Labia Minora is defined as small lips and is the inner fold of the vagina. It is thin and small in size, up to 2 inches, and it is pinkish or brownish. Usually, it is found in women since birth. Vagina has two folds one is the outer fold, and the other one is the inner fold. The outer fold called labia majora is the outer part of the vagina which is fleshy and covered with pubic hair, and the inner fold called labia minora is the inner part of the vagina or inside of the labia majora. It protects the opening of the urethra and the vagina.

Treatment of Labia Minora

It depends on the cause of swollen labia as it is encountered by infections like a yeast infections or from any allergy or unlubricated sex. The following are the preventions that you can take to prevent or treat this condition.

  • 1. Use cold compression in the swollen area
  • 2. Take hot baths if swelling is caused by any cysts
  • 3. Avoid tight undergarments as they cause heat inside the labia.
  • 4. Don’t use any scented product
  • 5. Take probiotics in your diet
  • 6. Herbal treatment can be effective in this like. Vaginal cream is made up of garlic thyme and tea tree oil, and organic coconut oil can help treat any kind of infections and allergies entering the vagina through the labia.
  • 7. There is also a surgical way to re-structure your labia in their precise size, and that surgical technique is known as ‘labiaplasty’, but it only reshapes the size and shape of the labia.

Where are the Labia Minora Located?

It is located inside the outer set, i.e. labia majora and covers the outer part of the vagina and begins with the clitoris. 

Causes that makes Labia Minora Stick Out

This condition is known as labia minora hypertrophy, and it is normal that the labia minora is sticking out as every woman has a different size and shape of the vagina, and labia minora is the part of the vulva. Labia can be thin, puffy, and dangling, and many women can feel that their labia minora is out of labia majora, and some can feel that labia minora is placed under the labia majora so which means there are no standard measurements for the size of the labia as it is found in any size, shape, and texture. 

Facts to know about the Labia Minora

There are many facts to know about the labia minora that may surprise you, and those facts are

  • 1. Labia has different sizes and shapes.
  • 2. Labia size and shape don’t affect your sexual life.
  • 3. Labia can be in a darker shade and it is normal.
  • 4. Labia protects the vagina
  • 5. Labia can be asymmetrical.

What is the Function of the Labia Minora?

The main function of labia minora is that it facilitates protecting the opening of the vagina and urethra from any mechanical irritation, dryness, and infections and also protects the clitoris from external trauma.

Can your sex life be Impacted by the Size of your Labia?

Yes, the size of the labia affects the sex life as females practice stretching the labia as it gives sexual satisfaction to both partners. Hence, men are more attracted to or fascinated by a female who has elongated labia as they think it gives more area for foreplay and orgasm.

Every woman has their unique genitals, which means different sizes and shapes.

Importance of Pulling Labia Minora

The pulling of labia is also known as labia elongation or labia stretching. It is done for sexual pleasure, orgasm, and female ejaculation, as it helps in enhancing sexual pleasure for both partners. As it facilitates smoother sex, and generally, men appreciate those women who have elongated labia. It provides a better area for female sexual arousal and as well spices up their sexual life.

Labia Minora Irritation

This condition is known as vulvitis which can cause inflammation or irritation on both of the vaginal lips. This inflammation or irritation is caused by infection, injury, and allergic reactions. If vulvitis is caused by irritation or by an allergy, then it is known as contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is one of the causes of vulvitis, and due to this, the outer part or the skin of the vulva gets red, rash, and itchy. It is not a communicable or life-threatening disease and it might cause discomfort to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of labia minora?

Labia Minora is the inner skin that folds near the opening of the vagina. Its main function of it is to protect the urethral and vaginal openings from dryness, irritation, and infections. 

What causes labia minora to grow?

Changes may take place in labia minora during puberty when female hormones like estrogen increase may lead to growing labia minora. Moreover, this can be because of genetics, and you may have had this condition since your birth. 

Do labia minora increase in size with age?

Yes, with the age of women, an increase in labial length and thickness can be seen, and it may also increase in size after childbirth or pregnancy.

How to treat Labia Minora without surgery or medical help? 

ThermiVa is radiofrequency technology that can be an effective, safe, and advanced treatment that can be helpful in restoring the appearance of labia minora.

Do labia darken with age?

Yes, the vulva can get pigmented with age and after childbirth and may get slightly darker.

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