India has 21% of the global cervical cancer cases, followed by China with 18%. More than half of the world’s cervical cancer cases are in Asia.

According to the 2020 estimates, there were more than 600,000 cases of cervical cancer across the world and 340,000 cervical cancer deaths. This condition has entered the public health problem in high-population countries like China, India, Indonesia, Russia, and Brazil. 

Research published in Lancet Journal says that 40 percent of total deaths from cervical cancer, India is responsible for 23 percent of the deaths.

The cervical cancer threshold set up by the World Health Organization will be crossed by the end of 2030 if cervical cancer-prone countries do not scale up the screening programs. In response to this, the Serum Institute of India has developed an indigenous vaccine to eliminate cervical cancer in India. 

India has been importing cervical cancer vaccines from foreign countries, but it won’t happen anymore because of the efforts of SII, says SII CEO Adar C Poonawalla.

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