Planning to get Lasik surgery done? Have doubts? Is LASIK surgery safe? Is it even worth it? Put all your doubts at ease. Here, all of these will be answered concerning that after reading this blog, you’re left with no doubts. 

Lasik surgery has provenly gained the title of being the best and fastest eye vision correcting surgery. It is a simple refractive surgery procedure that uses laser technology to initiate the correction of hyperopia, myopia as well as astigmatism.  

Is LASIK Surgery Safe? 

Now, the question remains if this surgery is effective and curable in terms of correcting eye vision. This can be answered in detail by understanding LASIK surgery with concern for its effect on eyes, patients with diabetes and the condition of astigmatism. 

Is LASIK surgery safe for the eyes?

Lasik surgery is a type of medical treatment that comes under the category of Ophthalmology and is majorly conducted to correct eye vision. Thus, it is an ideal treatment option for patients who have vision issues or want to get rid of their eyeglasses. 

It has been known for a long time now, that having a LASIK eye surgery is correct and safe. When it is done, it gives no mild or severe complications. In a day or two, the patient can return to their daily activities without hesitation. 


Is LASIK surgery safe for diabetics? 

Many have asked if getting LASIK surgery is safe for those with diabetic conditions. Well, the recent findings state that it is fully safe for patients with eye problems along with diabetics to get LASIK surgery done. 

But, an initial diagnosis is still conducted to ensure that the blood sugar level is balanced and due it has not yet caused any minor or major effect on the eyes. 

Is LASIK Surgery Safe for Astigmatism 

In the case of astigmatism, getting LASIK eye surgery is fully acceptable. But, with an assurance in advance that the condition of astigmatism comes within the treatment abilities of LASIK surgery. Also, the treatment is conducted after proper examination of its type affecting an individual case. 

Advantages of LASIK surgery

  • 1. Successfully corrects vision
  • 2. Gives very little to no pain 
  • 3. No cuts, stitches or bandages 
  • 4. Quick correction of the vision 
  • 5. Reduction in eyeglasses or even completely rid of it

Disadvantages of LASIK surgery

  • 1. Some can experience dry eyes
  • 2. Proper placement of the flap 
  • 3. Errors cannot be reversed 
  • 40. Not ideal for all eye vision patients

5 causes of LASIK surgery

The major causes of getting LASIK surgery in most cases involve these top 5 causes that are rather the final result as well as advantages of LASIK surgery.

  • 1. Lasik is chosen by those who are looking forward to having seamless travelling experiences 
  • 2. The number of people with power glasses is increasing day by day, but many wish to get rid of them. Thus, Lasik eye surgery lets a person get rid of contact lenses and vision-improving glasses 
  • 3. Sports and outdoor activities have become many people’s regular hobbies. So, through getting Lasik eye surgery, many aim to be able to enjoy physical activities, sports and outdoor activities even more. 
  • 4. Equally, LASIK eye surgery results in preventing and bringing a cure to any sort of corneal infection due to contact lens 
  • 5. When a person is experiencing Astigmatism, Lasik is one of the preferred options to correct it.

Is LASIK surgery dangerous?

Lasik surgery is one of the safest, smoothest and quickly done surgery. There are no such complications or dangers to worry about. But, sometimes, patients who got done with Lasik surgery might come up with eye glare problems which eventually get corrected. 

So, no such trouble the patient experiences before, during or after LASIK surgery including healing and complete recovery. 

Is LASIK surgery safe in India?

India has been continuously reporting many Lasik surgery cases that have resulted to be highly successful. This result depends on various factors such as getting the surgery done through an experienced doctor, getting proper consultation before the final decision and diagnosis done correctly

Is LASIK surgery safe long-term?

Yes. LASIK surgery being the safest eye surgery option is safe and secure. It gives no severe complications or troubles in the long run that will affect the daily life of a person. 

Rather, people who got LASIK eye surgery feel long-run safety from eye problems and are relaxed as through undergoing this surgery, one achieves long-term clear vision. 

When to see a doctor

If planning for Lasik eye surgery, you can reach out to a good eye surgeon for a successful surgery. For this, feel free to contact Glamyo Health. Also, Lasik’s recovery is faster than other surgical methods. Post LASIK eye surgery, it is advised that the patient schedule one or two follow-ups with the doctor.  

This follow-up will help the patient to have a regular update about the condition of their eye vision after Lasik surgery. Also, a patient is advised to reach out to a doctor immediately if experiencing any side effects or complications such as pain or if the vision isn’t fully corrected after surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the risks of doing Lasik?

Lasik surgery is popular and known to be the safest eye surgery option. The chances of complications or major risks occurring are very low and rare. 

But, some temporary side effects are normal to appear soon after the LASIK eye surgery is done. These side effects are generally either initial vision issues like glare or resulting dry eyes. Thus, post-surgery, taking regular follow-ups is essential. 

Q. Is Lasik completely safe?

By the medical experts and experienced doctors, it has been confirmed that Lasik eye surgery that is done under ophthalmology is safe and a secure correcting eye vision surgical method. 

In addition, this treatment is a fast and quick surgery that is done within 20-30 minutes. Thus, it is completely safe and almost all cases reported have been treated successfully. 

Q. What is the safest eye surgery?

Laser vision correction or LVC in its short form is known to be the safest treatment method when we talk about eye treatment. 

Most patients opt for Lasik surgery to get a clearer vision or simply to get rid of their eyeglasses. Also, it being a quick surgery procedure is more in demand, as it gives no pain and takes hardly half an hour. 

Q. Can Lasik surgery affect the brain?

Though, the accurate findings are still unknown. But, it has been said that Lasik eye surgery in some cases can alternate the brain activities, not whole but certain parts of the brain are affected. 

Usually, this effect results in positive changes in the visuals, as LASIK surgery wipes out the blurry vision and gives a clearer image in its place. 

Q. How long will Lasik last?

The time frame that a LASIK surgery takes place successfully, can last from anywhere between 10 years to 20 years or even more. Though this isn’t just calculated by itself but rather is focused according to various factors that work in keeping the eyes healthy and hydrated after surgery. 

Some of the common factors include the age of the patient, any medical history, medications the patient had been taking and most importantly post-surgery care followed by the patient. These collectively decide how long it can last. 

Q. What is the success rate of Lasik?

As the recent stats show, almost all the patients have come up with absolute satisfaction about their surgery. They have happily reported positive changes in their vision, complete clarity and safest experience. Thus, the success rate is around 90%-98% successful LASIK eye surgery.

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