Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai

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Do you have an unclear vision? Or are highly dependent on lenses on power glasses? Now is the moment to stop wasting your time, money & efforts on eye prescriptions, regular doctor’s appointments, hanging glass frames, etc. You can now opt for advanced Lasik Eye surgery in Mumbai to restore the natural vision of your eye in a permanent manner. 

What is Lasik Surgery?

LASIK stands for Laser in Situ Keratomileusis, which means reshaping the cornea  (keratomileusis) with a laser underneath a corneal flap (in situ). This process uses laser technology for treating refractive problems, improving vision, and removing the need for glasses or contact lenses. The cornea, which is the transparent or clear front covering of the eye, is modified by this laser surgery to make your vision clearer.

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How does LASIK work?

A highly trained eye surgeon uses a microkeratome to create a precise, thin hinged corneal flap during LASIK surgery. After pulling back the flap to reveal the underlying corneal tissue, the excimer laser reshapes the cornea according to the medical requirement of a patient. Without sutures, the flap is carefully positioned onto the underlying cornea. The Lasik surgery is performed in a personalised manner and the treatment process is tailored according to the patient. 

Why is Lasik Important?

Contact lenses or power glasses are used to compensate for the eye’s refractive error. Lasik on the other hand aims to correct the refractive error of the eye and reduce the need for visual aids like lenses or glasses. The common refractive errors that are treated by Lasik are Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) & Astigmatism.

Who can get a Lasik Surgery in Mumbai?

To undergo this procedure, the FDA and American Academy of Opthalmology suggests that a candidate must fall under the following categories:

  • 1. Above 18-21 years of age
  • 2. Not be pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • 3. Not advised when undergoing medications that interfere with healing 
  • 4. Surgery is not recommended to people with diabetes, arthritis, lupus, glaucoma, or rheumatoid.
  • 5. Must have healthy eyes
  • 6. Must not have other risk factors

Types of Lasik Surgery

  • A. Bladeless Laser Procedure 

There are no blades acting on the eye with the Blade-Less approach. One or a mixture of two lasers, the Femto Laser and the Excimer Laser, are used to complete the treatment. Femto Lasers have an accuracy of 5 microns, which implies that if a human hair is 60 microns long, a Femto laser can cut six layers into it, which is impossible with a blade. As a result, the Bladeless approach provides increased precision, improved eyesight quality, and safety.

  • B. Blade LASIK procedure

A specific blade called a Microkeratome is utilised to create the corneal flap in Blade operations, and subsequently, an Excimer Laser is used to adjust the spectacle power. Modern microkeratomes can produce flaps that are nearly identical to those produced by Femto Lasers.

  • B. Surface Laser Procedure

Surface laser operations are for patients who aren’t good candidates for regular LASIK procedures and do not fall under the criteria as discussed in this article earlier, such as those who have thin corneas or dealing with other health conditions.

The trained surgeon at Glamyo Health chooses the best blade-free laser surgery technique that is minimally invasive and almost painless, stitch-free, and safe so you don’t have to go through any discomfort and get the best effective results in a minimum recovery time to enjoy a clear vision for a lifetime.

Cost of Lasik Surgery 

The cost of Advanced Lasik Eye surgery in Mumbai starts from Rs. 40,000 and goes up depending on the type of surgery being used, the doctor’s consultation fee, the severity of the refractive error, underlying health condition, examination tests and understanding your health history. 

To achieve the most positive and effective outcome the skilled surgeons will prepare a treatment plan tailored or personalised according to your medical requirements. 

Choosing the Best Lasik Surgery in Mumbai

Glamyo Health offers the most advanced Lasik Eye surgery in Mumbai to help patients regain their natural sight and lean less towards glasses or contact lenses. We have an outstanding team of 200+ skilled ophthalmologists that have experience of more than 21+ years in the eye surgery field.

The trained staff and doctors use the latest technology to perform surgeries with great care and precision. With zero cost EMI options available and all insurance providers on board, you can get Lasik surgery at the most affordable cost without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Lasik eye surgery takes less than 30 minutes per eye. The discomfort is minimal. Anesthetic drops are used to numb the eye area as an alternative. Even after Lasik, you may notice an adjustment. This could be as long as 2 to 3 months. The effects of the surgery are however permanent. Many people who have had Lasik eye surgery report significant improvements in their eyesight, often even within the same day. Lasik eye surgery won’t correct presbyopia, which is an age-related weakness of the eyes that often causes people to need magnification to read. At the very least, you should not drive a motor vehicle for more than a few days. It is generally safe to put on eye makeup again after two weeks. After Lasik eye surgery, most people can resume their daily activities.

We also provide 24*7 medical assistance to our patients. The health care consultants provide help at each and every step of the surgical journey from booking an appointment, to clearing out your confusions and answering your questions, discussing the pros and cons of teh treatment so you can make the right decision, the types, then choosing the best surgeon for your medical need, selecting a specialised hospital or clinic for you, during the surgery, helping out with insurance paperwork to discharge and free follow-ups.

Along with this we provide free pick and drop cab service to the patients so they don’t have to go through any inconvenience reaching the hospital or after the surgery. 

Book an appointment with Glamyo Health now to regain your eye’s natural vision so you can enjoy the results for a lifetime with advanced Lasik surgery in Mumbai.

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