Pregnancy can become tough to manage for those with developed Piles. Women must be very cautious about taking care of themselves during this time. Therefore, here is a detailed take on how piles can affect women during pregnancy.

Piles During Pregnancy 

The main cause of Piles, as we know is due to excessive straining or pressure when put on the abdomen area. During pregnancy, women are at major risk of having excessive pressure while carrying the baby for nine months. 

Piles During Pregnancy Affect the Baby?

Causes of piles during pregnancy Happens as the hormone makes your veins relax. 
Symptoms of piles during pregnancy 
  • Forming of a lump or a bulge around the anus. 
  • Pain or discomfort during regular bowel movements.
  • Bleeding during bowel movement.
  • Swelling, aching, or itching 
Piles during pregnancy treatment 
  • Strictly following home care (dos and don’t). 
  • Take over-the-counter medication.
  • Soak in warm water as instructed by the doctor. 
Home remedies for piles during pregnancy 
  • Good healthy diet. 
  • Sleeping regularly is the best remedy.
  • Absolute rest and release stress completely.
  • Meditate to calm your body and relax.
  • Homeopathic treatment of piles during pregnancy 
  • Ayurvedic treatment of piles during pregnancy

Best Medicines for Piles During Pregnancy 

Some quick ointments for piles during pregnancy to ease any discomfort or pain are Germoloids cream, suppositories, or ointment. 

But, it is strongly recommended to only take these or any other medications or apply ointment which is prescribed by the concerned doctor. 

Do’s and Don’t When Piles During Pregnancy 

Piles during pregnancy need an absolute list of dos and don’ts that needs to be strictly followed. Women with pregnancy at every stage must remain equally cautious and calm. 

Here are some simple dos and don’ts to bring to the lifestyle and ease piles during pregnancy. 


  • Take proper rest 
  • Regular sleep 
  • Regular follow-ups with the concerned doctor 
  • Maintain healthy diet 
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes 
  • Do light exercises regularly 

  • Avoid standing for too long 
  • Avoid staying up late at night 
  • Don’t delay any scheduled appointments with the doctor 
  • Avoid eating anything that triggers constipation
  • Don’t overdo anything that puts extra stress 
  • Don’t take the stress 

When to See a Doctor 

Women during pregnancy must have regular follow-ups to keep a check on how things are going. More importantly, follow-up becomes an urgent need while facing any complications such as pain during regular bowel movements. 

During the time of pregnancy, make sure to be aware of how the body is reacting and giving warning signs. Reach out to the concerned doctor for consultation at the time of emergency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do piles affect the baby during pregnancy?

Some pregnant women do show concerns regarding Piles and their effect on their baby’s proper growth and development. But, no absolute findings have been found with major complications till now. 

Also, at the same time, it is essential to keep in mind that the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth is a time of attentive care, and developing Piles can too occur commonly in many cases. 

Q. What stage of pregnancy do you get piles?

There is no exact accuracy of time when a pregnant woman surely gets affected by Piles. Therefore, in pregnant women, Piles can develop at any point in time. 

But, at the same time, the most common time that has been reported is in the third trimester, which is the estimated 28th week.

Q. What is the cause of piles in pregnancy?

Women with pregnancy can report developing Piles. This can be the case during pregnancy as the hormones result in the relaxation of the veins. 

The major symptoms of Piles in pregnant women are swelling, itching, soreness, and aching around the affected area. 

Q. Will piles affect normal delivery?

The occurrence of some amount of pain or discomfort due to Piles is normally felt during the time of the final delivery of the baby.

The time of Labor is very important, women can feel pain around the anus area. Therefore, if a woman already has existing Piles, they should be treated before the delivery time. 

Q. How can I control piles in pregnancy? 

Making a regular habit of avoiding sitting in one place for a longer duration, regularly soaking in warm water and some quick medications. These are some quick ways to help ease piles during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. 

Q. How can I treat piles in pregnancy?

Treating piles or controlling them by taking preventive measures at home can be achieved in some simple ways. 

There are, ensuring that there is no excessive straining, avoiding longer duration of sitting or standing at one spot and taking medically prescribed over-the-counter medications.

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