This exercise is helpful for men also as it can help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of men, which support the bladder and bowel. It also treats erectile dysfunction and prevents premature ejaculation, and it targets the pelvic muscles, which are known as pubococcygeal muscles (pc).

Types of kegel Exercises for Men

  • 1. Standing
  • 2. On knees 
  • 3. Lying on back
  • 4. Lying on stomach

Kegel Exercises for Men Benefits

  • 1. Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • 2. Improve premature ejaculation.
  • 3. Boosts sexual stamina and controls the orgasm.
  • 4. Controls bladder leakage.
  • 5. Improve the prostrate health and reduce pain and swelling.
  • 6. Prevent prolapse of pelvic organs

Best Kegel Exercises for Men

best kegel exercises for men

  • 1. Basic kegel
  • 2. Standing kegel
  • 3. Heel raise kegel
  • 4. Squat kegel
  • 5. Jumping jack kegel
  • 6. Push up kegel
  • 7. Glute bridge kegel
  • 8. Slow kegel
  • 9. Fast kegel
  • 10. Lying on the back and stomach

How to do Kegel Exercises for Men

  • 1. Familiarize yourself with PC muscles and make sure that your bladder is empty before you start exercising. 
  • 2. Try to hold and release the muscles after 5 to 6 seconds and repeat.
  • 3. Have to focus only on tightening the pelvic floor muscles.
  • 4. Have to do it thrice a day.

Kegel Exercises for Men to Last Longer

It is a non-surgical solution to problems and helps to strengthen the weak pelvic floor muscles and helps men to boost their sexual performance and improve orgasms and give sexual satisfaction.

Kegel Exercises for Men Step-by-Step Guide

  • 1. Find the right muscles, and several techniques can be used to find the right muscles. Men have to pretend that they are trying to avoid passing gas and try to stop urinating.
  • 2. Try to release and contract the muscle for 2 to 5 seconds and repeat up to 10 times.
  • 3. Try to keep other muscles relaxed and avoid unwanted abdominal action.
  • 4. Try to increase the time of relaxing and contraction of muscles.
  • 5. Try to do 30-40 exercises every day and aim high.
  • 6. Make sure your bladder is empty.

Kegel Exercises for Men after Prostate Surgery

Walk for half an hour, and male kegel exercises are to be done 5 to 7 times at a time and 3 times a day and can be done anytime and anywhere. Breathe normally and take physical training. 

4 Risks Factors Of kegel Excercise

  • 1. Excess kegel exercise can weaken the pelvic floor muscles or cause damage to the bladder and kidney.
  • 2. Pain in the abdomen and back means you are not doing it correctly.
  • 3. Don’t do the exercise while urinating.
  • 4. It can cause muscle strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kegel exercises make guys last longer?

Yes, it has been seen that around 82% of men have increased their latency time after performing kegel exercises for 12 weeks.

How often should a man do Kegel exercises?

A man should perform kegel exercises 3 to 4 times a day.

Do Kegels make you harder?

It has been found that kegel exercises help improve your sexual experience in different ways because these exercises help in making your erection firmer.

What can I drink to the last longer in bed naturally?

Aloe vera juice, banana shake, watermelon juice, and pomegranate juice can help in increasing your sexual stamina. 

How do you know if you are doing Kegels correctly?

If you feel that the muscles of your belly are clenching, then you may not be squeezing in the right place.

Can you do Kegels while lying down?

Yes, these exercises can be done anytime, even while sitting or lying down. 

How long will it take to see results?

It usually takes a few months and weeks to show the results.

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