Male breast reduction is known as Gynecomastia surgery. This is the surgical removal of enlarged and extra breast size  in men. Gynecomastia surgery helps in removing men’s breast size and also helps in enhancing their chest contouring. Breasts may become sag and the areola (the area around the nipple little dark in color) may get stretched due to the weight of extra breast tissue. In these situations, the areola’s position and size can be adjusted surgically, and any extra skin may be removed.

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

It has evident that men also have breasts and even milk ducts. Among the majority of men, the breast tissue does not grow as it develops in women because of the high level of testosterone during puberty. There are different medical reasons which may lead to breast enlargement in men such as gynecomastia, which can result in sensitive breasts and even enlarged breast tissue. This problem is generally brought on by a problem with testosterone, which causes the body to produce more estrogen.

Moreover, when you are having this condition then it means that your pectoral muscles are just under the fat layer. So, you can get rid of man boobs by losing overall body fat and gaining good muscles. You can try to develop the muscles in particular places of the body, but you cannot specifically target fat removal in one area of the body. Engaging in regular cardiovascular activity can help you lose weight. Consider engaging in exercises like cycling, swimming, or walking. You must follow the following three exercises which majorly target chest fat.  

1. Pec deck machine 

2. Barbell bench press

3. Bent-forward cable crossovers

All these above ways can help you in losing chest fat which can further help in reducing or decreasing man boobs.

Man boobs removal surgery 

Male breast reduction is a very effective surgery for treating gynecomastia or the condition of enlarged breasts. This is a cosmetic surgery that helps in removing glandular tissue and extra fat for restoring a firmer, flatter, and masculine chest. 

You can undergo breast reduction surgery at any age but this surgery is recommended when your breasts are fully developed. Furthermore, General anesthesia is used during outpatient gynecomastia surgery. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, the treatment often takes an hour or two to complete. Many men only require chest liposuction, which is done with minimal incisions, to achieve good results. If breast tissue needs to be removed, a small, semicircular incision will need to be made in the areola which may leave your skin with little scarring. If there will be a need to remove more fat tissue then more incisions will be made to remove any excess skin if necessary.

Furthermore, when non-surgical methods do not work properly then the need for gynecomastia surgery arises to address the condition properly. It has been seen that this surgery can give help you treat this condition permanently. The following are some surgical techniques for male breast reduction. 

1. Incisional technique – this technique or procedure is used for fat removal and breast tissue. 

2. Liposuction – this procedure is used for extra fat removal.

3. Extended incisional technique – this is used for fat, breast tissue, and skin removal.

Non-surgical Treatments for Men Boobs

The gynecomastia surgery gives you specific, immediate, and permanent removal of excess fat and helps in improving your appearance. Furthermore, you can also try some non-surgical methods of male breast reduction which are the following.

1. Dieting and exercising 

2. Losing weight

3. Reducing alcohol intake 

4. Abstaining from the use of drugs and steroids.

5. Getting hormone treatments.

The above treatments have some potential effects such as hormone balancing treatments might reduce the appearance of male breasts since hormonal imbalances frequently cause their growth. Similarly, stopping gynecomastia triggers like steroids, narcotics, and excessive alcohol intake can get rid of the condition’s root cause. Male breast size may be affected by body fat reduction, which can be achieved through weight loss, dieting, and exercise. Some gynecomastia sufferers who use these non-surgical procedures might achieve the desired results.

What Men Need To Know About – Man Boobs

First of all, you need to know about gynecomastia. This is a condition of enlarged breast size and extra chest fat. Male reduction or gynecomastia surgery can help in removing man boobs permanently. Though having this surgery will be your decision but it is recommended to undergo this surgery when other measures and treatments don’t work. 

You need to know about the causes of gynecomastia so that you can decide whether it can be treated with non-surgical treatments or you will have to undergo man boobs removal surgery because understanding this condition can help understand the major cause and determine which treatment will be better suitable for you. The following are the major causes of gynecomastia. 

1. Hormone imbalance 

2. Health issues 

3. Certain drugs and treatments

Man Boobs Removal Side Effect

There are various risks and side effects associated with man boobs removal surgery which are the following.

1. Bleeding (hematoma)

2. Anesthesia risks 

3. Breast asymmetry

4. Blood clots

5. Infection  

6. Chances of recurrence

7. Unwanted scars 

8. Fluid accumulation 

9. Breast shape irregularities and contour 

10. Damage to deeper structures like blood vessels, nerves, lungs, and muscles. This may occur temporarily and may be permanent. 

11. Reaction to glues, suture material, tapes, topical preparations, and injected medications.

12. Persistent pain 

There are various risks and you consult these things with your doctor. If you have any queries regarding this treatment or if you want to undergo this surgery then you must consult Glamyo Health as we provide a free consultation to our patients.

Exercises for reducing man boobs 

Men may face gynecomastia due to medications, hormonal changes, medications, or because of medical conditions. However, most of the time men face this condition because of excessive fat disposition on their chest which can be removed through exercising or having a balanced diet. Here are some exercises which can help in reducing chest fat.

1. Dumbbell bench press 

2. Push-ups 

3. Goblet squat

4. Mountain climbers

5. Pull-ups

6. Burpees

7. Chest dips 

All these exercises can help in reducing man boobs, but it is necessary for you to start these exercises slowly. Then try to increase the exercise gradually for long-term consistency. However, if you are having gynecomastia then you must consult your doctor. You can connect with Glmayo Health for personalized care, free consultancy, no-cost EMI, and after-surgery follow-ups. 

Food To Avoid for Man Boobs removal

Foods high in estrogen might influence your hormone levels, perhaps increasing the effects of gynecomastia. As a result, you should stay away from the foods listed below to prevent for ensuring that your testosterone levels are not getting negatively affected.

Soy – has a high level of phytoestrogen content and the consumption of soy may develop or lead to make some changes in your body’s estrogen. 

Flax seeds – these seeds are also rich in soy and so it contains a high level of phytoestrogen. Whereas it is found to be beneficial for women, it should be avoided by men for preventing gynecomastia.

Dairy milk – Cow’s milk contains estrogen which is also found in the human body. As a result, drinking dairy milk will cause you to consume more estrogen. Dairy milk has no testosterone since milking cows is feminine. Dairy is presumed to be responsible for 60–80% of consumed female hormones.

Beer – it has been seen that alcohol decreases the level of testosterone and consuming beer may increase the chances of gynecomastia. 

Why Choose Glamyo Health for Man Boobs Removal Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery can help in reducing man boobs and it is also beneficial in contouring the chest. If you want to get this done, then you must consult Glamyo Health, India’s favorite healthcare provider. We provide no-cost EMI or zero interest option which can help in easing the surgery. Furthermore, we have expert surgeons, the most advanced treatment, free follow-ups, permanent outcomes, fast recovery, no recurrence, and personalized experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What diet gets rid of man boobs?

You can include almonds, brown rice, avocados, eggs, figs, oysters, and salmon in your diet as it will help in reducing man boobs.

What foods cause male breasts?

Soy, beer, dairy products, processed foods, and more can lead to cause male breasts.

How can a man lose his breasts?

Aerobic exercises can help in losing chest fat as it is beneficial in increasing metabolism which further helps in reducing the overall fat of the body.

Can Man’s breast go away?

Yes, the male breast is not a serious condition. You can get rid of it by taking medications or can go for surgery if you want to have permanent results.

Can you reduce male breast size without surgery?

Dieting, exercising, and weight loss can help in reducing your overall fat, this may also reduce the size of man boobs.

Do chest workouts reduce man boobs?

Yes, chest exercises or workouts can be beneficial for reducing man boobs.

Can Liposuction Reduce My Chest Fat?

If the major cause is extra fat, then liposuction can be beneficial for removing excess fat which will further remove all the feminine appearance of the chest. 

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