Labia Majora Structure – The labia majora are just the folds of the skin near the opening of your vagina. The outer lips of the vagina or labia majora are mainly fleshy that are covered with pubic hair. At the same time, the labia minora are the inner lips that are inside the outer lips. This mainly starts at the clitoris and ends under the vaginal opening. 

Furthermore, labia majora are comparatively larger and fleshy folds of the tissues that protect and enclose the other external organs of the genitals. This mainly consists of sebaceous glands and sweat that generates lubricating secretions. Pubic hair appears during puberty on the labia majora. 

Functions of Labia Majora 

  • 1. The clitoris can be erect or aroused when you are sexually stimulated, and this stimulation can cumulate into an orgasm. 
  • 2. Labia majora has fleshy padded tissue that helps in protecting the other genital organs. 
  • 3. It also has sebaceous and sweat which is beneficial in generating lubrication during sex or intercourse. 

Swollen Labia Majora

If your labia has swollen, then it could be a sign of a yeast infection. It can also be an imbalance of thethe vaginal bacteria that is known as bacterial vaginosis. This is an infection or allergy, which may also happen because of friction while having sex. 

If swelling is getting worse and causes itching, pain, an unusual discharge, a strong smell from your vagina, or a bump or lump over the labia, then you must consult with your doctor for treatment as per the cause of the swelling. 

Labia majora hypertrophy

Labia hypertrophy means the enlargement of the vaginal lips. Labia helps the clitoris and the inner vagina from friction, damage, and impact. It is normal to have enlarged labia and is not a huge concern because it has been seen that there are people who are born with large asymmetrical labia, and it does not cause any harm or side effects to them. 

The shape and size of people’s genitals differ from person to person. The lips of the vagina or labia are also asymmetrical, which is common to have their own shape. Labia hypertrophy may impact both sets of labia. However, this is more likely to change the inner lips or labia minora. Labia majora hypertrophy may lead them to appear large though it is harmless and does not lead to affect sexual health. 

Labia minora and majora

Labia minora are the inner lips of vulva. It protects the inner organs, such as the vagina, urethra, and clitoris of the vulva. It seems to be different from one female to another. In some females, labia minora is the part hidden between the labia majora, and in some women, this is seen to protrude. On the other hand, labia majora are the skin folds that make lateral longitudinal borders. Labia majora makes the folds covering the labia minora, urethra, vulva vestibule, clitoris, skene’s glands, Bartholin’s glands, and the opening of the vagina. 

How does the labia majora develop from

The female external genital and vulva start to develop while the baby is still in the womb of a mother. The development again achieves acceleration during puberty when the reproductive organs of females are exposed to their hormones, such as estrogen and when there is the appearance of the secondary sexual characters. 

Tightening of Labia Majora Naturally

People who want to tighten thier vagina for sexual pleasure. It is believed that your vagina can lose its elasticity and may get loosened all your life. The tightness of the vagina while sex depends on the pelvic floor muscles and the sexual arousals. The contraction or relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles is determined by the sexual arousals during sexual intercourse. 

It is important to keep your vagina healthy because it is the key to pelvic health. Kegel exercises can be very beneficial is tightening your vagina naturally. Other than this, herbal remedies like soaking in baths of vinegar dissolved in water can help in tightening the vagina. Aloe vera gel diluted with water can be an effective remedy for vaginal tightening. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of labia majora?

The major function of labia majora is that its fleshy padded tissue helps in protecting the other genital organs.

What is the color of labia majora?

The color of labia differs, such as pink, brown, purplle, and black. It is normal to have a darker shade of the vagina compared to the rest of the skin. 

Why is my labia majora itchy?

The overgrowth of the yeast is the cause of labia majora itchiness, swelling, and burning. 

What can help stop feminine itching?

The application of coconut oil can help in providing relief from itching.

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