Is it Common to Have Multiple Lipomas? Multiple Lipoma at the same time is possible. Are you among one those who are developing multiple Lipomas? Is your body reacting with a fatty lump at different sights? 

Here, let’s learn more broadly all about Lipoma that occurs in multiple numbers on the skin. 

Multiple Lipomas

Lipoma has become a common medical condition. Though, multiple lipomas at the same time in a patient are yet found in number. 

People can develop a lipoma at any part of the body and can develop multiple in numbers. Some common sights a lipoma is found are arms, legs, abdomen, neck and head.

Causes of Multiple Lipomas

The main cause that leads to the development of multiple Lipomas is yet unknown. Multiple Lipomas are considered a possible cause or effect of Dercum’s disease or inherited from the family. These two have been the only two causes detected for the result of multiple Lipomas. 

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How Common are Multiple Lipomas 

Lipoma in general, one or two in number is fairly common. It is said that every 1 person out of 100 people has the fair possibility of developing Lipoma. 

Multiple Lipomas at the same time are quite uncommon. People have recently been diagnosed with multiple lipomas, but the chances are less common. 

Thus, some sights of the body, lipoma as well as multiple lipomas are more frequently found in our legs, arms, abdomen or forehead. Multiple lipomas in the abdomen or Multiple lipomas in the forearm are the most frequently reported in people. 

The procedure of Multiple Lipomas Treatment 

Multiple Lipoma, just like single Lipoma can be effectively treated through these given possible treatment options. 

First, if the size of the multiple Lipoma is small and the condition can still be under control, natural ways can be tried out. 

Post diagnosis, the person, as prescribed by the doctor, if the lipomas are larger, can opt for Multiple lipomas treatment or the safest surgical procedure. 

Home Remedies for Multiple Lipomas

As a person prefers to opt for natural ways first. 

There is a well-known effective way which is by using Turmeric and neem oil or turmeric with flaxseed oil, making a proper ointment using it.

This paste will help in reducing the lipoma, it’s ingredients work towards reducing inflammation as well as healing the lump. 

Multiple lipomas radiology Multiple Number Lipoma diagnoses are the first step to getting clear with various features of the Lipoma formation in the body. 

Each individual can have a different size, shape and other features that may need separate treatment options. 

Thus, the diagnosis usually includes a physical test or examination of the Lipoma, biopsy or a sample test, imagining tests that can be MRI, X-ray or a CT scan. 

Multiple lipomas surgery There are two possible surgical options, both proven to be safe and secure. These are Surgical removal through making an incision and the modern method of Liposuction. 

Risk Factors 

Some urgent risk factors for people who have higher chances of developing Multiple Lipomas on the different parts of the body are 

  • 1. Genetics People with a familial history or anyone in the family already had Multiple Lipomas on their body have a higher possibility to get the same condition quicker. 
  • 2. Age factor Lipoma generally occurs in people 40 and more. Thus, multiple Lipomas, in the same way, are more likely to occur in adults.

Also, there is an added risk, though rarely or never occurs. People with already developed multiple Lipomas can experience these signs that can be risky if not taken proper action such as scarring, bruising, lump formation, recurrence or infected skin 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it common to have multiple lipomas?

In many common cases, one or two lipomas are more common, but in other cases, the possibility of multiple lipomas is also rising with time. 

These lipomas can be formed at any sight of the body. From head to toe, multiple lipomas at the same time can pop up. 

Q. Should I be worried about multiple lipomas?

The maximum a single or multiple Lipomas causes is pain or becomes annoying. No Lipoma as in normal cases has been more severe or caused any life-threatening complications. 

Also, not all Lipomas require medical assistance or treatment and usually, they go away naturally. So, in case of facing even slight complications in the affected area, get it checked and treated without a delay. 

Q. Why do I have so many lipomas?

The accurate main cause or causes of Lipoma as well as multiple Lipomas are unknown. 

But, medical research has stated that one of the factors causing Lipoma may be one or multiple, which can be due to family history. 

Q. What disease causes multiple lipomas?

Dercum’s disease has been accurately known as a painful cause of multiple Lipomas developing on different parts of the body. 

Another name given to it is Adiposis dolorosa resulting in causing fatty lumps everywhere around the body. 

Q. What is the treatment for multiple lipomas?

The best and the only possible treatment to get rid of multiple Lipomas is through multiple Lipoma excision. This treatment is done under the surgeon’s proper observation.

The excision process generally involves local anaesthesia, the minimum amount of cuts made, tunnelling and the final squeeze technique to remove the infected lump. 

Q. How do I know if my lipoma is cancerous?

The accurate way to know about a cancerous or danger-causing Lipoma is through Diagnosis and tests prescribed to the patient. 

The tests prescribed are generally the same but can sometimes differ with different locations of Lipoma and individual patient’s situations.

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