Circumcision is a medical practice of excision of the foreskin over the glance of the penis, surgically. Circumcision is widely practiced across the world, due to its various health advantages and benefits. Circumcision is a very old practice of foreskin removal and is done by various tools and techniques over the years. One such type of modern Circumcision tool is Mogen Clamp. This article will explain How does Mogen clamp work, in an elaborate way.

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What is Mogen Clamp?

The Mogen clamp is a surgical tool that allows for quick circumcision. It’s most commonly used for circumcision during the infant stage. Around the world, the Mogen clamp is frequently used.

Two flat blades open 2.5 mm in the neonatal version. Several straight hemostats are used to stretch the foreskin first. After that, the Mogen clamp is slid over the foreskin. The clamp is locked after checking that the glans tip is free of the blades, and the skin is sliced from the flat (upper) side of the clamp with a scalpel. Sutures are not necessary for infants. Sutures can be replaced with cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive outside of the neonatal period.

How does Mogen Clamp Work?

The prototype shield and clamp method is the Mogen clamp. In this method, the prepuce is drawn out distal to the glans and a metal shield is slid over it distal to the glans. A scalpel is used to remove the extra prepuce distal to the shield. The glans are protected by the shield, and the excision has no effect on the frenulum.

The inner preputial layer can then be split back beyond the glans and removed, exposing the glans completely following healing. To accomplish hemostasis, the incision is simply wrapped; no stitches are used. The glans and frenulum are shielded from the knife and thereby avoid contact with it.

Advantages of using Mogen Clamp:

The Mogen clamp is simple to use, has no pieces to construct, and produces a bloodless circumcision with minimum scarring. For infants, a single size can be used, eliminating any sizing mistakes. It is quick, although it necessitates a five-minute clamping period to control postoperative bleeding. Because the tool is not left on the penis, any issues arise immediately and can be handled on the spot. In resource-constrained environments, non-physician healthcare personnel can safely utilize the clamp.

Complications of using Mogen Clamp:

Between procedures, care must be taken to ensure that the device is adequately sterilized, or infection may spread. The glans are not directly protected by the instrument during the process, thus they may be dragged into the slit and crushed or partially severed.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are no good studies on Mogen clamp problems because they are uncommon; thus, accessible case reports of glans injuries must be relied upon.

History of Mogen Clamp:

The word Mogen comes from the Hebrew word Mogen, which means “shield.” Dr. Harry Bronstein invented the Mogen clamp in 1955. The Jewish shield, which features a thin space that protected the glans while the foreskin was dragged through and removed, was employed before the Mogen clamp was invented. Others altered the shield and began employing crushing devices. Bone cutters are still used to protect the glans, crush the foreskin tissue, and guide the knife for a clean incision in many regions of the world. These archaic procedures have been refined with the Mogen clamp.

Other Tools for Circumcision:

In males, circumcision surgery entails either a traditional “cut and stitch” technique or the use of circumcision equipment or technology. Almost of circumcisions are performed by generalist physicians using one of three surgical devices during the infant period (less than 2 months of age). The Gomco clamp is the most commonly used tool in the United States, followed by the Mogen clamp and the Plastibell. They’re also used all around the world.

Bleeding, infection, a reduction in glans penis feeling, and too little or too much tissue removal are all possible complications. Deaths are uncommon. Circumcision after the newborn period is associated with an increased risk of complications, particularly bleeding and anesthesia problems.

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