How to live a long life

Everyone wants his life to be long.  According to the World Life Expectancy, the average age of men in India is 69.5 years and that of women is 72.2 years.  There are about 50 such diseases including heart related diseases, lung disease, stroke, diabetes, which can be the cause of death at an early age.  Science believes that if someone consumes good things then his life can increase and if someone consumes unhealthy things then his life can also be reduced.  If you also want that you have a long life, then read this article till the end.

Age can be reduced by eating these things

 According to the report of The Telegraph, experts from the University of Michigan did research to know about some food items and their effects on health. Researchers have found that there are some things that increase your lifespan by a few minutes, while consuming some things reduce your life by a few minutes. For example, if someone consumes one serving of nuts, his life may increase by 26 minutes, but if someone eats one serving of hot-dog, his life is reduced by 36 minutes. Apart from this, peanut butter and jam sandwich can increase anyone’s age by half an hour.

Research done on 6 thousand food items

 According to this study published in the journal Nature Food, this study was based on the good quality of life of the person. In the study, scientists examined about 6 thousand different things (breakfast, lunch and drink). They found that if a person who eats processed meat, he can add 48 extra minutes to his life per day.

Life is shorter by eating these things

 According to The Telegraph, the things that can shorten a person’s life are these.

1-  Hot dog : shortens life by 36 minutes

Hot dog : shortens life by 36 minutes

2.  Processed meat (bacon): Reduces 26 minutes of life


3.  Cheesy Burger: Ages less than 8.8 minutes

cheese burger

4. Soft drinks: shortens life by 12.4 minutes

soft drinks

5.  Pizza: Ages less than 7.8 minutes


Age increases by eating these things

 Just as eating some things shortens the age, in the same way eating some things can also increase the age.

1.  Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich: Increases lifespan by 33.1 minutes

peanut butter

2. Baked salmon fish: 13.5 minutes of aging

salmon fish

3. Banana: 13.5 minutes of age increases

bannana- age increase food

4. Tomatoes: 3.8 minutes to age


 5. Avocado: Increases lifespan by 1.5 minutes

avocado - age increase food

Change in diet to keep human health right

 The purpose of this study was to look at the effect of food on human health and the environment. Expert said that a lot of nutrition is found in salmon fish, one serving of which can increase the life of 16 minutes. Professor Olivier Joliet, who was involved in the research team, said, “The results that have come out of the research will help people to improve their health and the environment. People should also change their diet to improve human health and the environment.” should.”

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