Dealing with excessive hair loss? Concerned regarding regrowth? Or regrowth seems impossible? Well, we understand that hair loss has simply become a common concern of the majority of the population. 

Everybody desires healthy, nourished, long hair with good volume and less to no hair fall. Therefore, the aim is to get rid of hair loss naturally. 

Here, given is a quick list of the best homoeopathic remedies for hair loss. These have excellent benefits and positive results. 

What is Hair Loss? 

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Hair loss is losing a huge amount of hair frequently. This is simply when a person while combing hairs or touching hairs feels some amount of damaged or weak hair pulling away. This condition is very common and almost every other person has or is experiencing it. 

Reasons for Hair loss 

Here is a detailed list of some of the most common hair loss reasons that are usually found in one or the other person. Know your reason and get the remedy accordingly. 

  • 1. Dandruff or dry hair 
  • 2. Family history 
  • 3. Aging 
  • 4. Low intake of a healthy diet 
  • 5. Hormone imbalance 
  • 6. Scalp infection 
  • 7. Stress or anxiety 
  • 8. Dust or dirt 
  • 9. Poor lifestyle 
  • 10. Irregular sleep patterns 
  • 11. Use of chemicals or harmful hair care products

Homoeopathy and Hair Loss 

Homoeopathy to treat hair loss has shown positive results already. It uses natural ingredients to prepare a highly effective medicine with no side effects or risks. 

So after learning about the various reasons, let’s know how homoeopathy through its different remedies can effectively lower hair loss and in return improve the overall hair quality, provide deep nourishment and 

Homoeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss and their Benefits

Kalium Carbonicum

  • These are made from compounds. 
  • Prevents thinning of the hairs 
  • An amazing homoeopathic medicine. 
  • Also, reduces the brittleness of the hair. 
  • This remedy benefits overall hair growth. 


  • Processed from the sandstones. 
  • Works in favour of strengthening the hairs. 
  • Reduces dryness from the hairs. 
  • Gives ample nourishment to the hair follicles. 
  • Helps in improving overall hair growth. 


  • Effective hair growth enhancer. 
  • It is a tried and tested as well as safe and secure healthy hair remedy. 
  • Great choice to get rid of baldness and lose hair. 
  • Perfect for those who recently experienced hair loss. 


  • Made up of distillation plant spores. 
  • An absolute miracle homoeopathic medicine. 
  • Effective natural remedy for those with premature baldness. 
  • A great choice for women under postpartum. 

Kalium Sulphuricum

  • Contains some quantity of sulphur. 
  • Flaky dandruff is treated with this homoeopathic medicine. 
  • Should not be used excessively. 
  • These are also available in liquid and tablet form. 

Natrum Muriaticum

  • Best for those who experienced hair loss due to dandruff. 
  • Table salt is used in its preparation. 
  • Useful to get rid of dry crust formation on the scalp. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can homoeopathy cure hair loss?

Natural ways have been brought forward such as homoeopathic remedies for hair loss. It has given hope as those who have used these remedies experienced positive results. 

Remedies such as Kalium Carbonicum, Silicea, Lycopodium, Phosphorous, and Natrum Muriaticum are prepared using different properties yet deal with most hair loss reasons. 

Q. How can I treat hair loss permanently? 

Hair loss can be naturally reduced through these quick healthy and risk-free home remedies such as doing regular massage, using aloe vera gel, onion juice, coconut oil, fish oil, viviscal, rosemary oil, and ginseng. 

Q. Can homoeopathy regrow hair? 

Homeopathy certainly has success rates in terms of using it as a medicine to regrow hair post-hair loss.

It is an effective alternative that has amazing and effective benefits. Along with the regrowth of the hairs, it improves the quality, the volume of hairs and promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

Q. Which lack of vitamins causes hair loss? 

Vitamin B12, biotin, riboflavin, or folate, due to lack of these people generally experience hair loss. 

Q. What is the main cause of hair loss?

Hair loss has multiple causes and the most commonly reported is hair loss due to a hereditary condition that occurs often due to aging. 

Other causes include dry, dusty, or unwashed hair for many days, poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet, hormone imbalance, or scalp infection. 

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