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You don’t need to empty your wallets to get a safe and secure treatment and surgery of Hyrdocele or Enlarged Scrotum. When you hear of Surgery, the very first thing hitting our mind is How much does hydrocele operation cost in India? But you don’t need to worry, Get in touch with a team of expert health care consultants and get the most affordable hydrocele operation cost in India only at Glamyo Healthcare.  

Suffering from hydrocele can be quite discomforting and irritating. The swelling and enlargement can quite be a matter of concern. It can create mental and physical turmoil for an individual. Hydrocele is more common in newborns, but it fades away on its own by the age of one without therapy. These are caused by a testicular injury or inflammation in adulthood. It can lead to serious consequences, such as infection or testicular cancer if left untreated for a long time. But you don’t have to let conditions like Hydrocele, keep you from feeling your best version of yourself.

You can pick from a team of 400+ competent, qualified doctors with 21+ years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

What is Hydrocele?

Hydrocele is Swelling or enlargement of the scrotum which happens when fluids or liquids collect in the thin sheath around testicles.

Symptoms of Hydrocele:

  • Painless Testicular enlargement
  • Mild testicular pain
  • Discomfort while sitting and performing daily tasks
  • Scrotum enlargement 

Causes of Hydrocele:

At the end of pregnancy, a male infant’s testicles drop from his abdomen into his scrotum. After the testicles have descended, the scrotum is a skin bag that houses them.

During development, each testicle has a naturally produced sac around it that gathers fluid. This sac generally closes during a baby’s first year of life, and the fluid inside is absorbed by the body. This, on the other hand, does not happen with babies with a hydrocele.

Hydroceles can also appear later in life, especially in males over 40. When the testicles’ descent channel isn’t entirely closed and fluid enters or the channel reopens, this occurs. As a result, fluid may flow from the abdomen into the scrotum. Hydroceles can also be caused by inflammation or injury in the scrotum or the channel. Inflammation can be caused by an infection (epididymitis) or another illness.


The only treatment available for Hydrocele is Surgery. Two types of surgery are done for Hydrocele. 

  1. Open Surgery
  2. Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is the best hydrocele treatment in Delhi. It is also suggested by experts and Doctors as it has a lot of benefits, Namely, 

  • No Cuts
  • No Stitches 
  • Painless procedure 
  • No Bleeding 
  • No risk of infection
  • Quick Recovery 
  • 1-day discharge 
  • Most Advanced Technology  
  • Cost-Efficient procedure 

Hydrocele Operation Cost in India

The average cost of Hydrocele treatment in India ranges from 30000 to 50000, depending on the patient’s age and condition, as well as the approach and equipment he chooses. It includes pre-surgery, operation, and post-surgery fees, as well as medical costs and childcare, among other things.

The price may vary from one person to the next for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Surgical Procedure
    • Anesthesia charges
    • Hospital’s or surgical institution’s costs
    • Equipment costs
    • Examinations by doctors
    • Surgical Methodology
    • After-surgery precautions
    • Prescriptions for medications
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Others.

So, if you’re concerned about penile difficulties or Hydrocele and want to get treated and surgeries are done, you can contact Glamyo Health’s health care advisors and schedule a surgery appointment in India with qualified doctors.

With their world-class services, Glamyo Health provides the best circumcision therapy in Delhi for their patients. It provides patients with convenient and affordable elective surgical services by utilizing the best skilled and experienced surgeons, cutting-edge technology, complete price transparency, no-cost financing options, and other administrative support at admission, discharge, and when choosing an insurance plan to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

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