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Are you suffering from pilonidal sinus and wondering if it is covered under mediclaim? So the answer is, yes, the treatment of pilonidal sinus through laser surgery is covered under both mediclaim and health insurance. The only difference is, while mediclaim is an all-inclusive policy that covers all the costs beyond hospitalization (OPD consultation, medical & blood tests, medications, hospitalization expenses. etc.), health insurance policies only cover the surgical expenses.

Types of Insurance Policies

pilonidal sinus insurance

Reimbursement: In this process, the patient needs to visit any of the hospitals and has to pay the full bill amount at discharge. Then, the patient needs to claim the amount from the insurance company. The insurance company reimburses the amount after 21 to 40 days.

However, this type of policy is mostly not preferred because there are three major disadvantages associated with the reimbursement process as listed below:

  1. Liquidity: Although the patient has already paid health insurance, he has to pay the entire hospital bill amount initially. There may be cases where the patient may not have the availability of funds and would have to liquefy the assets to pay the expenses.
  2. Claim: The patient has to track and collect all the bills and go through the hassles of query resolution. Until the patient files the claim, mostly he loses on a few bills or loses the tracks of multiple other expenses.
  3. Uncertainty: It takes around 21-40 days for the insurance company to disburse the claim amount. Also, the insurance company might reject a lot of bills which can result in less reimbursement amount than expected.

Cashless procedure without Glamyo Health: The cashless procedure with Glamyo Health is a long and tedious task that mostly delays the surgery to two days. The major challenges faced by patients without the involvement of Glamyo Health are bulletized below:

  1. Time Consuming: Usually, it takes more than a day to handle the insurance and hospitalization hassles. Therefore, even in the case of non-critical surgeries, the patient requires hospitalization of 3 or more days.
  2. Expensive: Without Glamyo Health, there is no one to monitor the expenses. Thus, the patient has to bear extra expenses associated with hospitalization.
  3. Hassle: Since the patient does not possess prior knowledge of the process, it becomes extremely tedious for the patient to undergo treatment and cope with the hospitalization hassles simultaneously.

Cashless procedure with Glamyo Health: The cashless procedure with Glamyo Health is one of the best because it covers all the expected expenses starting from admission to discharge.

  1. Dedicated insurance team: Glamyo Health fills the pre-auth form on the patient’s behalf and handles all the insurance-related hassles. Glamyo Health also takes initial approval for insurance claims as soon as the patient reaches the hospital.
  2. Query resolution: Glamyo Health assigns a care buddy who assists the patient and resolves all the queries associated with hospitalization. The care buddy acts as a liaison between the patient and the hospital, thus ensuring a smooth treatment process.
  3. Same-day surgery: Glamyo Health saves time, money, and effort for the patient. Mostly, the care buddy assigned by Glamyo Health speeds up the process, thus ensuring same-day surgery.

Other Advantaged of Glamyo Health

Glamyo Health provides all patients with sanitized, air-conditioned, private rooms at no extra cost. In the case of treatment of pilonidal sinus which is conducted using lasers; mostly this equipment is not covered under insurance. But Glamyo Health tries to waive off and reduce the laser charge so that the patient does not have to bear it. Apart from this, Glamyo Health handles the end-to-end treatment process along with its associated hassles. Not just that, a free pick-up and drop facility is provided to the hospital and back to home post-surgery


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