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Any male person looking for a way to get rid of their excess fat on the chest should opt for a permanent treatment with Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi. There are many options available to treat this condition with exercise and diet control, however, in many cases, this turns out to be ineffective. This is why health care experts recommend getting a Gynecomastia Surgery to experience the long term or permanent results. Is Gynecomastia Surgery Safe.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a male chest enlargement condition. It’s commonly known as “man boobs” or “man breasts.” It typically affects newborn male newborns, adolescent boys going through puberty, and older men. The appearance of the chest is altered by an increase in the size of breast gland tissues, which causes it to appear inflamed and puffy.

Gynecomastia can cause swelling in one or both breasts, and it might happen unevenly. In this case, a man’s chest may resemble that of a woman. Although both guys and females have breast tissues, they aren’t visible in males unless they have a condition like Gynecomastia, which causes their breast tissue to overdevelop and enlarge.

When dealing with Gynecomastia, a person may start to experience physical changes in their body as well as mental health traumas leading to self-consciousness and anxiety. 

There are a variety of reasons why a man may deal with this situation. Hormonal variations in the body are the most common cause. The expansion of male boobs may be caused by an increase in estrogen levels and a reduction in testosterone levels inside the male body.

Other common causes of Gynecomastia include obesity, which occurs when a person accumulates too much weight, causing oestrogen levels to rise, causing breast tissue to expand, side effects of medications; use of illegal drugs such as cannabis, anabolic steroids, and others, excessive alcohol use regularly, poor hygiene and a poor diet, and health disorders such as liver damage and kidney disease, Testicular issues, etc.

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What is Male Breast Reduction?

The most successful treatment for gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is male breast reduction. This cosmetic surgery technique gets rid of extra fat and glandular tissue from the chest to make it look flatter, firmer, and more masculine.

Some males have larger breasts as a result of heredity, the use of certain drugs, or other unexplained factors. It is expected that up to 50% of males will develop gynecomastia at some point in their lives. The condition of Gynecomastia can affect males at any age to some degree and extent, and male breast reduction can be done safely and effectively on both teenagers and adults.

Why choose Male Breast Reduction?

While reducing weight can help some men lessen the appearance of male breasts, there is often excess glandular tissue present, causing even the thinnest patients to notice enlarged breasts. Male breast reduction is currently the only effective gynecomastia treatment with long-term outcomes.  

Male breast reduction is a surgical option to explore if you are uncomfortable or self-conscious about the appearance of your chest. The technique, when performed by a trained cosmetic surgeon, provides remarkable, near-immediate results with minimal scarring.

Treatment of Gynecomastia Surgery

  • 1. Liposuction

Cosmetic surgeons can now use liposuction to treat a rising percentage of gynecomastia patients. This is thanks to advancements in liposuction technology, which have resulted in a wider range of less invasive procedures. This procedure is used to get rid of the fat from the chest and is effective in the case of pseudo gynecomastia.

Incisions may be done along the areola’s edge or within the armpit, depending on your medical need and your cosmetic surgeon’s chosen approach. Your cosmetic surgeon will use these incisions to suck out the extra fat deposits and sculpt a new chest along the way. 

  • 2. Mastectomy or Tissue Excision

To attain the best outcomes, more severe cases of gynecomastia may require surgical tissue excision. Patients with stretched, sagging skin around the breasts will almost always need this procedure. 

The incisions are often situated along the edge of the areola (peri-areolar incision) or within the natural creases of the chest, depending on the level of surgery required. A professional and qualified cosmetic surgeon would arrange incisions in such a way that the scars that result are as unobtrusive as possible.

What happens after Surgery?

After surgery you will be provided with a compression garment that helps in speeding up the healing process. However, you should keep in mind that the recovery time of each patient may differ from one another depending on various factors like the skill of the surgeon, how well the patient followed the post-surgical precautions recommended, etc. Most men feel ready to return to work within a few days after a male breast reduction, depending on their profession.

If you have gynecomastia, male breast reduction may be the best option for you to correct the problem and feel more confident in your look. Consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best approach to learn about your alternatives.

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