some exceptions are reported at the same time. These exceptions, due to some complications, can still have a loss of vision. 

Thus, to ensure that the Lasik surgery has a long-lasting impact, get the right diet, take proper post-surgery resto, get a regular doctor for follow-ups and avoid certain activities that are not good for your eyesight. 

Q. Can I wear glasses after LASIK?

In those cases, where the refractive error turned out to be visible again, it can be possible that one who recently underwent Lasik surgery can require contact lenses or glasses again. 

Q. Is LASIK painful? 

One of the ultimate benefits of Lasik eye surgery is the fact that it is not at all painful. During the process of undergoing surgery is taking place, the patient’s eyes are numbed with numbing eye drops. 

These drops ensure that the patient experiences no pain. But, other than pain, patients can experience pressure in their eyes. This pressure is eased out within some hours or a day after surgery.

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