How to Get Rid of Dandruff – Dandruff is the white, dry, flaky skin that you may see on your scalp. When you brush it off, you may see tiny white particles falling out on your shoulders, or you might find it on your collar. It might be embarrassing for you, and sometimes feel itchy. It is not harmful or contagious or a very serious condition as it is very common to everyone. Let’s know about the causes of both these issues.  

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Cause of Dandruff and Hair fall

Both these issues can be caused by several conditions, like

  • 1. Scalp psoriasis
  • 2. Ringworm
  • 3. Folliculitis decalvans
  • 4. Lichen planopilaris

Prevention Tips

To reduce hair loss, you must first alleviate the itchiness from your scalp that is affecting your hair follicles, and you must do so by taking preventive measures such as

Get a diagnosis: As we all want to know the exact reason, you may get it from a certified dermatologist who will tell you the reason for dandruff. It is due to dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, Malassezia, or contact dermatitis.

Can Saw Palmetto Help with Hair Loss?

Saw palmetto is a herbal remedy with small berries discovered by Native Americans in the United States as it helps to prevent hair loss. It has anti-inflammatory effects on the body that give protection from hair loss.

Yes, it is effective in preventing hair loss to some extent, as this medicine is also used for some other diseases like bladder infections, prostate cancer, etc.

Natural Remedies for Treating Hair Loss

The following are some remedies can prevent hair loss like

  • 1. Tea tree oil can be beneficial for controlling hair fall because it has anti-fungal properties & anti-inflammatory that will prevent dandruff and hair loss.
  • 2. Aloe vera-It has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes your scalp.
  • 3. Apple cider vinegar: It will aid in the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp, the fight against infections, and the maintenance of the scalp’s pH level.

Prevention of Hair loss due to Dandruff

To prevent hair loss from dandruff, you need to take certain precautions, like

Use a Medicated Shampoo

Always use a shampoo that is a combination of pyrinthione zinc, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide. In some mild cases, you need to use medicated shampoo for a few weeks, and for light-coloured hair, try to avoid selenium sulfide because it can cause discolouration.

Avoid using Irritating Hair Products

Many products, such as hair dye, contain ingredients that irritate the scalp. Natural or artificial fragrances, bleach, detergents, and formaldehyde contain irritating ingredients that could be the cause of contact dermatitis.

Some people use the same product for so many years without noticing any reaction or any problem, but it can also cause dandruff.

Learn to Manage Stress

You can lower your stress by doing relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation, or by walking around the block, or practising breathing exercises. Stress is not the direct cause of dandruff, but it can have an impact on the immune system, weaken the system, make the scalp sensitive, and can lead to Malassezia fungus.

Add Moisture

After using medicated shampoo, especially when you are using a shampoo that contains salicylic acid regularly, it makes the scalp’s skin dry. Then you need to use conditioner to add moisture to the scalp and also use coconut oil for massaging the scalp to hydrate the scalp.   

Hair fall due to Dandruff Growing Back

Yes, hair will grow back if we take good care of our hair, take a properly balanced diet, and use the right hair care products. This will help with hair growth. When the problem of dandruff has gone, then hair fall will be reduced, and the lost hair will grow back. 

How to Reduce Dandruff? 

We can get rid of dandruff and hair fall by doing this like

  • 1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo that makes the scalp clean and helps to prevent the hair or scalp from any kind of infection. It also makes the hair longer and shiner.
  • 2. You need to avoid combing your wet hair because it may harm your hair.
  • 3. Massage your hair as it strengthens hair and gives many benefits to your scalp.
  • 4. Quit smoking and drinking as it lowers the blood circulation in the body and causes unnatural hair fall.
  • 5. You should drink plenty of water because your body requires 6-8 glasses of water per day. You can also drink healthy homemade fruit juices to stay hydrated.

Is dandruff a sign of Male Pattern Baldness?

No, both are different, as thinning of hair or hair loss are related to hair, and dandruff is related to the skin of the scalp, where you find tiny white particles on the scalp. While treating the problem of hair loss, men worsen the condition of dandruff.

When you stop washing your hair because of hair fall while showering, it is the main cause of dandruff.

Effective shampoo for Controlling Dandruff and Hair Fall 

There are many shampoos available that treat dandruff as well as hair loss. Some of the shampoos are

  • 1. Scalpe Plus anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • 2. Selsun Shampoo
  • 3. Sebamed anti-dandruff shampoo
  • 4. Indulekha Bhringa hair cleanser shampoo.
  • 5. Kesh King anti-hair fall shampoo.
  • 6. Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo.
  • 7. Dove dandruff care shampoo.

Is Dandruff the Reason for Hair Fall?

Dandruff can be the one of the reasons for hair fall. When we itch our scalp due to dandruff, then it may impact some of our hair follicles and cause hair fall of about 50-100 strands per day, which is normal.

Severe dandruff can cause hair loss and also worsen the condition of hair and make hair fall into androgenetic alopecia—it is a condition of pattern baldness in males and females alike.

Are hair loss and dandruff linked? 

The answer is no, as there is no link between hair loss and dandruff. It can cause some hair fall to some extent, but it is normal.

Is Dandruff a Cause Hair loss?

No, dandruff does’t lead to hair loss, but it may promote hair fall to some extent, but that does not lead to hair fall or complete hair loss.

Severe dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are the main reasons for hair fall. It is an inflammatory skin condition that causes intense itching on the scalp and causes harm to the hair follicles. The individual starts scratching the scalp, and it causes hair loss.


Hair fall is one of the most common issues faced by most people in the world. Moreover, dandruff is another embarrassing issue for people. The above-mentioned tips, home remedies, and prevention can help in reducing hair fall and dandruff. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I stop my dandruff?

Regular cleansing with shampoo can help in reducing skin cells and oil that have to build up.  

Is dandruff a fungus?

Dandruff may have various causes involving oily skin and irritated skin. 

How can you tell if you have dandruff?

The symptoms and signs of dandruff may involve skin flakes on your hair, scalp, moustache, shoulders, and eyebrows. 

What does a lot of dandruff mean?

A lot of dandruff may have various causes, such as oily and irritated skin. 

How many times should I wash or shampoo my hair with dandruff? 

It is advisable to wash your hair regularly and swap in the anti-dandruff shampoo two times a week.

How long can dandruff last?

Dandruff may last upto a few weeks. So whenever you are trying remedies for stopping dandruff, then don’t jump to any conclusion in the first week. 

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