Fistula Surgery cost relies on different factors and ranges from Rs.17,000 to Rs. 1,40,000 in Delhi.

Anal fistula is characterized as a tainted passage that creates between the skin and the solid opening toward the finish of the anus.

Least fistula surgery cost in Delhi begins from Rs.17,000

Normal cost in Delhi is around Rs.75,084

Highest expense in Delhi is up to Rs. 1,40,000

Signs And Symptoms Of An Anal Fistula:

Signs of Anal fistula may broadly fluctuate among individuals while some may experience discontinuous symptoms. Normal signs and side effects of a Anal fistula include:

1.Pain and enlarging around the anus 

2.Discharge of Blood or Pus while passing stool

3.Bad smell around the anus

4.Irritation around the anus

5.Difficulty in controlling the movements of Bowel

What is Fistula Surgery?

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Fistula Surgery, additionally known by the name of fistuotomy can be portrayed as an operation exceptionally intended to treat fistula present in the anus.

The essential objective of this treatment is to eliminate developed liquids like puss out of little openings created between anal skin and the finish of the anus. The surgery will help the patient to shut everything down and recover from the injuries of the anus quickly brought about by past injury, contamination, or aggravation.

How is the treatment done?

The main choices for Fistula surgery  are recorded beneath:


A fistulotomy is the most widely recognized kind of a medical procedure for Anal fistulas. This involves cutting the fistula open all through its entire length and permitting it to heal as a flat scar.

Seton methods

Assuming your Anal fistula gets through a lot of the anal sphincter muscle, your specialist might propose utilizing a seton from the start. To keep the fistula open, a seton is a piece of careful string that is left in it for quite a long time. This permits it to deplete and heal while preventing the sphincter muscles from being harmed.

LIFT technique

The ligation of the intersphincteric fistula lot (LIFT) technique is utilized to treat Anal fistulas that pass through the anal sphincter muscles and are too risky to ever be treated with a fistulotomy. A cut is made in the skin over the fistula, and the sphincter muscles are pulled separated during the methodology. From that point onward, the fistula is fixed on the two finishes and sliced open to lie flat. 

Endoscopic removal

An endoscope (a cylinder with a camera on the end) is embedded into the Anal fistula during this medical procedure. The fistula is in this way fixed with an anode that is passed through the endoscope.

Laser medical procedure

A little laser is utilized to seal the fistula utilizing a radially radiating laser fiber therapy. There are a few stresses over how well it functions, yet no genuine wellbeing concerns exist.

What is the cost of the treatment in India?

The cost of the treatment in India relies upon a great deal of elements. Fistula surgery cost is around anything Rs.5,000 to Rs. 50,000 relying upon the kind and number of techniques required, place, city, hospitals, Doctor fees etc.Each procedure has different cost.

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