Baldness oftens comes with age and should not be something to struggle within your head. It is a natural phenomenon and may happen to any individual. But, if you’re feeling stuck or ashamed due to this, we have good news for you.

Multiple methods are now available to slow the receding hairline. The following blog shares and addresses many of these ways to keep the hairline in control. Explore these ways and live a healthier and happier life.

Must try ways to control or slow down a receding hairline

People with early stage baldness such as men in their 30s are worried about its outlook and results of receding hairline or hair fall. Well, it isn’t something to be stressed about and now ways such as using specific shampoo, serum and medications can effectively provide a healthy volume of hairs.

Home Remedies

Best is to get your hairline in control through natural methods such as herbal products that consist of all vera, ginseng, Chinese hibiscus and more are wonderful sources of reducing hair loss and slow down receding hairline.

The best and the most effective way to make use of these herbs is to mix it with any carrier oil like castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil and apply directly to the scalp after every few days within regular intervals to see the results.

Diet changes

Make sure to add a high quantity of antioxidants, proteins, minerals and vitamins to have fuller and healthy hairs. Each one of the above have a significant role in making a better and healthier dietary choice.

Having antioxidants helps to fight with oxidative stress that is produced due to various factors such as pollution, smoking, sunlight or stress. These factors are often the main cause of damaging hair follicles and overall body.

Along with it, other items to add are almonds, cashews, omega fatty acids, berries, nuts, berries and leafy green foods. Overall, having a nutritious filled diet is the best way to control hair loas or other hair damage related issues. As much as it controls, it promises to improve hair growth.

Scalp massage

Using the fingertips of your hand, regular scalp massage is a hydrating way to improve blood flow throughout the head. Massaging your scalp benefits the hair follicles to grow more and faster hairs. A gentle massage can be done anytime and anywhere. The most preferred method this to massage your scalp while shampooing and while applying oil.

Medicated shampoo

Choose your shampoo wisely, many shampoos do contain harmful chemicals or added fragrances that damage the scalp at the root level. Most preferred shampoo options are those with a special ingredient called ketoconazole that helps boost hair growth and restore natural hair care.

Over the counter Medications

Various medications are available for the best results to help in slowing down receding hairlines. Most common are rogaine or minoxidil for tropical use only at the bedtime.

Essential oils

Different natural essential oils are specially prepared for the effective growth and regrowth of hairs. Peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil. But, it is to note that essential oils are never to be applied directly, rather mix it with some proportion of a carrier oil.

Hair Transplant

For this, a certified dermatologist needs to be consulted. The process of hair transplant is simple, hairs from the back are extracted and implanted to the front areas to fill the empty spaces. Hair transplant may seem little expensive but the results are amazing and it is a long term solution.

Laser Transplant

It is a remarkable way to signal your cells to resume the hair growth process. Under this, safe laser beams or laser therapy is used in a painless and non-invasive method. Though, to see the results patience is must.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I regrow my receding hairline?

Use some of the medications and medical treatments to slow the receding hairline and bring faster regrowth results that includes Essential oils, Anthrains, Minoxidil, Hair transplants and laser therapy.

Why is my hairline receding at 17?

This is often looked at as a case of male pattern baldness which develops due to a mix of hormones and genetics. Hair loss appears generally as a result of quick fluctuations of hormones in adolescence.

How do I fix my forehead hairline?

Multiple ways can be used to fix your forehead hairline and boost overall hair growth. These are as follows:

  • 1. Bring healthy changes to diet
  • 2. Hair transplant or hair therapy
  • 3. Change to a more suitable shampoo
  • 4. Herbal care
  • 5. Use essential oils along with a carrier oil

Is the receding hairline permanent?

This depends on the reason that causes receding hairline. Reasons such as genetic condition or early age male pattern baldness, natural growth of hair on the scalp is not possible. But, hair treatments such as hair transplant and laser therapy are excellent ways to restore hair growth.

Is receding hairline genetic?

Due to certain male hormones, hair follicles may seem to become sensitive that causes a receding hairline due to it’s hereditary traits. The tract noticeable is that the hair loss timing is similar.

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