A mole can be defined as a dark spot which majorly raised over your skin. Moles are simply the growth of your skin. You may have one or more on your face and overall body. It is estimated that people may have 10 to 40 moles on their body or skin. However, there is nothing to worry about as moles don’t harm your skin and it is not necessary to remove your mole if it is not troubling you. However, if you feel that it is troubling you then you can think of removing it.  home remedies for moles.

When the size, color, and shape change then it may be a warning sign of skin cancer. In this condition, you must consult your doctor for treatments or medications. The concept of mole removal at home is both convenient and cost-effective. Many DIYs (do it yourself) techniques exist for removing moles at home. However, there is no evidence that these methods help, and they might even be harmful. As a result, before using them to remove moles at home, consult your doctor. Here are some home remedies or natural ways of removing moles at home.

Different ways of removing moles at home 

  • 1. You can use apple cider vinegar it will help in burning the mole.
  • 2. You can also apply iodine to the mole for destroying the cells from inside. 
  • 3. Using garlic over the mole will help break the mole from the inside.
  • 4. Cutting the mole with a razor blade or scissors. 

Home Remedies to Remove Moles at Home

  • 1. Apply banana peels on your mole. Banana peel consists of acids and enzymes that may help in removing moles. 
  • 2. Potatoes are known to have bleaching ingredients that will not fully remove the mole but may be helpful in fading it with time.
  • 3. Lemon juice various 
  • 4. Studies have indicated that flaxseed oil entails properties that are beneficial in reducing blemishes, dark spots, and moles.
  • 5. Tea tree essential oil is a well-known oil that contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial elements. It is believed that applying it twice or thrice a day can help in disappearing moles. 
  • 6. Mix baking soda and castor oil and make ointment and apply over the mole for a few weeks. The reason behind using this is that baking soda can help in drying the mole and castor oil helps in protecting your skin.

All these above ways and home remedies may help in reducing or removing moles. However, there is no surety that these tips will work. If you want immediate results and the size, color, ad shape of the mole changes then you must consult your doctor as it may be a sign or symptom of skin cancer. For a free consultation, you can feel free to connect with Glamyo Health, India’s favorite healthcare provider. 

Best Ayurvedic Mole Removal Creams

A mole, also known as a nevus, is a clump of melanocytes on your skin. It resembles a patch or an elevated growth. Moles come in a variety of colors and sizes and are typically harmless. While most of us have moles, as we age and are exposed to the sun, we often develop more of them. There are methods to permanently remove moles, regardless of the cause.

The top mole removal creams in India are listed below.

H-Moles Formula

This is considered the safest homeopathic lotion. This lotion is made up of organic and natural oils which can help reduce moles. This product or lotion cures the root cause of the mole and reduces the growth of moles without leaving scars. 

Hahnemann Pharma Thuja Ointment

This product claims to be effective in treating moles, dark spots, warts, and many other conditions of the skin. This consists of antiviral and antibacterial properties. 

Skinprov mole and skin tag corrector

Within eight hours, the Skinprov Mole and Skin Tag Corrector can help in effectively eliminating up to fifteen moles and skin tags. This ointment is manufactured from natural ingredients to remove moles and skin tags. You can remove bothersome skin tags and undesirable moles with this cream easily and quickly at your home.

Wartosin Wart Remover

This is one of the popular treatments for warts and moles. It helps in peeling the mole away in a few days. It is suitable for the neck, face, and underarms. You should apply this remover to the tip of the mole. With consistent application, it can help shrink the mole and it falls off easily within a few days with no scars. 

Bio-T Topical Ointment

This is an organic formula that helps in curing and removing moles. This is a natural product made from mineral salts and herbs. A single tube will be more than enough for treating 6 moles. It may take up to 12 weeks for removing stubborn moles. 

Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

Apple cider vinegar is produced from pressed apples. This is made through a double fermentation process which yields acetic acid and then vinegar (final product). 

It is well-known that it has many health benefits but the use of apple cider vinegar for mole removal can chemically burn the skin with the mole. 

In per 2015 case study, A woman applied apple cider vinegar for removing moles but she had to face complications. It has also been seen that home remedies are not effective and can be dangerous as they may leave your skin with scars, hyperpigmentation, and malignant transformation. It is recommended not to use apple cider vinegar over your skin for such conditions. 

Remove moles from the face permanently

You can opt for surgical and non-surgical treatments according to your size, type, and depth of mole. The following are some effective treatments for facial mole removal. 


In this procedure, a mole is removed utilizing radio waves and a tiny platinum wire loop. This wire, which is as fine as a human hair strand, is used to brush and vaporize the mole. Usually, a wound develops as a result of this therapy. This is the same size as the mole and eventually develops a scab, which then fades after a week and is replaced by a new layer of skin. 

Outstanding results would be seen with little to no scarring and no recovery time. A mole can be removed using radiofrequency in a single session. This process is one of the most used mole removal treatments since it heals quickly and is appropriate for all skin types and age groups. 

Q switched YAG laser

Laser mole removal technique is one of the most convenient among other treatments. This is the most effective way of reducing mole and this is the reason why it is popular among people and dermatologists. This method leaves no scars and it is very cost-effective too. 

The number of sessions necessary differs, depending on the size, type, and color. Before performing the surgery, a local anesthetic is applied, and a burst of the beam is used so that the light energy breaks down the mole cells and causes them to melt and evaporate. Moles that are hard to reach may benefit from laser removal. To completely remove a mole, two or three sessions are typically needed.


This treatment is majorly used for removing skin tags. This procedure entails the burning of mole and it also ensures that the surrounding tissues of your skin are safe. It also avoids scarring. You may need multiple sessions, it is recommended to have 1 to 3 sessions for mole removal. 

Punch Excision

This procedure is mainly used for removing smaller moles. In this procedure, a device is used to punch put the mole. This carefully extracts the piece of skin.

Can Moles go Away Naturally?

Sometimes, moles fade away or disappear, when people get older. This is not the main reason for concern. It has been seen that even the cancerous moles may disappear or shrink. However, it happens when skin cancer is present and already spread to the surrounding areas of the skin. Moles may change with time and also disappear. When a healthy mole dissolves then the following process is involved.

  • 1. The hair grows out of the mole.
  • 2. The mole changes its size and shape.
  • 3. The raising of mole.
  • 4. The mole is becoming lighter or darker

Most of the time, a mole that disappears is not cancerous. In other cases, a cancerous mole disappears when cancer has spread to other parts of the body. 

How do you get rid of moles overnight?

It is believed that a mixture of baking soda and castor oil works effectively over moles. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of castor oil and make a paste. Then, apply this paste to the mole and it will just take a few hours or it may wash off the mole overnight. 


Moles can be removed with home remedies but it is not safer to remove moles at home because in various cases it has resulted harmful. Furthermore, if you want to get rid of moles on your face, hands, arms, or any part of your body then you opt for treatment or surgery. This will help in removing the mole permanently. You can connect with Glamyo Health for mole removal with minimally invasive surgery. We provide no-cost EMI or zero interest rate option, personalized care, free consultation, and after-surgery follow-ups. 

Frequently Answered Questions

How do you get rid of skin moles naturally?

You can use different home remedies to get rid of moles such mixture of castor oil and baking soda, lemon juice, banana peels, etc. for removing moles. 

Which is the quickest way to remove moles from your body?

The laser mole removal technique is the fastest way to remove a mole from your body. You can connect with Glamyo Health for this procedure or treatment. 

How much time does apple cider vinegar take for reducing moles?

You notice results after three weeks of consistent application. But it is recommended not to use apple cider vinegar for this condition.

Which is the effective remedy for removing a mole at home?

The application of castor oil and baking soda is the most effective home remedy for mole removal.

How do you get rid of moles on your neck naturally?

You can use home remedies but it may take a longer time to show results with no surety. For immediate and permanent results you can undergo mole removal surgery.

Why do I keep getting moles on my neck?

Moles may develop when cells of skin grow in a cluster rather than spreading within the skin.

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