Do you think it’s time to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist? One of the most important things you can do to support your overall dental health is to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

Dental cleaning should be included in an annual dental check-up, which should be done at least once, if not twice a year. Even if you believe your teeth are clean, a comprehensive examination by a dental professional is required to be certain, as the early stages of gum disease are often difficult to detect.

Importance of Teeth Cleaning 

Dental cleanings are important to a person’s oral hygiene as they ensure that the teeth and gums of patients remain healthy. They are an essential part of one’s general oral care practice since they help to eliminate plaque and tartar accumulation, which can lead to mouth problems such as tooth decay. There’s a relation between one’s dental health and one’s general health as well.

When a person’s teeth and gums are unhealthy, it’s probable that their poor oral health will lead to poor overall health, such as heart disease or diabetes. Cleanings can also assist to eliminate any ugly stains on the teeth, letting you show off your smile with pride.

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Regular inspections and cleanings provide numerous advantages. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help you avoid needing more complex and expensive dental care in the future. Touching base with your oral health practitioner also gives you the boost you need to eat healthier, brush more effectively, and floss more frequently.

Getting teeth cleaned at the dentist will greatly reduce the amount of plaque and calculus in your mouth, lowering your risk of cavities and gum disease.

How often should you visit the dentist?

It is dependent on the specific oral demands of each dental patient, as each patient is unique. Some people are simply more prone to dental problems, necessitating more frequent visits to a dental professional. Other people will have few dental issues, which means they will need to get their teeth cleaned less frequently.

According to standard guidelines, patients should have a professional dental cleaning every six months. While most people will benefit from this, some will need to come in every three months, while others will only need to come in every nine or twelve months.

What happens during Teeth Cleaning?

It helps to know what you’re getting yourself into to make teeth cleaning a little less daunting.

Examine your teeth: Your dental hygienist will do an examination first. Your hygienist will examine your teeth with a small mirror and maybe take x-rays during your dental checkup.

Cleaning: Your dental hygienist will begin the cleaning process after your examination. Your hygienist will use a small scaler to scrape plaque from your teeth, then brush your teeth vigorously with an electric powered toothbrush. Your hygienist will floss your teeth throughout this stage of the cleaning.

Fluoride and rinsing: Your hygienist will rinse your mouth after cleaning your teeth and may use fluoride toothpaste to protect your enamel against bacteria that cause cavities. 

What to do between Dental Visits?

Every dental patient must take care of their teeth and gums in order to maintain a healthy mouth. Every dental patient should brush their teeth thoroughly at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste.

They should floss at least once a day in order to get rid of the food particles stuck between teeth. Using a good mouthwash can also help keep bad bacteria at bay and freshen your breath.

Make a visit now!

Wondering if it’s the time to get your teeth cleaned at the dentist? If you haven’t had a professional dental cleaning in the last year, you should schedule one as soon as possible to ensure that your oral health is in good working order.

If you’re like most people these days and have a lot on your plate, remember that many dental offices have longer hours to accommodate their patients. This means you can go before work, during lunch, after work, or even on the weekend.

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