Laser eye surgery effectively treats multiple eye problems. It is high in demand as the results of laser eye surgery are positive. 

In almost all cases the risks or complications are rarely found. 

The following article will take you through the various types of laser eye surgery and further essential details while scheduling an appointment for laser eye surgery. 

Basics of Laser Eye Surgery 

Laser eye surgery has special advancements and features that let the patient have a painless and seamless surgery experience. 

As the eyes are the most delicate part of the human body, laser eye surgery ensures a minimally invasive, completely harmless, and safer as compared to conventional laser eye surgery. Other benefits include: laser eye surgery promises a reduced recovery time and lesser risks associated with it. 

What are the types of laser eye surgery? 

Lasik The use of two separate lasers, the surgeon performs the opening of the flap and reshaping of the cornea respectively. This is followed by carefully placing back the flap in its place. 

Smile It is a simple surgical approach in which the surgeon carefully makes a small-sized incision and reshapes the cornea and as the surgery completes the incision seals back naturally. 

Surface laser treatment This type of treatment option includes PRK, Trens PRK, or LASEK. Under this process, the surgeon carefully removes the superficial layering of the cell that is covering the cornea before the cornea is reshaped and this layer that has been removed grows back naturally with time. 

When do you need laser surgery in the eyes?

The basic need for laser eye surgery is often to correct one or the other eyesight and vision issues. But, at times doctors may also recommend it for reasons like diabetes, cataract, glaucoma, or cancer. Further, patients with certain refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism) are advised for laser eye surgery. 

How long does a laser last? 

Laser eye surgery is known to have long-lasting or lifelong benefits. The surgery ensures decades of good eye vision and promising results. Whether the patient has undergone surgery or not, eye vision may change with time. But, in terms of having a safe and secure remedy to correct the current vision problems, laser eye surgery is an excellent treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What they don’t tell you about laser eye surgery?

Some general experiences that patients may face during laser eye surgery are blurriness, black dots, or colors in the eyes. These are normal to experience and get corrected with healing. 

What do I need to know before laser eye surgery?

Some of the essential details that the patient must know before undergoing laser eye surgery include: 

  • 1. The patient will be aware during the whole surgery. 
  • 2. Patients must not hesitate to ask anything before the surgery. 
  • 3. Don’t just settle for the very first eye specialist you visit. 
  • 4. The surgeon will provide you with every single instruction that you must follow.

What are the negative effects of laser eye surgery?

Although laser eye surgery is a very safe eye surgery procedure. But, in some cases, it may have minor risks and complications involved such as flap application, overcorrection, astigmatism, vision loss, dry eyes, or glare. 

How many years does laser eye surgery last? 

An excellent replacement of eyeglasses and contact lenses is laser eye surgery for permanent vision improvement. Laser eye surgery tears current eye power and gives long-lasting results. 

How painful is laser eye surgery? 

Laser eye surgery is a completely painless eye surgery. Before the surgery begins, the surgeon puts eye drops in the patient’s eye to numb it. the eyes and surrounding area and with this the patient has completely painless eye surgery. 

Is laser eye surgery worth it?

Yes, laser eye surgery has excellent vision improvement results. The transformation of vision in those who have undergone laser eye surgery is amazing. Though, the only limitation is the fact that laser eye surgery is not suitable for everyone. 

Is laser eye surgery risky?

Although, almost all surgeries can have some temporary side effects which often get corrected. Laser eye surgery is safe and

Are glasses better than laser eye surgery? 

May it be laser eye surgery or eye power glasses, both are used for eye improvement till certain points it is possible to get better vision through these. But, in comparison to laser eye surgery, power glasses do. not protect eyesight from getting worse. At certain points, the prescription of glasses keeps changing.

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