Know the principle of weight gain

Weight gain occurs on a simple principle: when energy intake is increased, then the expenditure of energy leads to gaining weight. 

Major causes of gaining weight and obesity include 

  • 1. Genetic factors
  • 2. Behavioural factors
  • 3. Environmental factors

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Various ways to lose weight without exercises

Behavioural modifications

According to various studies, there has been established evidence that changing certain behaviours help manage weight. Behavioural strategies aiming to control weight gain include:

  • 1. Increasing physical activity
  • 2. Reducing caloric intake 
  • 3. Altering habitual eating schedule
  • 4. Intake of low-calorie diets
  • 5. medical nutrition therapy
  • 6. Nutrition education
  • 7. Monitoring eating habits
  • 8. Evaluating pharmacological agents that promote weight gain
  • 9. Social support for weight loss


  • 1. Dietary intake must be self-monitored by an individual to develop accountability. 
  • 2. Patients or individuals aiming to lose weight should maintain a food diary for the daily record. This record maintenance would enable a person to know what kind of food and the amount of food has been eaten.
  • 3. Self-monitoring allows an individual to take immediate steps towards reduction of food intake and aim toward weight loss.
  • 4. Food diaries help individuals identify various personal and environmental factors contributing to overeating.
  • They will help in implementing appropriate strategies for weight-loss 
  • 5. Self-monitoring help evaluate the techniques that are suitable for weight loss. 

Other techniques to lose weight without exercises

  • 1. Strive to eat only scheduled meals
  • 2. Avoid getting involved in other activities while eating
  • 3. Having the meals lunch, dinner or breakfasts only at a particular place without roaming around 
  • 4. Try leaving the dining table as soon as possible after meals
  • 5. Shopping from a specific list
  • 6. Try to go on shopping after the meal (with a full stomach)
  • 7. Restructuring dysfunctional beliefs on weight gain
  • 8. Restructure or modify the environment with underactivity
  • 9. Leave the environment that facilitates overeating (like eating stores and movie theatres).
  • 10. Prioritize foods such as 
  • 11. Fruits and vegetables
  • 12. Nonfat dairy products
  • Foods with low calories and more nutritional value.
  • Go for dining facilities having appealing foods and give enough time to eat a wholesome meal rather than a bag of chips 
  • Do not grab a candy bar or a soda for a meal from instant sources like vending machines

Never overlook these eating habits that lead to weight gain:

  1. 1. Having few or no homemade meals
  2. 2. Eating high-fat and more calorie food
  3. 3. Eating snacks from vending machines or shops
  4. 4. Insufficient time for preparing healthier meals.
  5. 5. Consuming meals most of the time at restaurants or buffets

Simple alternatives to modify the eating environment

  • 1. Preparing hygienic meals at home 
  • 2. Carrying bag lunches
  • 3. Learning the amount of fat in the restaurant dishes 
  • 4. Eliminating the habit of smoking
  • 5. Decreasing alcohol consumption

Physical Activity Environment 

  • 1. Improvising indoor walking 
  • 2. Lunchtime aerobics classes 
  • 3. Safe sidewalks and nearby parks
  • 4. Alternative to transportation to and from work (bicycling or walking if possible)
  • 5. Establishment of “automobiles-free” zones

Nutrition Education to lose weight

  • 1. Nutrition professionals provide basic information to help in making knowledgeable choices of food.
  • 2. Nutritional counselling and managing dietary trends on the current task of losing and managing weight loss 
  • 3. Nutritional education provides a scientific foundation to enable individuals to make proper decisions in estimating the number of calories in foods and cooking methods.
  • 4. Nutrition programs on health promotion, sports nutrition, and nutrition for lactating and pregnant women.
  • 5. Explaining the triangle of balanced diet and energy balance to manage weight in a practical and accessible way

How to Burn Belly Fat

Intra-abdominal fat is the most harmful and causative agent of metabolic diseases, including; 

  • 1. Diabetes with insulin resistance
  • 2. Hypertension
  • 3. Myocardial infarction 

To burn Belly Fat (in men)

  • 1. Eating a healthy diet: Focusing on fruits, vegetables, other plant-based foods, and whole grains would help lose belly fat. 
  • 2. Choosing lean protein sources like fish and other dairy products with low fat.
  • 3. Consuming limited quantities of saturated fat like butter and cheese. 
  • Avoid consumption of excessive quantities of processed meats.
  • 4. Balanced PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids)and MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids)must be taken into the diet. 
  • 5. Try to inculcate fish, nuts and vegetable oils in the diet.
  • 6. Portion sizes must be checked and followed strictly. 
  • 7. Calories eventually add up even after making healthy food choices. Therefore, it becomes necessary to cut down the portion sizes.
  • 8. It is important to share meals while dining in restaurants or feel free to take some of the food homes.
  • 9. Try replacing certain beverages that have artificial sweeteners with better fruit juices. 
  • 10. Prioritize drinking a lot of water
  • 11. Include some physical activity in the daily routine, even if an individual has a desk job. 

For today’s healthy adults, it has been recommended that they do mild aerobic activities, brisk walking regularly or atleast an hour a day or for two days. Some people may choose vigorous aerobic exercises like running.

To Lose Belly Fat (In Women)

Most of the health tips to lose weight for women remain the same as that for men. Few changes can be due to the food choices that women have differing from men. Another reason for some changes for the women who stays at home more often. 

It is advisable to use some device to record the daily steps to prevent gaining weight and remain on track. Some research studies have found that taking a minimum of 15,000 steps a day helps a person prevent weight regain. 

How To Lose Face Fat?

  • 1. Facial exercises help improve the facial look or desired appearance. It will also help improve the strength of facial muscles and combat ageing. 
  • 2. Performing cardio exercises with a wiser choice of mild or high intensity. According to research studies, it has been observed that appropriate intensity of cardio workouts helps in burning sufficient amounts of fat. Generally, a slimming effect can be observed on facial appearance.
  • 3. Facial exercises help strengthen and tone the muscles for a firmer facial appearance. 
  • Drinking water has been seen to increase lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process of breaking down the stored fatty acids in adipose tissues.
  • 4. Keeping limits on alcohol consumption: Excess intake of alcohol leads to increased dehydration, eventually increasing water retention. Water retentionin the face gives a bloated or puffy appearance. Binge drinking poses the greatest risk for such facial looks and weight gain.
  • 5. Cutting refined carbohydrate diet: Processed foods mostly contain refined carbohydratesthat are the main cause of obesity. Therefore, it is very important to minimize the easily available consumption of refined carbohydrates.
  • 6. Getting enough sleep and that too in an appropriate position: Getting less sleep with face down will exacerbate the puffy appearance of the face. Sodium intake must be decreased as increased sodium would require more water retention.

How to Lose Weight at Home Without Exercise 

In order to lose weight at home, certain important strategies need to be applied wisely:

  • 1. Being patient with the slow process of weight loss is very important
  • 2. A common strategy is to play with the plates or plate size and the meal portion taken on a plate. Smaller plates must be chosen for lunch and dinner meals instead of large dining plates 
  • 3. Try to decrease the meal portions while dining at restaurants
  • 4. Eating without any social distractions is very important to lose weight at home. This can be done by switching off the TV or phone, which can distract a person from recording the amount of meal taken.
  • 5. Therefore, it is necessary to eat mindfully by slowly chewing and focusing on eating rather than doing something else while having meals.
  • 6. Give priority to fibre-rich food:
  1. 1. Vegetables like Beans and Broccoli. 
  2. 2. Fruits like Pears and Raspberries.

6 Weight Lose Tips 

1. Do not ever skip a good and healthy breakfast:

Skipping the first meal of the day that is breakfast, will prevent essential nutrients, and the person will eventually end up snacking unhealthy food rest of the day because of hunger

2. Eat regular healthy meals

Regular meals during the entire day, along with day-to-day activities, will allow burning calories faster. It prevents the rise in temptations to snack on unhealthy foods with higher sugar and fat content. 

3. Eat a plot of fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables have low fat and calories and fat. These are fibre rich and have plenty of essential vitamins and micro-nutrients the body needs.

4. Make a habit of reading food labels

Reading food labels help people choose better and healthier foods. The label also has calorie information on the food packets to calculate the calorie intake from every food consumed.

5. Never strictly ban any food

It is advisable from many experts that banning foods people like to eat usually makes people crave them more. Having food that an individual likes occasionally will not make it gain weight until it is eaten in proper quantities.

6. Avoid temptations and prevent stocking junk online 

Junk food stocking online will increase the temptation to eat them more often. Junk like cakes, chocolate, drinks, sweets, and biscuits. Instead of choosing unhealthy snacks, eat healthy fruits, fruit juices, rice cakes or oat cakes, and popcorn.

Green Tea Lose Weight Without Excercise 

According to research studies, green tea has been used to lose weight and maintain weight. Green tea content like catechins and caffeine are responsible for increasing the metabolism of the body. Increased body metabolism will lead to weight loss in obese individuals.

Can I lose weight without doing exercises?

Yes, overweight individuals may lose weight without doing intense exercises by just increasing physical activities and restricting dietary intake to proper meals. Intake of lesser calories and prioritizing burning of accumulated fats to meet their daily needs will help obese people to lose weight with time.

How can a lazy person lose weight?

  • 1. Reduce the meal portions
  • 2. Try eating mindfully 
  • 3. Snack on healthy nuts instead of junk food
  • 4. Eat more pulses that are protein-rich
  • 5. Have water or soup before meals 
  • 6. Keep salad with meals essentially
  • 7. Try fasting a few days in a month
  • 8. Opt for healthy drinks 
  • 9. Have green tea

Will I lose weight by eating only once a day?

No, it won’t be possible to lose weight suddenly by cutting down to one meal from three meals. This is not a wiser decision, as it will eventually lead to more hunger and increased cravings. Rather, it is better to reduce the amount of food taken in a meal slowly. Munching on something that wouldn’t add fats or excess calories, like vegetable salad, in meals would be a better option.

Can Drinking More Water Help Lose Weight?

Yes, it has been seen in various research studies that water helps individuals that are obese to lose weight. It has many roles in weight loss strategy:

  • More water suppresses the appetite
  • Water also boosts metabolism
  • Water help individuals remain hydrated and active in physical activities

Thus, more water intake would contribute to losing weight

6 foods that help in burning belly fat

High protein foods

1. Eggs

2. Fishes

3. Seafood 

4. Legumes

5. Nuts

6. Meat

  • Dairy products 
  • Fibre-rich foods

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