Fissure Surgery costs you between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,15,000. Anal Fissures are little tears or breaks on anus that opens when you pass stools-where within the anus meets the outside. They are related to pain and bleeding during defecations.

The Minimum Fissure surgery cost in Delhi begins from Rs.30,000

Normal expense in Delhi is around Rs.50,000

Highest cost in Delhi is to Rs. 70,000

What are the causes for anal fissure?

1.Development of enormous or hard stools​

2.Anal intercourse

3.Tight sphincter muscles

More uncommon reasons for anal fissures include:

1.Fiery Bowel Disease (IBD): E.g., Crohn’s sickness





6.Anal cancer

What are the symptoms of anal fissure?

1.Slight to sharp pain during defecations

2.Pain and irritation that goes on for quite some time after defecations

3.Blood (new) stained stools or on tissue while cleaning

4.The skin around the anus bears a noticeable break or tear

Careful Treatment choices for Fissure surgery:

For ongoing Anal fissure the accompanying medical procedures are suggested:


The anal sphincter is loose during this treatment, taking into considerationthat it can recover. This outcome is accomplished by slicing through the inner sphincter from the  anus furthest edge and into the  anal canal.


Fissurectomy requires eliminating the scarred shallow skin around the anus. The careful injury may either be left open or shut.

While a fissurectomy is a definitely more uncommon medical procedure than a parallel sphincterotomy, it very well might be best at times.

Laser Fissure Surgery

Break or tear caused by fissure can now be effortlessly treated involving laser-based medical procedure as a result of headway in science and innovation. The strategy might be led in a facility with minimal postoperative inconveniences utilizing general sedative. In contrast with customary strategies, there is a lower hazard of fissure repeat.

The CO2 laser is ordinarily utilized in fissure laser treatment. The laser’s infrared light is used to upgrade the bloodstream to the area of the fissure, which brings about appropriate healing of the gap. CO2 lasers are utilized on the grounds that they give a decent area of fixation and more command over the method.

Right Place for treatment:

Picking the best treatment at the perfect locations is particularly significant. Your decision of the medical clinic chooses the chance of how soon you will be relieved from the therapy. Fissure surgery cost and therapies at Glamyo health are a lot of reasonable and the best. Our profoundly experienced and educated specialists put all of their efforts into treating the patients.

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