Lasik eye surgery treats or cures refractive errors such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. This procedure helps in getting clear vision and also helps in eliminating the need for eyeglasses or vision. LASIK eye surgery may take around 6 weeks to 9 months for proper recovery. However, it differs from one patient to another. You will be required to attend follow-up appointments with your doctor as it will help your doctor to measure your progress. Some patients recover faster and return to their normal activities but for some patients, it may longer time than usual to get recovery from this surgery. Lasik Eye Surgery Recovery Time.

What To Expect from LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

Most of the time people who have undergone this surgery have seen immediate improvement in their vision or sight. Moreover, it will take almost 6 months to recover or heal properly. This surgery will give you permanent relief from eyeglasses and eye conditions like vision impairment or blurry vision. You can expect various benefits and a few side effects from the LASIK surgery.

Although the majority of LASIK patients don’t feel any discomfort after their procedure, it is very common to have a itchy sensation in your eyes immediately after the procedure. Additionally, you could observe that your vision varies during the day. In reality, visual abnormalities and dry eyes are frequent in the first few months after surgery, though they may persist for longer in certain patients. After surgery, you might want to wipe your eyes, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises against it since it could necessitate additional therapy. After the surgery, you may face some difficulties or side effects like

  • 1. Light sensitivity
  • 2. Hazy or blurry vision
  • 3. Halos and glare when you are around the light.
  • 4. White or pink patches on the white part of your eye.
  • 5. Discomfort and pain.
  • lasik

You can expect the following benefits:-

  • 1. Cost saving
  • 2. No need of wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • 3. Better and clearer vision
  • 4. Permanent better vision

LASIK eye surgery can give permanent relief from vision impairment and all these above-mentioned side effects will be temporary and will recover during the recovery period. Furthermore, if you are looking for LASIK eye surgery then you can connect with the Glamyo Health coordinator for a free consultation. We provide personalized care for our patients and also take after-surgery follow-ups which helps in enabling your well-being. 

Common LASIK Risks and Side Effects after LASIK Surgery

  • 1. Overcorrections and under-corrections
  • 2. Dry eyes
  • 3. Flap striae
  • 4. Ingrowth of Epithelial
  • 5. Corneal ectasia
  • 6. Defects of corneal epithelial
  • 7. Visual disturbance at night

All these side effects or complications, you may have to face after the surgery. If you face any of these problems, then must go to your doctor for controlling these side effects.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

There are some signs that you must be aware for knowing whether you are a good candidate for the surgery or not.

  • 1. You must be above 18.
  • 2. You must be having stable vision prescription.
  • 3. Your overall health is good.
  • 4. You are not having any other eye conditions like dry eyes.
  • 5. When you have a prescription within a specific limit.

Furthermore, the major factor which makes you a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery is the thickness of your cornea. If the cornea of your eyes is not thick enough then it will be difficult for your surgeon to make a corneal flap.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

Immediately after the LASIK eye surgery, you might feel or experience itching, burning, or may also feel that there is something in your eye. In rare cases, it may also make you feel little discomfort and even mild pain. Your vision may also become blurry or hazy, but you must avoid rubbing your eyes as it may irritate you.

Post-surgery, you must visit the doctor after 24 to 48 hours of your surgery, and then on a weekly or monthly basis as per your doctor’s suggestions for almost 6 months. When you visit your doctor for the first time after the surgery, then the doctor will eliminate the eye shield, check, and inspect your vision. To assist you in preventing infection and/or inflammation, your doctor may prescribe you some eye drops for you to use at home. Additionally, using artificial tears to lubricate the eye may be indicated. Even if your eyesight is cloudy, you shouldn’t start wearing contacts again in the operated eye.

Moreover, it is important to know that you must avoid or wait for a few days after the surgery before starting any sports activities and must follow instructions given by your doctor as it will help in proper healing.

First Day and Weeks after LASIK Surgery

For avoiding infections during the first weeks, you may need to avoid using creams, lotions, make-ups, etc around your eye for at least two weeks or until your doctor suggests you. After the surgery, your doctor may recommend you scrub your eyelashes. Your doctor will also advise you to avoid using hot tubs and swimming. It is necessary to prevent infection and protect your eyes for the first few months. Here are some precautions and tips that you must follow.

  • 1. Avoid washing your hair until the day after.
  • 2. You must be careful while taking shower or washing your hair, make sure to keep soap away from your eyes.
  • 3. Avoid rubbing your eyes at least for one month.
  • 4. Use all the eye drops prescribed by your doctor.
  • 5. Avoid exercising for two days.
  • 6. Avoid using eye makeup for one week after the surgery.
  • 7. Wear eye protection for a month.
  • 8. Avoid going to dusty and dirty environments for a week.
  • 9. Avoid driving until you are not comfortable or consult your doctor before driving.
  • 10. Keep your eyes away from tap water for a week.

Interesting Facts About LASIK

  • 1. Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is abbreviated as LASIK, which literally means “sculpting of the cornea.”
  • 2. The procedure of LASIK eye surgery is painless.
  • 3. LASIK surgery is rapid, and the procedure itself only takes a few minutes for both eyes.
  • 4. LASIK Surgery can treat hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia (loss of reading vision), and astigmatism (abnormally shaped cornea).
  • 5. Almost 98% of people who have to wear eyeglasses are suitable candidates for this surgery.
  • 6. LASIK can significantly enhance vision with no need to wear eyeglasses, and most patients can see 20/20 the day following the treatment.
  • 7. LASIK is extremely safe. Infection-related vision loss is a greater risk with contact lenses than with LASIK.


It can be concluded that LASIK surgery will take almost six months to recover or heal. Furthermore, if you are looking for LASIK eye surgery or want to get rid of eyeglasses permanently, then you must connect with Glamyo Health. We have expert eye doctors or ophthalmologists. We provide easy payment options with no-cost EMI, and insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does LASIK take to fully recover?

It will take almost 6 to 9 months for proper recovery.

How long do your eyes hurt after LASIK?

After Lasik surgery, you may experience tearing, burning, and light sensitivity, which may affect you for two to three hours.

Is recovery from LASIK painful?

No, most of the time you will not experience any pain after this procedure but you may feel scratchy and tearing in your eyes.

Can I get LASIK twice?

Though, you will not be required to undergo the surgery again as its results are permanent. But, there is no limit on how many times you can get this done.

How long after LASIK can I shower?

You can shower the day after your surgery.

How many days do you need to rest after LASIK?

Immediately after the surgery, you will be required to take around 6 to 12 hours of rest however, it depends on different factors.

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