The major fact about hair growth is that you are born with hair follicles between 80,000 to 120,000 over your scalp. It is common to lose around 100 hairs everyday. However, genetics plays a very major role in maintaining your hair growth. Let’s know the tips that can help in How to Grow Hair Faster. 

  • 1. Take a properly balanced diet with an adequate amount of protein.
  • 2. Use caffeine-infused products.
  • 3. Use essential oils like pumpkin seed oil and castor oil.
  • 4. Take natural supplements to boost hair growth.
  • 5. Take scalp massage.
  • 6. Avoid hair from heat and excessive heat styling.
  • 7. Avoid the use of hair color.
  • 8. Apply antioxidants to the scalp.
  • 9. Trim the hair regularly.
  • 10. Reduce stress.
  • 11. Try an egg yolk mask on the scalp.
  • 12. Sleep on a silk/ satin pillowcase.
  • 13. Use keratin-based products.
  • 14. Don’t do over-shampooing.
  • 15. Use rice water for better growth.
  • 16. Comb your regularly and gently. .
  • 17. Meet the experts for hair treatment.

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Massage your scalp with warm oil

Coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and various oils are used for hair growth. Massage your scalp with your fingertips in a slow and circular motion. Make sure to massage your hair for atleast 3 minutes. 

Use Necessary Hair Mask

You can use natural oil masks and various types of masks of egg, amla, and aloe vera to make your hair follicles grow faster. Apply it twice a week for ten minutes.

Use Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Essential oils like castor oil and pumpkin seed oils are known for their beneficial effects on hair, and they will help in hair growth. Massage the head with oil and leave it overnight so that scalp absorbs the oil, and wash and condition the hair in the morning.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar on your Scalp

It is useful in removing dirt, grime, and the particles of products that are used in hair styling. Apply it to the head with water.

Take necessary Vitamins and Nutrients

Omega-3, zinc, biotin, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin D can be taken for faster hair growth.

Use hair products of your hair type

Use products that are safe for your hair type.

Hair Growth Tips For Men

  • 1. Take plenty of sleep.
  • 2. Eliminate stress with exercise.
  • 3. Quit smoking
  • 4. Do a scalp massage.
  • 5. Take natural supplements and vitamins.
  • 6. Use good haircare products.
  • 7. Prevent male pattern baldness.
  • 8. Take a healthy diet with an adequate amount of protein.
  • 9. Do an oil massage.
  • 10. Drink plenty of water.

Hair Growth Tips For Women

  • 1. Do an oil massage.
  • 2. Take frequent trims.
  • 3. Don’t do over-washing of hair.
  • 4. Choose natural hair over blonde hair.
  • 5. Use onion and caffeine-infused products,
  • 6. Use fermented rice water.
  • 7. Take a proper diet with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and proteins.
  • 8. Use hair masks like egg yolk, amla, Shikakai, etc.
  • 9. Brush gently while detangling the hair.
  • 10. Avoid excessive use of heat appliances.

Baby Hair Growth hair tips

  • 1. Use coconut oil for massaging the scalp.
  • 2. Comb baby’s scalp.
  • 3. Wash baby’s hair with shampoo regularly.
  • 4. Apply baby hair conditioner.
  • 5. Use a soft towel.
  • 6. Brush gently.
  • 7. Give proper diet to baby and essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • 8. Mix gelatin with apple cider vinegar with honey and apply to baby’s scalp.
  • 9. Don’t make hair ties on the baby’s head.
  • 10. Give proper haircuts to the baby.

Home remedies For Hair Growth

  • 1. Use onion juice and oil for hair growth.
  • 2. Use Coconut oil and milk.
  • 3. Use Apple cider vinegar.
  • 4. Use various types of hair masks like egg yolk, fenugreek, etc.
  • 5. Ginger can be used to promote better hair growth.
  • 6. Apply green tea to the scalp.
  • 7. Aloe vera and honey are useful in promoting better hair growth.

Hair Growth Treatments

  • 1. Hair transplant – It is an expensive treatment as it needs surgery and has two procedures that are follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. , But it includes some risks also like scarring and infections.
  • 2. Laser treatment – It is done to reduce the inflammation in follicles and prevent hair loss. Low laser therapy can help increase hair growth.
  • 3. Medications – some medications can be taken for better hair growth, i.e., minoxidil, which has a foam-like texture. Finasteride (propecia, proscar) it’s a pill. Have to take at least one year to see the results.  

8 Diet Tips to Grow Hair Naturally

  • 1. Fatty fish, flax seeds, and walnuts contain omega-3 acids.
  • 2. Eat citrus fruits like orange, bell peppers, and fresh lemon as they contain vitamin-c.
  • 3. Eat vegetables, lentils, and almonds that contain protein and biotin.
  • 4. Include Eggs, milk, paneer, yogurt, and cheese in the diet as it contains protein.
  • 5. Eat meat, poultry, and green leafy vegetables as it contains iron.
  • 6. B12, b6, and folates include in your diet and can be found in rajma, beans, and whole grains.
  • 7. Eat grains, legumes, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, as it contains zinc.
  • 8. Soybeans have spermidine compounds and promote hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some basic hair growth tips?

You should start having a healthy diet ful of nutrients and should avoid your hair from heat and harmful chemicals as it may help in boosting your hair growth. 

Do home remedies help in hair growth?

Yes, home remedies can be beneficial for boosting hair growth, such as rosemary oil helps stimulate hair growth. 

How do I reduce hair loss problems and increase hair growth?

You should have an enriched diet with protein, keep yourself hydrated, use herbal hair products, and massage your hair with essential oils to enhance hair growth.

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