Mole Removal Treatment – Moles are the growth of the skin and can appear in any size and shape. In your adulthood, you may notice 10-20 moles on your body in the color of brown, black or similar to your skin color. Darker people are more prone to get darker moles than to fair skin people. It can be seen as a flat and bump-like structure on the skin. Moles can be found in any part of the body, say, face, legs, arms, etc. Many young people may feel conscious about it as it affects their appearance, make them unhappy with location and changes in their shape and size, and become itchy or bleed sometimes. Some of the moles are cancerous and can affect your health, so your doctor suggests you get mole removal surgery.

Laser treatment for mole removal is a modern technique that is mostly used and preferred by patients as it helps in removing benign skin formations or moles from that location where you don’t want this flat, bumpy structure on you is a small, powerful, ur skin that affects your appearance and it is safe and painless. In laser treatment, the laser beam and completely safe radiation penetrates the mole and removes the layers of the mole one by one. It is a painless procedure, but a sense of tingling can be seen, and the doctor also instructs you on how to care for your skin at your home. 

After the laser treatment, you may feel a rough surface where the treatment took place. It is a dried blood formation on the skin that can occur on the cut or broken skin while healing, and you may also notice swelling and redness in that area for a few days. Whether this treatment is safe for you or not can be told or suggested by a specialist, i.e. oncodermatology physician. They tell you the outcome or results by examining the mole. While performing this treatment, the patient needs to wear goggles to protect their eyes from laser beams as it is injurious to the eyes.

Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Mole Removal

Laser treatment is more effective in mole removal as 

  • 1. It is a non-invasive procedure. It does not spread any infection.
  • 2. In a single session, multiple moles can be treated.
  • 3. It is difficult to remove moles from the face, ear, and nose, but due to laser beam or laser treatment, it is possible which are not through any other procedure.
  • 4. In this treatment, the healthy tissues that are adjacent to moles are not affected by the laser beam.
  • 5. The healing process is very fast as compared to other procedures.
  • 6. There is no scarring, and it is painless.

Mole Removal Laser Treatment Cost In India

Laser treatment for mole removal is way expensive, and the elimination of the whole mole requires 2-3 operations that direct to high expenditure. As there is no standard price fixed, and may vary between 10,000 to 30,000 INR, and it depends on many factors like the size and number of the mole, where it is located, or it is that area that is hard to reach. Insurance only covers those moles that are injurious to health, not cosmetic surgery.  

Before Laser Treatment For Mole Removal

  • 1. The doctor will examine the mole and take a closer picture of moles with a tool called a dermoscopy and choose the best way to remove the mole.
  • 2. The doctor marks the area where the mole will be removed. For painless treatment, the doctor will give anaesthetic medicine to numb the area. It is applied on the mole topically or by injection.

After Laser Treatment For Mole Removal

  • 1. Clean the face with water or with diluted hydrogen peroxide and moisten the skin every day.
  • 2. Cover the area with a bandage for not to enhance the chance of infection.
  • 3. The formation of the scab will be seen and get removed by itself and will match the skin tone by the time. 
  • 4. Wear SPF protection to prevent the growth of moles again in the future.
  • 5. Visit the doctor for monthly check-ups if any changes are visible.

Precaution After Laser Treatment For Mole Removal

  • 1. Avoid alcohol, as it may intervene in the healing process.
  • 2. Do gentle massage. It can help in the healing process by encouraging blood flow.
  • 3. Stress and strain should be avoided.

Side Effects Of Laser Treatment For Mole Removal

  • 1. Due to this, people may get an anaesthetic allergy and can also get nerve damage.
  • 2. Redness, pain, warmness on that area, pus-filled wound. 
  • 3. If infections are not treated properly, germs will go through the bloodstream and cause a blood infection called sepsis.

Risk Factors

Every procedure has risks as it is a low-risk procedure, and the risk of this procedure may include

  • 1. Bleeding
  • 2. Scars
  • 3. Infection
  • 4. Nerve damage
  • 5. Mole recurrence

Pain After Laser Treatment For Mole Removal

It is a painless procedure, and you may also not experience any pain after the treatment but can feel some tenderness, soreness, swelling, and bruising, and it is normal. The doctor will recommend over-the-counter medicines for any discomfort, and people can continue their activities right after the surgery as it is a one-day treatment and takes only 10-14 days to recover.

When To See A Doctor

If you feel any changes in your moles and may experience these changes that are

  • 1. Painful and itchy.
  • 2. Bleeds or discharges some fluid from moles which leads to skin cancer.
  • 3. Changes in shape and size.
  • 4. The occurrence of mole after 30 is uncommon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser good for mole removal?

Yes, it is considered a safe and effective procedure for mole removal. 

Is there any chance of mole recurrence after laser removal?

Though mole removal is a permanent procedure, there are chances that it may reappear and can increase in size when it is partially removed. 

Is laser mole removal painfull?

The laser mole removal is not painful at all as local anaesthesia is given to the candidate through injection, which makes the procedure painless. 

Does laser mole removal leave a scar?

In case moles have a localized structure in the epidermis, the laser removal will provide a scar-free result. But, in the case of moles with roots which are penetrated deep within the dermis, they may be left with little scars after laser mole removal. 

Which is the best mole removal treatment?

There are mainly four types of mole removal such as surgical excision, shaving, freezing, and laser treatment. These treatments are performed by doctors as per the types of moles. For example, laser mole removal is mainly used for removing moles from the face, ear, and areas where surgical excision doesn’t work.

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