Many of you must likely have dealt with day-to-day difficulties due to your eyeglasses or contact lens. 

Keeping the appearance factor aside, the difficulty of managing these must have felt struggling while creating a perfect moment for yourself. For example, while travelling for a dream trip, have you skipped carrying your eyeglasses and ended up being frustrated about the whole trip? 

While hurrying up for an important meeting, have you lost one of your contact lenses and ended up cancelling your most important presentation? 

Well, these are just a few of the toughest experiences that we have learned closely about and that’s when we believe you must have looked for a permanent solution such as Lasik eye surgery. 

Lasik is a Saviour for All 

Being an advanced operative procedure with absolutely no pain, quicker procedure, easy healing, and fast recovery, Lasik eye surgery is the ultimate problem solver when it comes to correcting eye vision issues. 

Effectively, its main focus is to help people who wish to get permanently rid of their eyeglasses or contact lenses. 

Here, let’s address some of the commonly asked questions by those either who have got Lasik eye surgery done or who have already made up their mind to her it done. 


Is Lasik Surgery a Painful Procedure?

No, Lasik eye surgery is a far-away advanced form designed to make it possible for the patient to experience no pain at all during the surgery. 

This has been the common fear of most of the patients appearing for Lasik eye surgery, to become sure that Lasik eye surgery won’t result in any eye pain. Fortunately, the stars are in favour of the patients. 

Just before the surgery begins, the patient’s both eyes will be diluted with numbing drops for eyes. Though during surgery, a slight pressure can be felt, and post-surgery some itchiness or irritation is normal to experience, but that will be easily manageable. 

What does recovery after Lasik post-operative include? 

After Lasik eye surgery, a post operative eye exam will be conducted. Once the surgeon assures themselves and the patient that the surgery has been conducted successfully, the.patient is sent home the same day with prescribed healing medications and fast recovery guidelines. 

The patient is not immediately allowed to drive by themselves, they must take the help of a family member or a friend to drop them home. Following the regular eye checkups, the patient’s eyes will be checked for recovery and legal standard for driving on their own. 

Further, as the time flows and healing gets better, another visit for the follow up with the doctor will be planned. In this, the doctor will determine if the healing is fully successful and if any more visits are required. 

Lastly, lasik eye surgery post care includes avoiding strenuous activities, gym, exercises, lifting weight, use of gadgets or watching television and instead it is guided to follow proper sleep, healthy diet, protect your eyes from dust, dirt, take regular dosage of medications and visit for regular follow ups. 

What does lasik surgery procedure include?

The procedure of laser eyes surgery is simple and quickly done. The idea behind performing a lasik eye surgery is to reshape the cornea in such a way that it brings better focus to the eyes and helps the person see more clearly. 

For this procedure, the surgeon use two types of lasers. Furthermore, these given below can be easily expected to happen on the day of lasik eye surgery. 

  • 1. A routine eye check up to ensure the history and health of eyes are in good form for the surgery. 
  • 2. Sedative eye drops to numb your eyes will be given prior lasik eye surgery. So, during surgery a slight pressure can be felt but it is manageable. 
  • 3. With the help of a femtosecond laser, a thin flap will be created in the cornea and later on the flap will be folded back, making the surgeon accessible to the underlying cornea. 
  • 4. Next, after removal of the small tissues around the cornea, the cornea will be reshaped according to an individual patient’s vision issue. 
  • 5. Finally, the flap will be laid back to its place and the cornea will take its natural time to heal.

Therefore, the surgery procedure is smoothly done, the patient does not experience any pain and the surgery is conducted with the patient being in full consciousness. 

Any potential side effects or risks associated with lasik eye surgery? 

Risks or side effects after lasik eye surgery are rarely possible. But, just like any other surgery procedure, lasik eye surgery may take a few weeks to completely heal and some temporary side effects may appear. These following health issues are 

  • 1. Dry eyes due to lack of moisture in eyes. 
  • 2. Eye Infection.
  • 3. Inflammation. 
  • 4. Seeing halos, glare or night time vision difficulties. 
  • 5. Due to natural ageing, eyeglasses for reading can be required. 
  • 6. Flap complications during the surgery procedure.

How to check if I am an eligible candidate for lasik eye surgery? 

Most young adults are eligible for the lasik eye surgery without any complications. For this, a basic eye examination will be conducted. 

Under this, proper health of your eyes and eyesight will be checked such as size of the pupil, thickness of cornea, refractive errors, moist eyes and other eye associated conditions will be checked. 

Further, an ideal or an eligible person who can get back is 

  • 1. A person with history of no cataract surgery, glaucoma or dry eye condition. 
  • 2. The person should at least be above 18 years old. 
  • 3. Is free of any autoimmune disease.
  • 4. Not pregnant or breastfeeding. 

When can I expect results from lasik eye surgery? 

The results of lasik eye surgery starts to appear almost immediately after the surgery is successfully performed. 

Though,  post operative, the patient’s eyes are expected to stay fuzzy and hazy for some hours , but eventually it will get clearer, improve and vision will become stabilised. 

Further, for some days, eyes may remain sensitive to light or gritty but eventually it will get better. 

Final words 

Doubts and confusion are the proof that you’re at least looking for the solutions and that is when solutions actually start appearing. 

These must not be the only doubts but are certainly the most common ones. Further, for most clarity you can always connect easily with Glamyo Health for any eye associated concerns, consultation and treatment. 

For satisfying results, let Glamyo Health expert eye surgeon help you go deeper and provide 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does lasik surgery last? 

In most of the cases, lasik eye surgery has proven to be a permanent solution without any further decrease or harm to the eyes. It’s positive results are long lasting and a person can live a relaxed life. 

Rest, in rare cases, For an individual it can lead to the requirement of enhancement due to anatomical changes experienced. 

Q. Does lasik affect night vision? 

Post operative care plays a crucial part in the recovery and best results have lasik surgery. Experiencing slight night vision difficulties are normal, temporary and won’t last much longer. Keep in touch with your surgeon to understand the progress of your case. 

Q. What should I avoid on the day of lasik?

Lasik is a smooth and quickly performed eye surgery. But, just like any other eye surgery, you will be instructed to avoid wearing makeup, perfumes or lotions and avoid rubbing or a rating your eyes. 

Q. Can lasik cause permanent damage?

No, lasik has always appeared to be a highly effective and successful surgery procedure. It is very rarely a case that may appear with causes. 

Also, even if any temporary damage may occur, it is mostly corrected with surgeon’s supervision. 

Q. Can lasik damage the retina?

Generally, lasik has shown high success rates in most patients. Rest, depends on the individual’s post care and eye condition. 

So, keep in mind risks such as detached retina, infections or vision loss. But, with experienced hands, this does not have any possibility of happening.

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