Eating Eggs during Piles isn’t bad. But, the more important focus should be the quantity of egg that the patient intakes. The ideal amount recommended by the doctor is 1-2 Eggs each day (Is Egg Good for Piles), which is, it is alright if a person intakes a moderate amount of Eggs. 

Here, let’s put these questions into consideration and learn: Having eggs during Piles, What do Eggs do for those who intake them during Piles? and some quick advantages as well as disadvantages of having eggs during Piles.

Having Eggs during Piles

Piles are a very common ailment these days. The number of people developing this condition is quickly rising. This isn’t alone due to age factors or other noteworthy factors. 

Sometimes, it can simply be due to a lack of awareness in people regarding what to eat and what not to eat. 

Eggs for Piles: Good or Bad 

The question that eggs are good or bad completely depends from person to person. If a person has Piles and has limited daily consumption of eggs, they are beneficial. Whereas, its excessive consumption can lead to worsening the condition of hemorrhoids. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of eating eggs with Piles 


  • 1. Helps in getting rid of constipation 
  • 2. Brings relief from other abdomen issues 
  • 3. Consists of fats and proteins 
  • 4. Results in smooth bowel movement 
  • 5. Boiled eggs are better


  • 1. An excessive amount of Eggs are harmful 
  • 2. Cea causes cholesterol and other digestive problems 
  • 3. Intaking more than 3 eggs in a day 
  • 4. Eggs that are spiced 

Other Food For Piles Patient 

Other than eggs in your diet here are a few of the best and worst foods to intake as well as avoid respectively. 

Some foods to intake Those patients with Piles can frequently intake healthy foods such as whole grains, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables as well as root vegetables, legumes, artichokes, bell pepper, and foods high in fibre. 

All these vastly help in bringing relief from constipation, various symptoms of Piles, and other digestive discomforts. 

Some foods to avoid are Foods that are low in fibre, fried foods, spicy foods, and processed and packed foods. These are some of the worst foods for patients with Piles and quickly trigger constipation that may lead to Piles.


Therefore, during the Piles condition, having high-fibre-based foods is the best to ease the discomfort caused due to chronic constipation, swollen veins, itchiness, redness, and continuous straining. Equally, ensure to avoid any foods that may worsen the condition. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are eggs good for constipation?

Eggs are”t the best source to gain relief from constipation. Especially if it is a chronic condition, eggs won’t completely work. 

Whereas, the best suppliers of high fibre are the perfect choice to ease constipation. These include healthy fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole-grain foods. 

Q. Can I drink milk in Piles? 

Foods and liquid items which contain low levels of fibre content are very unhealthy for the body. 

These items do not help improve the condition of Piles. Rather, it makes it much worse. These include dairy products such as milk. 

Q. What foods remove Piles?  

There are plenty of healthy options that help prevent as well as cure Piles. These are whole grains, root vegetables, fresh and citrus fruits, legumes, bell peppers, artichokes, stewed prunes, and healthy drinks. 

Q. Does boiled eggs lead to gas? 

Eggs are known to contain sulphur-packed methionine. Therefore, you should avoid eggs if you have digestive complications such as gastric or constipation. 

If having eggs gives a person a heavy, bloated stomach or gives wind, it might mean that the person is allergic or intolerant of it. Equally, other gastric-triggering foods must be avoided such as fatty meats or beans. 

Q. Is egg yolk good for piles? 

Piles patients must understand that items like Eggs can be taken in moderate amounts daily. Having more of it than quantity can lead to some complications. 

Q. How many eggs can you eat every day during Piles? 

The daily intake of eggs can be estimated at 1-2 eggs during Piles. Excessively eating anything, especially while diagnosed with any medical ailment such as Piles is harmful. 

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