Cataract Image on Clear Lens

Cataract Lens

Cataract is a clear lens getting opacified, thus obscuring the passage of light.

Cataract Image 2 – Normal Eye Vs Cataracts

Normal Eye vs Cataracts

Cataract Image 3  – Cataract Affecting all Age Groups

cataract in child

Cataracts are a significant cause of blindness around the world, affecting almost all age groups-infants, children, adults and older people (predominantly, the older people).

Cataract Image on 4th or 5th Grade

Cataract Grades

Disease progresses gradually leading to reduced visual acuity of lenses entirely in the 4th or 5th grade.

Cataract Image – Normal  Vs Ghosting, Starbust Halos

Normal vs Ghosting starburst

Glary halos and rainbows around headlights are indicative of cataract, physical finding in ophthalmic examination is an iris shadow and greyish lens

Catract Image – Treatment Via Refractive Glasses

Refractive Glasses for Cataract while Surgery Advice

Treatment is mainly via refractive glasses in earlier stages only, while surgery is advised in worsening cataract.

Cataract Image on Older Diabetic People

Cataract Treatment for Older Diabetic patients

New ventures towards cataract treatment to keep vision intact even after having diabetes or high blood pressure.

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