Itone Eye drop is an ayurvedic and herbal eye product that has a potent formulation and it is enriched with neem, tulsi, turmeric, honey, and many more herbal extracts. It helps in rejuvenating and promoting a clear vision of the eye while protecting it from pollution, allergies, and continuous strain.

Itone Eye Drop Uses

It is used in pink and red eyes, conjunctivitis, swollen eyelid bumps, stye and strain in eyes, itching and irritation in eyes, and in tired and dry, watery eyes.

Itone Eye Drops Dosage

You must use this eye drop as per the dosage mentioned on the label or as per the physician consultation.

  • 1. People with all age groups can use this eye drop.
  • 2. Store or keep it in a dry and cool place.
  • 3. Keep it away from children.
  • 4. Do not take an overdose of it.
  • 5. Make sure you use the eye drop within one month after opening it.
  • 6. Use it twice a day and before and after bedtime
  • 7. In some cases, it is used after 3 hours of intervals.

Benefits Of Itone Eye Drops

  • 1. It is free from chemicals and harmless.
  • 2. It helps in promoting comfort to the eyes and gives relief from dry, watery, and itchy eyes.
  • 3. It reduces the burning sensation in the eye and removes the contaminating and injurious particles from the eyes.
  • 4. It mainly helps in treating redness of eyes, pink eyes, conjunctivitis, and swelling of the eyes.
  • 5. It relaxes and soothes tired and watery eyes.
  • 6. It helps clear the vision and helps in relieving the continuous strain.

Side Effects Of Itone Eye Drops

  • 1. It is an ayurvedic product which means that it has less chance of negative effects.
  • 2. It has minor side effects, it started to vanish when it is adjusted to the body.
  • 3. If the side effects are not getting away, then consult your doctor.
  • 4. Pregnant ladies must consult a doctor.

Itone Eye Drops Composition

  • 1. It is mainly made up of herbs that are Nimba, Sobhanjana, Bhringaraj, Punamava, Nirgundi, Tulsi Patra, Satapatri, Yamani, Haritaki, Bibhaitaka, Dhatriphala, Haridra, Karpuram, Pudina Satwa, Madhu, Swet Chandan, Mukta, saindhava lavana, and with some preservatives i.e. PHENYL ETHYL ALCOHOL USP, BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE SOLUTION.
  • 2. Every herb has its unique properties like neem and rock salt help in relieving eye infections and turmeric has the properties of anti-healing and amla has the power of improving eyesight and clearing the vision and honey is good for vision. Pearl that is Mukta helps in improving skin complexion and the power of the eye.

How to Use Itone Eye Drops

  • 1. Pour the eye drop inside the lower eyelid of the eyes and wipe out the extra liquid.
  • 2. It should be used externally and keep the eye drop close to the eye and don’t touch the nib of it
  • 3. Always tighten the cap after use.
  • 4. Squeeze the dropper with gentle pressure.
  • 5. Close the lid after every use.

Itone Eye Drops Price

It contains 10 ml and the price of it is 60 rupees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Itone good for eyes?

Yes, it is good for the eyes as it is beneficial in rejuvenating and promoting a clear vision of the eye while protecting it from pollution, allergies, and continuous strain.

When should I use Itone eye drops?

It is recommended that you should use eye drops if you are having pink eyes, watery eyes, burning sensations, and other eye conditions. 

How many times Itone can be used?

You can use Itone eye drops twice a day. 

Which drops are best for eyesight?

Vuity eye drop is the best eye drop for people with blurry vision.

Is Itone antibacterial?

It has been found that Itone eye drops are very effective against bacterial infections and strains. 

Can eye drops remove spectacles?

Yes, it has been found that the use of eyedrops can help in removing reading eyeglasses. However, it is important to consult an eye doctor before making any decision.

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