What is an Erect Penis?

A penis is erect when it has attained its entire length on complete stretching. The size of the erect penis differs from that of a flaccid one. An erect penis is firm and entirely engorged with blood. 

How Erectile Dysfunction Occurs

Various factors that lead to ED (Erectile dysfunction)

Diabetes – Peripheral neuropathy is seen in diabetic patients due to severe hardening of blood vessels, mainly arteries in the penis.

Depression – depression mainly causes psychological illness directly proportional to ED (Erectile dysfunction). Certain anti-depression medications also cause ED.

Neurologic causes – nerve-related issues arising from nerve damage or spinal cord injuries may lead to ED. 

Drug-induced Erectile Dysfunction – drugs or medications taken for depression, blood pressure, cancer, chemotherapy and other diseases cause ED.

Hormone-induced Erectile Dysfunction – specific hormonal imbalance mainly in the hormone prolactin, thyroid hormone and some other steroid hormones lead to ED.  

What Makes a Penis Erect?

  • 1. Sexual arousal 
  • 2. Hormonal fluctuations (mainly testosterone levels)
  • 3. Physical stimulation
  • 4. Psychological stimulation
  • 5. Spontaneous erection in adolescence

Causes of an Erect Penis

Penis erection occurs when nerve impulses are stimulated from local nerves and the brain. The impulses cause relaxation of penile muscles called corpora cavernosa, allowing blood to flow into open spaces.  

Ways to get a Hard Erection

Lifestyle changes
  • 1. Including mild exercise regularly in the daily schedule positively impacts erection.
  • 2. Exercises also enhance blood flow in the entire body, including the penis.
Dietary changes
  • 1. Healthy diet for a healthy penis
  • 2. A diet full of fruits and vegetables
  • 3. Legumes 
  • 4. Whole grains
  • 5. Olive oil
  • 6. Seafood intake, like fish
  • 7. Avoid excess alcohol intake
  • 8. Appropriate dairy intake
  • 9. Reduce excess sugar intake (for example, chocolates and candies)
  • 10. Avoid excess fast food
  • 11. Avoid food with high content of unhealthy fats
  • 12. Try not to have foods with a lot of sodium content

Communication with partner – Sexual experiences must be enhanced by having a good talk with the partner. Relieve the anxiety and unhappiness by interacting with your sex partner

Sleep and rest–  Taking proper rest and sleep balances the sleep-wake cycle, eventually maintaining the hormonal levels. Hormonal balance affects sexual functioning, mainly testosterone levels.

What is the age at which erection starts?

Erection starts as the penis ultimately develops in length and girth. The entire penis grows by the age of 12 to 16 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many times a man gets hard in a day?

A man with normal penile functioning can have approximately 10-12 erections per day. The number of erections is more during the night while a person is asleep. The number of penile erections may vary from person to person according to age, lifestyle, and hormonal levels. 

Is it reasonable to be erect?

Penile erection is a natural phenomenon and is part of the sexual ability of a man. A good erect penis signifies the individual’s health and normal body functioning. It eventually allows good penetrative sex. 

Why do men go erect?

Men go erect as part of having a healthy reproductive system in the body. The erection may occur due to physical stimulation or psychological stimulation. Nocturnal erection indicates adequate blood flow in the circulatory system, especially the penis. Men eventually erect to ejaculate, a reflex action under the control of the CNS (Central Nervous System).

What makes a person erect quickly?

For a person to get erection quickly

A healthy body with healthy cardiovascular system help in the erection process. Easy penis erection for appropriate time with full satisfactory sex is directly related to the vascular system’s health. 

  • 1. A happening foreplay
  • 2. Adequate exercise
  • 3. Sexual arousal – physically or psychologically

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