The piles of the rectum and the anus are swollen and inflamed veins that cause pain and bleeding. It is known as haemorrhoids, too. It’s one of the most common health problems. Normally Piles disappear on their own without causing any symptoms. Thus, any type of cream, home remedies and medicinal products is sufficient to treat piles in the first stages of it. But in severe cases of piles surgery is the only option for removing piles. Although there are many causes for the formation of piles, the main cause is poor personal hygiene and constipation. So, try to have a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene to prevent piles.

Piles Cure in 30 Min

Do Home Remedies and Medicines Help to Cure Piles in 3 Days?

If you are diagnosed with Grade 1 and Grade 2 Piles by a professional and expert doctor of Piles, then you can use home remedies, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medicines, and pharmaceutical medicines to cure or to relieve the symptoms. But make sure to use it under doctors’ guidance. If you have Grade 3 and Grade 4 piles, then it will not be cured by these types of treatment, you should go for laser surgery or other types of surgeries recommended by your doctor.

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The best way to cure piles in 3 days permanently without any pain is to undergo laser surgery. Laser treatment for piles is a day-care procedure where the problem can be resolved in a few minutes. A few hours after surgery, the patient is able to go home in a healthy and conscious state. Laser surgery does not have any risk of infection. Laser treatment is pain-free and has a low recurrence rate.

Piles is Classified Into Four Grades:piles grades

Grade I: In the lining of the anus small inflammations are present. And cannot be seen by eyes.

Possible treatment option is Natural remedies, and some Lifestyle (diet) adjustments to cure Grade I piles.

Grade II: Grade II piles are larger than Grade I pile and they remain in the anus. They may be pushed out when the stool passes, but they’ll go back on its own.

Possible treatment options are Natural remedies and some Lifestyle (diet) changes to cure Grade II.

Grade III: These haemorrhoids are also known as prolapse and appear outside of the anus. The person may feel Piles hang from the rectum, but they can be reinserted easily.

Lifestyle adjustments (diets) can be made to minimise symptoms. And you can have rubber band ligation with sclerotherapy for grade III Piles treatment.

Grade IV: These cannot be pushed back and treatment is necessary. They are big and stay outside the anus.

Either sclerotherapy or hemorrhoidectomy may be the options for grade IV piles. In certain cases, sclerotherapy and hemorrhoidectomy combined procedures can be performed.

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Piles Prevention

You should make healthy habits to never get piles or cure the existing Grade I and Grade II piles. A healthy lifestyle and a high fibre rich diet can prevent future health issues. 

1. Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle changes can offer some advantages in the cure of haemorrhoids. It helps to prevent the further development of piles if we bring some basic changes to our daily life. Consider the following:

1.Take Adequate Water

Avoid sitting for long hours.

1. wear cotton garments.

2. Take less alcohol.

3. Exercise regularly

4. avoid junk and spicy food.

5. Avoid mental stress.

6. Avoid parties late at night.

2. High Fiber Food Intake Daily:

If you get constipation, eating a high fibre diet can be beneficial for you. The first and foremost step to prevent the pile from developing is to reduce constipation and strain during passing stool.

Fiber helps keep water in the stool and makes it soft enough to glide through the rectum smoothly.

Those with piles should therefore include the following food alternatively in their daily diet.

1. Fresh fruits like cherries, strawberries, and apricots.

2.  seeds and Leafy vegetables.

3. Colored vegetables. 

4. Whole grains like brown barley, rice, corn, oatmeal, etc.

5. Take psyllium husk for constipation prevention. This is a stool softening agent. Mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of this husk in the water and drink immediately before bedtime.

Home Remedies for Piles:

Some home remedies are available to cure piles without surgery. The remedies may decrease painful internal haemorrhoids effectively, but can also be harmful if they go wrong.

1. Sitz Bath

People who suffer from painful haemorrhoids are relieved by sitting several times a day in moderately warm water. 

 It relieves pain, itching and increases blood flow in the rectal region.

2. Caster Oil:

Castrol oil is antioxidant, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Thus, hemorroids pain and the swollen tissues can be reduced.

Every night, you can drink 3ml Castor oil.

3. Coconut Oil:

It has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects; therefore, when applied externally it relieves skin irritation and inflammation. Coconut oil may be used with other ingredients for the treatment of piles.

Coconut oil can be used as a cooking medium, or you can use mixture of one teaspoon of coconut oil with a half turmeric powder teaspoon topically on the inflamed rectum using a cotton ball.

You can have a bath with coconut oil too. Just add a half cup of coconut oil into one tub of warm water and use it for the bath. Warm water and cocoa oil help reduce the pile and alleviate pain.

4. Use Ice Pack:

A cool ice pack is comforting, because it provides immediate pain relief for piles.

For 10-15 minutes put the ice pack.

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Herbal Remedies for Piles

1. Use of Epsom Salt and Glycerine:

The Epsom salt and glycerine mixture can help patients with piles to reduce pain and bleeding. Epsom salt is an extremely healthy and crystalline chemical compound. Glycerine is also helpful for itching and minor bleeding. Use 2 glycerine tablespoons. Put it on your anus 20-25 minutes by using a cloth.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is said to provide immediate treatment for internal haemorrhoids and to decrease itching and pain in and around anus and anal opening. A doctor needs to be consulted about the amount of the apple cider vinegar to use because excessive amount of it can be harmful and can complicate the disease. It can cause itching and burn the skin of the effective area if used in excess amounts.

3. Triphala Churna:

Triphala Churna is the best home solution to make your bowel movement easy.

Three medicinal plants – Haritaki , Bhibitaki, Amalaki – are the powerful combination of triphala.

Every night, add 5 powdered Triphala grains of water.

4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is a natural antibacterial herb that helps to prevent infection and minor wounds. Mix Aloe vera gel with the soda and one tablespoon of olive oil, apply the gel using a cotton ball. Wash 20-25 minutes afterwards.

5. Neem

Neem is a good home-made remedy for piles, as well as for any skin-related problems like acne. It has antibacterial characteristics, which can be very comforting.

6. Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel is a powerful herb that reduces itching and infected hemorrhoid pain.

It is also known for providing a cure for haemorrhoids as the bleeding and pain in the anal region slows down.

Take the cotton and dab hazel on it. Repeat for two or three days. The dryness of the Anal region will be reduced.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities of tea tree oil help lessen swelling and irritation.  This is only useful for Grade one piles.


Grade I and grade II piles can be healed with home remedies and medicines but you should attempt to relieve them before your condition gets worse. Hemorrhoids can be treated with medication, but diet and lifestyle changes can prevent disease. So, you must know that you should have a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle.

But if you have Grade III or IV piles and you are looking for a permanent cure of piles in just 3 days, surgery is recommended. With advanced laser surgery, patients can easily Cure Piles in 3 days completely.

However, you always have to see a doctor if the symptoms of piles do not improve with the above-mentioned home remedies or if they continue to worsen. It is recommended to consult a doctor even before going to any home-made pile treatment.

Frequently Asked Question on Piles 

How to get instant relief from Piles?

1. Fill a bathtub with hot water and sit in it without touching the water. It reduces vein swelling and provides immediate relief from irritation or itching..

 2. Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturiser. Applying it near the anus provides relief from the pain of piles.

Can piles be cured in just three days?

Yes, piles can be cured in three days with advanced laser treatment for piles. The method has no risk and can cure piles in 3 days. Glamyo Health has expert surgeons and doctors to treat piles.

Can Piles be cured with medicine?

If the piles are of grade 1 or grade 2 ie small in size then they can be cured with medicines . Both oral and topical medicines are given. This is how piles are treated in the early stages.

What to drink in Piles?

Drink plenty of water, Apart from this the blood temperature also remains normal which is beneficial in piles. This ends constipation, which makes it easier to pass stool. Apart from water, you can also use some different beverages like cucumber juice, spinach juice etc. Consuming whole grains helps in preventing piles from growing.

What to avoid in Piles?

Piles patient should avoid these things in food and drink :
1.If you are a patient of piles , then you should avoid eating too much oily and spicy things . ,
2. Piles patient should not eat too much fast food. ,
3. If you have a problem with piles , avoid eating kidney beans and other pulses like lentils etc.

Can I eat rice in piles?

Piles Patient Should Avoid White Rice in Piles but Piles Patient can eat brown rice . By consuming these, the stool becomes soft and the pain during bowel movement decreases.

Can you drink milk in piles?

Milk should not be drunk in piles , but there are some products made from milk which can be eaten at the time of piles and can be helpful in relieving constipation . Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria , known as probiotics

Can piles cause death?

Hemorrhoids do not cause death. But they can cause pain and discomfort, which may require immediate medical care.

How to cure piles with hot water?

Hot water fomentation is a better way to avoid itching, burning and pain of piles . Soak a little alum in hot water . This helps in reducing irritation, swelling and pain in the anal area and improves anal circulation. 

How to sleep in piles?

Do not sleep on your back if your piles are more painful and abnormal because doing so could result in anal pain and bleeding. can sleep on their stomach. You can turn over or sleep on one side to alter your position.

What is the cost of Piles operation?

The cost of laser operation of piles comes between 15 thousand to 60 thousand .

What are the most effective home remedies for treating piles?

Some of the effective home remedies for treating piles include:

  • Soaking in warm water
  • Applying ice packs
  • Using witch hazel or aloe vera

One must not delay the treatment of piles if the symptoms are not getting relieved from home remedies. 

Is it safe to use over-the-counter creams or ointments for piles?

Yes, it is safe to use over-the-counter creams or ointments for treating piles but it is  important to follow the instructions carefully and avoid prolonged use. Also it is crucial to consult a physician before using them.

How does one prevent the recurrence of piles after treatment?

Here are few important expert advice to prevent the recurrence of piles after treatment:

  • Take a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid sitting for prolonged periods
  • Maintain good hygiene.

How long does it take for piles to heal on their own?

 Piles may take a few days to a few weeks to heal on its own. The duration for piles to heal on their own may vary depending on the severity of the condition

Are there any dietary changes that can help with curing piles?

Dietary changes that can help with curing piles include:

  • Increase fiber intake
  • Avoid spicy or greasy foods
  • Stay hydrated.

How can one tell if their piles have become infected?

There are few signs of infected piles like:

  • Fever
  • Severe pain
  • Abnormal discharge. 

It is advised to seek immediate medical attention if there are signs of infected piles.

Can taking hot baths or using sitz baths help with curing piles?

Yes, hot baths or sitz baths may help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by piles

Are there any herbal supplements that can be used to treat piles?

There are some herbal supplements like horse chestnut or butcher’s broom that can be used to treat piles, but it’s important to consult the doctor before using any herbal remedies.

Can exercise help to cure piles?

Yes, exercise can help with piles. Exercise allow improvement in bowel movements and reduces constipation.

What are the potential side effects of surgical treatments for piles?

Potential side effects of surgical treatments for piles are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Mild pain

How can one alleviate pain and discomfort caused by piles?

There are assured ways as advised by experts to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by piles, some  of them include:

  • Using ice packs
  • Sitz baths
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers

Is it safe to use essential oils for treating piles?

Yes, essential oils are considered safe and may be used for treating piles. It is important to dilute them properly and use them as recommended by the doctors.

What are the best ways to prevent the development of piles?

The best ways to prevent the development of piles include:

  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Avoiding constipation
  • Staying hydrated
  • Taking fiber rich diet
  • Regular exercising

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