Looking for a kidney stone operation cost estimation? Worried that the unknown burden of the cost may create obstacles while planning for an urgent kidney stone surgery? 

Look no further and worry no more. We have come to help you plan your surgery with full confidence. 

Kidney Stone Operation Cost 

Our estimation of kidney stone surgery cost differ according to various states but comes within one ideal budget. Let’s look closer into the minimum, average, and maximum costs that are given below. 

Kidney Stone Operation Cost in India 

India has been showing increasing cases of kidney stones. So, the number of surgery cases is rising too. This means more person requires to prepare for the surgery cost. 

The sudden preparation for surgery cost can be troublesome. Therefore, it is essential to beforehand learn the estimation of kidney stone surgery cost in India. 

Kidney stone surgery cost in India  Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum cost
Kidney Stone Operation Cost in Delhi Rs 40,000 Rs 70,000 Rs 1, 20,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Mumbai Rs 50,000 Rs 1, 00, 000 Rs 1, 50,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Pune Rs 36,000 Rs 80,000 Rs 1, 10,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Patna Rs 30,000 Rs 65,000 Rs 90,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Bangalore Rs 40,000 Rs 80,000 Rs 1, 10,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Chandigarh Rs 32,000 Rs 72,000 Rs 1, 02,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Hyderabad Rs 40,000 Rs 85,000 Rs 1, 15,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Bhubaneswar Rs 30,000 Rs 75,000 Rs 1, 05,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Chennai Rs 40,000 Rs 85,000 Rs 1, 15,000
Kidney Stone Operation Cost in Indore Rs 35,000 Rs 80,000 Rs 1, 05,000
Kidney Stone Operation Cost in Bangalore Rs 40,000 Rs 80,000 Rs 1, 00,000
Kidney Stone Operation Costs in Mysore Rs 30,000 Rs 60,000 Rs 90,000
Kidney Stone Operation Cost in Ahmedabad Rs 40,000 Rs 75,000 Rs 1, 05,000
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Why does the kidney stone operation cost vary for different patients? 

Kidney stone operation cost has different cost-associated factors which, when combined forms the final surgery cost. These different factors include the following costs. 

  • 1. Doctor fees
  • 2. Hospital fees
  • 3. Operation fees 
  • 4. Type of surgery
  • 5. The severity of the case 
  • 6. Other medical support 
  • 7. Location of kidney stones 
  • 8. Size of the kidney stone 


After looking at the cost chart and factors that differ in the cost for each individual. The estimation is here. Now, the complete decision of planning for the surgery is in hands of the patient. 

For this same, we ensure that you cannot find any better surgeon than the ones available in Glamyo Health. One of the leading and perfect surgery providers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the operation for kidney stones?

The kidney stone operation cost estimation starts from 40,000 Rs and can cost up to 1, 20,000 Rs. In most cases, this cost estimation is a general expectation. 

Further, the cost may increase or decrease depending on different factors such as doctor’s fees, hospital fees, surgery costs, and so on. 

Q. Is a kidney stone operation serious?

Yes, kidney stone surgery is a major surgical procedure that is effective and needs to be done carefully. The surgery recovers the body from intensifying pain and eases the discomfort. 

This is normal to experience some complications but as a result, these are just temporary and can be prevented with proper post-surgery care and proper follow-up with the doctor. 

Q. Is surgery good for kidney stones?

Yes, many surgery options are available according to the variation in the type, size, and other factors of kidney stones. These surgical options are effective and most are of high success rate. 

Q. How many hours is kidney stone surgery? 

A kidney stone surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours. The surgery is done safely. The procedure includes a small incision, followed by the insertion of a tube inside to break the stones into small pieces which dissolve and flush out eventually. 

Q. Can a 7mm kidney stone dissolve? 

Yes, kidney stones of 7mm and above can be dissolved. These stones of 7mm are big and almost always require medical support and kidney stone surgery to break down stones into small pieces and smoothly dissolve them. 

Q. Is kidney stone surgery removal painful?

The kidney stone surgery removal process is a painless operation. The surgery is done under the complete observation of an experienced doctor and is safely performed. 

During the surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient which keeps the patient in an unconscious state during surgery and no pain is felt. 

Further, after surgery, it is normal to expect some amount of pain and discomfort which goes away with proper medications and rest.

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