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Looking for a painless way to get your teeth aligned? Find the most advanced and affordable Invisible Braces cost in Bangalore

You no longer have to deal with the pain and discomfort of braces, with the advanced technology of clear aligners it is now possible to get a set of aligned teeth and a beautiful smile the pain-free way.

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are painless, bracket and wire-free, cost-effective, comfortable to wear, invisible in appearance, has no food restrictions, use gentle force to bring teeth into position, custom made on an individual basis, easily removable, shoe quick results and are designed with latest 3D technology. 

Delivering smiles every day!

From the time you schedule an appointment with an at-home 3D scan, preparation of a personalised treatment plan, examining the scans, designing the clear aligners, delivering them at home, monitoring the progress pattern until you get the desired outcomes, and even assisting you with free follow-ups, our team of in house dental experts provide continual assistance to the patients. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how Glamyo Health’s in house specialists carry out the treatment plan in building trusts and creating beautiful smiles with at-home service.

Step 1: Schedule a Scan with Dental Specialists 

Looking for a painless technique to correct your crooked smile with a teeth-straightening solution? For a free consultation, pick up your phones, go to Glamyo Health Dental’s website and contact the health care specialists or dental counsellors. To get started with your transformation journey, book a free scan with Glamyo Health.

Step 2: Free scan at the comfort of your home

Our dental specialists will be at your door in no time after you make an appointment for an at-home free scan with us. We will scan the structure of your teeth using the most up-to-date 3D digital scanner technology or take impressions of your jaw. Photographs of your face and mouth will be captured so they can be assessed. 

During this session, you can discuss your queries and confusions to have an understanding of how the advanced technology of clear aligners work. You can also have a brief talk about your teeth aligning treatment plan.

Step 3: Custom-made Aligners made just for you 

Our team of skilled orthodontists have over ten years of expertise in the dentistry profession and work with great care and precision to build a 3D smile plan for you. They function by analysing the anatomy of your teeth and creating a custom-made aligner that properly fits you. They create the aligner with your medical and aesthetic needs in mind.

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Step 4: Ding-Dong! Who is at the door? Your Clear Aligners! 

After your personalised treatment plan is created and custom-made aligners are designed, they will be delivered to your door in a cute package in no time. With the innovative technology of Clear aligners, you can welcome your new smile buddy into your house and begin your smile makeover journey.

Step 5: Constant Monitoring of Smile Progress
After you begin your treatment with clear aligners and wear them as prescribed by the experts you will be assisted at every step of the process. The dental specialist will monitor your progress constantly and keep a close eye on your transformation as you gradually move towards a perfect smile. 

Step 6: Say Cheese!
If you follow the procedures as advised by the specialists you might begin to experience changes in your teeth structure over time. You might not see the changes right away but within 10-15 months you will see some significant changes in your smile. Just remember to have patience with yourself and trust in the process.

Start your teeth-straightening journey with us!

Glamyo Health is constantly working towards building healthy and beautiful smiles for people with world-class dental care. We provide you with a team of 200+ highly qualified Orthodontists with a combined experience of more than 10 years in the field of teeth alignment treatments. They have the most up-to-date technology and techniques to provide you with a high-quality dental experience you’ve never had before.

Cost of Clear Aligners

The cost of Invisible Braces Cost in Bangalore or Clear Aligners ranges from Rs. 50,000 for simple cases of teeth alignment to Rs, 70,000 for more complex cases of teeth alignment that require extra care and attention. Seems much? You can get discounts upto Rs. 10,000 if you book a treatment during the free-scan schedule at your home and enjoy the results for a lifetime. 

This cost can vary from one patient’s teeth alignment treatment to another as the clear aligners are designed in a personalised manner keeping in mind your medical and aesthetic requirements. Following are the common factors that affect the cost: 

  • Doctor’s consultation fee
  • The severity of your case
  • Treatment Duration 
  • Underlying Dental Health conditions
  • Extra Services 
  • Discounts or offers Availed 
  • Other

Check out Glamyo Health’s Dental Website to check on more exciting offers for Teeth Alignment Treatment with Clear Aligners.

Glamyo Health’s teeth straightening treatment is reasonable and may fit into anyone’s budget without causing financial hardship or burning a hole in their wallet. Pick up your phones and Book an appointment with Glamyo Health for a free scan session and get the desired smile you deserve!

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