Is Lipoma on Head Dangerous – Are you one of those with Lipoma on the Head? Is it bothering you or affecting your health? Or you are just confused with an unwanted or unusual fatty lump growing on your scalp. Get all your doubts answered along with suitable treatment to get them removed. 

Thus, it is essential to understand what can be the potential cause of a person developing Lipoma and specifically developing on the scalp area. 

Causes of Lipoma On Head

Lipoma is an underlying condition of which the main cause is yet unidentified. But, few have stated that this condition can simply be a result of family history. 

A person who has anyone within their family with a Lipoma condition is more likely to get it themselves or another way a Lipoma can develop is due to some injury in the past. Following are the details of some potential ways Lipoma can occur.

  • 1. Inherited within the family 
  • 2. Madelung’s Disease
  • 3. Gardner Syndrome
  • 4. Dercum’s Ailment

Lipoma On Head Hurts

Lipomas are known to be rubbery and soft fatty lumps that don’t usually feel painful. They are harmless and painless bulges that form under the skin on any part of the body. 

They don’t mostly cause any physical problems, pain or hurt. A person can feel the presence of a lump but are not at any high risk.  Even if pain occurs, it appears rarely and can be reduced through treatment. 

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Lipoma On Head Removal

Lipomas are known to go away naturally without even giving it any attention or using ointments to remove the other removal procedure is surgery. 

Though, post-surgery, the person must have a hassle-free recovery. This includes resting well, eating healthy food, taking medications on time, going for follow-up checks ups and contacting the doctor at the time of emergency. 

Types Of Treatment 

A person can develop one, two or multiple Lipomas within different parts of their body. This condition has become common in people these days. Thus, medical researchers are continuously working toward finding the best possible cure. 

As of now, there are two major types of treatment available to treat Lipoma. One is the natural treatment and the other is the surgical treatment to remove Lipoma. 

Natural Treatment of Lipoma On Head

Firstly, the condition of Lipoma is believed to be cured naturally without any treatment or surgery required. Thus, the patient is suggested to not touch it repetitively. Instead, the best solution is to leave it alone. 

But, if it doesn’t shrink down on its own. It is a sign that removing such Lipoma surgery can be the only solution. 

Surgical Treatment Of Lipoma

There are some surgical treatments for lipoma, which are as follows. 

Surgical method

Through surgical. methods, most of the Lipomas are removed. One of the methods well known is minimal excision extraction. This technique has the potential to give fewer scars. 

Liposuction is A modern-day method used to cleanly and carefully remove the lumps through a syringe and a needle. 

Before Treatment

Before getting into a Lipoma on head removal done, the person upon consulting the doctor will be asked to undergo some general and mandatory tests for an accurate examination of the condition. A diagnosis includes the following steps. 

  • 1. A Physical examination of the affected area where the lump is found and is causing discomfort. This examination gives the outer condition of the lump which included, a change of colour, size of the lump and how it moves. 
  • 2. Next, is a Biopsy conducted which is sent to the lab for examination. This is the process of taking a tissue sample. 
  • 3. Finally, if required some x-ray or tests like CT scan or MRIs is conducted according to tot the requirement.

After Treatment 

After the completion of the treatment. The patient is asked to follow some recovery guidelines. 

  • 1. Taking regular sleep and complete rest for the initial days.
  • 2. Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 
  • 3. Taking proper follow-ups with the doctor.
  • 4. If experiencing any pain or discomfort, take proper medications.
  • 5. Protecting the affected area from any infection and injury.

Risk factors 

Certain risk factors can develop Lipoma without the person even noticing its formation. Taking action towards these within time can sometimes prevent it from occurring and in other cases help to reach the doctor for treatment within time.  

  • 1. Family history People with a family history of Lipoma condition are more at risk of taking it forward by knowingly or unknowingly developing it in themselves. 
  • 2. Grows in size Initially, if a person has lipoma it isn’t that big. But, if it has not received treatment within time, it can have the risk of growing up. 
  • 3. Becoming painful The most common risk of lumping the skin. It results in a risk of discomfort and pain. If ignored or not given proper medication to reduce the pain, it can develop as ailments like Lipoma. 
  • 4. Possibility of Recurring Usually, an ailment when treated doesn’t always have the risk of recurrence. But, lipomas have been known to have the possibility of recurring.  
  • 5. Past Injury As lipoma doesn’t have major causes of its own, it is believed that its risk of occurring is higher for a person who has been deeply affected by an injury.

When To See a Doctor

When a person starts to experience signs of developing one more multiple Lipomas, the doctor needs to be consulted for an accurate evaluation of the condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes a lipoma on your head?

Though, the main cause of Lipoma has been still unknown to the medical team. But, If experiencing Lipoma on the head, one of the most common reasons can be due to injury the head. As of now, Lipoma is considered a case of inheritance within the family. 

Q. How do you get rid of a lipoma on your head?

There are two significant methods to treat Lipoma through the surgical procedure. These are namely Liposuction and surgical removal. These both have been considered successful methods. 

Also, if looking forward to getting the surgery done for Lipoma, connect with Glamyo Health  Quick responses, supportive at every step, helps throughout the medical needs and keeps a check on the patient’s health. 

Q. Can you get a lipoma on your head?

Though, the occurrence of Lipoma on the head is a rare occurrence. But, it can sometimes develop on the head. This has been recently reported among youngsters and adults. The condition is known as rare benign tumours. 

Other areas affected by this lipoma condition type can be the face or the neck. Thus, surgery is advised for lipoma removal. 

Q. Can lipoma affect the brain?

Yes. At times, a lipoma can also affect the brain of a person. Lipoma does not always develop in one specific area. Instead, it can occur in multiple areas at the same time. The parts of the body other than the brain which is usually affected with Lipoma are the hands, legs, internal organs and muscles. 

Q. Can a lipoma burst? 

It is very essential to note that a Lipoma does not burst and a person should not try doing it by themselves. Rather, approach medical assistance in such a case. 

Upon consulting a doctor who has accurate knowledge about this ailment and can understand your situation, the proper diagnosis will be performed before getting to a conclusion. 

One such best place to reach out with your any to all medical needs is Glamyo Health. At present, Glamyo health care has already completed a good amount of successful Lipoma surgery.

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