Knee arthroscopy is the technique that is used to diagnose the problem in the knee joint and treat it. This procedure is done by making a small incision, and a tiny camera is inserted. This small camera is called an arthroscope that is inserted into the knee. With the help of an arthroscope, the surgeon gets a view of the internal zone of the knee and further helps in recognizing the problem associated with it.

Knee problems and injuries that can be diagnosed with the help of arthroscopy are 

  1. 1. Torn meniscus (misaligned patella).
  2. 2. Torn anterior 
  3. 3. Dislocated patella
  4. 4. Fracture of the bone of the knee
  5. 5. Torn Cartilage
  6. 6. Removal of the Baker’s cyst
  7. 7. Swollen synovium

When should I go for a Knee Arthroscopy?

If you are experiencing severe knee pain, you can go for knee arthroscopy. Knee arthroscopy helps in diagnosing the root problem or cause of the pain in the knee. Doctors use the medical technique of knee arthroscopy to detect the exact reason for the knee pain.

How does the procedure of knee arthroscopy take place?

The process of arthroscopy takes place in the following steps. 

  1. 1. The application of anesthesia over the affected area. Depending upon the need, the anesthesia used can be local, regional or general as prescribed by the surgeon.
  2. 2. Then a small incision/cut is made by the surgeon. Saltwater is then pumped into it, which helps in the expansion of the knee, which helps the surgeon to give a better view.
  3. 3. The arthroscope is then inserted into the incision of the knee, which gives the internal images to the surgeon.
  4. 4. After locating the issue, the doctor can insert a small tool that helps in the correction of the problem in the knee.
  5. 5. The saline water is drained out of the incision and further closed by the stitches.
  6. 6. It is advisable to regularly change the dressing and keep it dry for better and faster recovery.

What are the risks associated with knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy helps in detecting and diagnosing the cause of the problem of pain in the knee & later correcting the same. However, there are some problems associated with knee arthroscopy. Some of them are

  1. 1. One can see the problem of bleeding in the knee joint.
  2. 2. Blood clots can be formed in the leg.
  3. 3. The risk of infection can also be increased
  4. 4. You can feel the stiffness in the knee.
  5. 5. Injury to the parts of the knee like cartilage, nerves, blood vessels etc.

Frequently Asked Question

What is knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is the diagnosis and correction of pain in the knee. It can be done with the help of an arthroscope. A small incision is made in the knee, and a tiny machine is inserted in it that helps in locating the problem.

How long does it take to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery?

Knee arthroscopic surgery usually takes less than one hour. The surgery is not very invasive, and the person can recover the same day after the surgery. But the recovery can vary on different factors like age group, incision recovery etc.

How painful is knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is not very painful as it is done under the application of anesthesia by experts. However one can feel the pain after the surgery, but it is generally not very severe.

Is arthroscopy of knee major surgery?

No, knee arthroscopy is not a very invasive surgery, and a person can recover from the surgery within the same day.

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