The General hospital at kerala has set up a milk bank for the newborns, two years ago, which is found beneficial for the parents who opted surrogacy. The milk bank at the general hospital has turned out to be a reliable source for feeding babies born through surrogacy. 

Thomas, a parent of a surrogate child, carries an empty thermocol box on his way to the general hospital in Ernakulam, every week and carries three bottles of breast milk in that thermocol box for his surrogate newborn twins. 

According to the staff nurse at the breast milk bank of the hospital, the milk is collected from the mothers who come for deliveries at this hospital. They collect the milk only after taking the mother’s consent who is willing to donate. Prior to this, the doctors also check the health status of these mothers. It has become a reliable source of milk to the babies in need. However, their stock is not meeting the rising demand, as most mothers refuse to donate the milk.

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