Bharat Biotech’s iNCOVACC is India’s first intranasal vaccine to get approval from the Drugs Controller General of India for use against COVID. This vaccine will be available on the Cowin vaccination portal at ₹800 for private markets and ₹325 for govt. This vaccine targets the immune response at the site of infection (nasal mucosa) so as to block transmission and infection of COVID-19. 

Indian vaccine maker Bharat Biotech announced on Tuesday that the iNCOVACC vaccine would soon be available at private hospitals for ₹800 per dose, excluding taxes and other service charges.

Adults 18 years of age or above and those who have already taken Covishield, Covaxin, or any other Covid-19 vaccine are also eligible to take this booster dose. 

The iNCOVACC is developed to stimulate the broad immune responses in the body. It will help in neutralizing the IgGantibody, T cell responses, and mucosal IgA. It is a non-invasive vaccine that does not require needles for administration. 

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