Are you currently dealing with hernia pain (How to Relieve Hernia Pain)? Need home remedies or natural ways to ease it? Try out these listed natural ways at home and get relief immediately.

What is Hernia Pain? 

Hernia pain is the situation when the hernia starts physically becoming discomforting. At the sight it is developing, it feels discomfort and sensation. 

The pain can be mild to severe, completely depending on the type of hernia and its severity. This condition commonly occurs in both males and females. Though, the type of hernia or the area of the hernia might differ. 

What are the Home Remedies to Ease Hernia Pain?

One of the most commonly found symptoms in both genders is pain and discomfort. Thus, to ease this try any of the given remedies at home and feel the improvement.  

Hernia Pain Relievers 

Avoid Straining

Overexertion, regularly lifting ng heavy objects or doing exercises can cause the body to develop medical complications such as Hermia. 

No matter if a person has already been affected with a hernia or is on the verge of getting affected with it, doing heavy weight lifting can cause damage to the abdomen and the whole body.  


Hernia, as we are aware, occurs due to weakened abdominal muscles. Thus, Yoga supports and brings abdomen muscle strength and absolute relief. 

Yoga, which includes light exercises, asana, pranayama and meditation is safe and beneficial. 

Also, at the same time, make sure to avoid practising any yoga poses that can put pressure on the abdomen and further cause more severe complications. 

Smaller Bites

Most common hernia type generally develops in the abdomen area. 

So, when it comes to the intestine, simply taking light meals and smaller bite-sized meals can keep the digestive system functioning properly. 

This will ensure no overeating, frequent meals or eating in a hurry is completely avoided. 

High Fibre Diet

Hernia, as we know, is caused majorly due to the excessive straining that a person does frequently. 

So, following a high-fibre diet is the best possible natural way to ease the intestine and any pain that occurs due to a bloated or constipated abdomen. 

Ice Pack

Healing, using an ice pack is considered the quickest way to heal and bring relief to the person dealing with a hernia condition. Thus, the only take is to use it within proper intervals to receive its full benefits. 

Balancing Body Weight

A person having an imbalanced weight has a higher risk of facing physical hernia pain and discomfort. 

To lessen or get rid of the hernia as well as the pain it’s triggered, make sure to maintain an ideal balanced body weight. 

The Habit of Daily Walks

The routine of daily going for 10-15 walking helps in proper movement of the whole body. It releases the body from any pain and brings a complete balance. 

Comfortable Clothes

That is, tight-fitted clothes can result in cutting off the blood circulation properly and for hernia patients, this can lead to strangulation of the hernia and even become more painful. 

So, to release any pain you are already feeling, to prevent it from becoming strangulated and simply to receive proper blood flow in the body, wear loose and comfortable clothes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the fastest way to relieve hernia pain? 

When experiencing sudden hernia pain in the groin or abdomen area. One of the quickest ways to ease the pain is to use an ice pack. Apply it to the area where the hernia is developing and where you’re feeling pain.  

It is easy to access and starts to work immediately to reduce inflammation, pain or any kind of discomfort. 

Q. What triggers hernia pain the most? 

Hernia pain is generally triggered due to people who regularly do weight lifting activities, those with chronic constipation, chronic coughing and weakened abdominal muscles. 

Q. Down hernia pain come and go? 

Yes, in some of the cases of patients with a hernia, a sliding hernia can come in and go away naturally. Also, there are hernia cases where hernia just appears during some activities. 

A hernia does not always come with many symptoms and if it is at an initial stage of growth, it can be pushed in. 

Q. What does her pain feel like? 

When the hernia develops, usually in the abdomen or groin, it starts to cause physical pain due to the straining or excessive pressure. 

When a hernia hurts, it gives an aching sensation, itchiness, irritation, mild to severe pain and discomfort. All or any of these can be felt at a time and it is felt in or around the location where the hernia is growing. 

Q. Where do you feel pain with a hernia? 

A hernia is usually found in the abdomen, around the abdomen wall and the groin area. Thus, excessive pressure or straining due to coughing, bowel movement or weight lifting can have a direct impact on these parts and cause a hernia. 

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