What to Expect after Labiaplasty Stitches? 

Labiaplasty or labia reduction procedure is a surgical procedure mainly for cosmetic reasons for reshaping and restructuring inner skin folds of the vaginal outer skin. The surgery is chosen by the women, majorly after childbirth. 

The procedure removes excess skin folds of the labia by making surgical incisions and eventually closing them with stitches. 

Symptoms Associated with Stitches

  • 1. Swelling
  • 2. Bruising
  • 3. Soreness
  • 4. Itchiness

Permanent labiaplasty stitches vs Resorbable Stitches labiaplasty stitches 

There are two types of labiaplasty stitches :

  • 1. Resorbable (or dissolving) stitches
  • 2. Non- Resorbable (or permanent) stitches

Resolvable stitches are comparatively preferred to help prevent discomfort associated with surgical stitches and complications of removing permanent or non-resorbable stitches. Permanent stitches are comparatively less reactive when removed, sometimes leading to predictable wound healing. If resorbable stitches fall prematurely, it will delay wound healing. 

Time of dissolution of labiaplasty stitches

Depending on the type of stitches made, the time of stitch dissolution varies from 2-3 weeks. The stitches are examined after 1-2 weeks of sutures made during labiaplasty.  

Labiaplasty and its resulting scars

Labiaplasty stitches often get blended with labia minora skin folds and tissues. Scarring due to labiaplasty gets firm and then softens with time. There is no need to worry about the scars after labiaplasty stitches as they have tendency of getting blend up with labia skin in no time.

Activities to restrict and avoid after labiaplasty 

There are restrictions for all kinds of intense activities for at least5-10 weeks depending upon the healing ability of the individuals. Some of the activities that should be avoided include entirely:

  • 1. Strenuous exercises may cause wound opening and bleed 
  • 2. Physical exercises and cycling
  • 3. Running 
  • 4. Swimming.
  • 5. Sexual intimacy
  • 6. Heavy lifting

Measures for caring labiaplasty Stitches

Take proper instructions from the medical health care provider. Some of the measures that can be taken to take care of the labiaplasty stitches: 

  • 1. Gently wash the labia area of surgery.
  • 2. Use mild baby soap and clean water to maintain the hygiene
  • 3. Pat dry the incisions after washing to prevent any damage to the skin
  • 4. Do not rub the area harshly
  • 5. Vaseline helps keep the stitches soft; therefore, it is sometimes advised to apply some vaseline over labiaplasty stitches. 

Is Labiaplasty Worth It?

According to various case studies and reports from women who went for labiaplasty, the surgery is worth opting for. It has many advantages apart from giving relief from pain and discomfort. 

  • 1. Women have reported increased confidence
  • 2. Enhanced appearance
  • 3. No snagging 
  • 4. No pain
  • 5. Permanent satisfactory outcomes
  • 6. Ease with wardrobe options

When labiaplasty stitches may fall?

Labiaplasty stitches or sutures fall according to the depth of sutures, as deep sutures take more time to disintegrate, and mild sutures heal early. Labiaplasty stitches take almost 3-4 weeks to fall out, while deeper will take at least months. 

Labiaplasty bumps around stitches

There may be the development of bumps around the incision lines, and they take time to improve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take labiaplasty stitches to heal?

The healing time of labiaplasty stitches depends on the type of stitches and the depth of stitches in the skin tissues. It takes 4-6 weeks to heal the stitches completely. 

How long are you swollen after labiaplasty?

It is normal to get swelling in the labia area post-labiaplasty. The swelling goes away in almost 6 weeks to completely eliminate any redness and swelling in the region.

How do you clean labiaplasty stitches?

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene after labiaplasty, one should

  • 1. Use slightly warm water to pass it through the wound.
  • 2. The area should be wiped out gently. 

Does labiaplasty hurt afterwards?

After labiaplasty, initial swelling and pain with little discomfort are normal that would decrease with time. 

Do labiaplasty stitches dissolve?

Yes, labiaplasty stitches are meant to get dissolved in a few weeks. If there is no infection or persistent swelling and no such complications, stitches dissolve in the first couple of weeks.

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